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My surgery date is quickly approaching (one more...

My surgery date is quickly approaching (one more week!), and the nerves are piling on! I have found this website very helpful in easing my anxiety. I am currently a 32C (at Victoria's secret) but actually more like a 32B. I am getting 370cc silicone implants under the muscle, incision under the breast, so I hope to be closer to a 32D.

My biggest concerns at this point are that they will look too big, or that the tissue around the implant will harden. My doctor said that if this happens, I would have to get them removed and start all over again-which I can't afford!! This means my breasts would have to stay small AND be stretched out from the implants. So here's hoping that won't happen!

Dr. Salemy seems very confident and makes me feel like I am in good hands. Now I just need to figure out a way to sleep for the next week without freaking out!

6 more days!

As far as nerves go, today has been more of a calm day. I'm actually looking forward to having some time off of work so I can just read and watch movies and paint. I'm not too worried about the surgery, but I am nervous about how my breasts will look-I hope I love them! I'm starting to feel like I'll miss my little boobies. They've been good to me! Oh well, time for a change! :)

Today is the day!

I am about to leave my house for my BA!!! My chest feels so tight and heavy, and I feel light headed. I'm so nervous that I'm not making the right decision and that I will regret going through with this. Another part of me keeps thinking how long I've wanted this and that it really is something I am doing to make myself happy, not others. There's really no turning back now, unless I want to lose $8000!! Here's to hoping it all turns out well and I am happy that I did it. Here I go!

I made it!

Well I got boobies yesterday! The surgery went very well but I have been in quite a bit of pain (very tight and sore). Thankfully my sister has been staying with me and making sure I stay on too of my meds and eating. Post op is later today, so I'm eager to see how they look so far!

3 Days Post Op!

Yesterday I couldn't get out of bed on my own but today I feel much stronger. I am still very sore and tight but my arm movement is getting better all the time! I am still consistently taking my pain killers and muscle relaxers, but hoping that by tomorrow I can start weening off. Here are some pics that people have requested. The markings are still on because I can't shower until tomorrow but it will give you an idea. I know they are modest but this very brutal look is exactly what I was going for. Yay!!

Typo!! ^^^^

I meant this very 'modest' look not 'brutal' hahahaha wow.

5 days post op

Feeling pretty good today, but oh man have I been feeling nauseous! My biggest issue the first two or three days was the muscle pain, but since the pain level has started going down I've been dealing with nausea and an extreme head ache, probably from the oxy. I cut down on pain pills today and have been trying to rely more on just Tylenol. Doesn't help that I have been having troubles with constipation! (Sorry tmi) but they weren't kidding when they said load up on fiber! Feeling bloated makes everything worse. I am still so happy with the size and I'll post more pictures tomorrow after I shower again. Very happy I finally did this!

Day 8-ready for the pain to stop!

Its now been over a week, but I'm still having to take pain pills which make me sick. :( I love the way my breasts look and I'm so happy with the size I picked, but they are still very tender and hard. I am supposed to start massaging them today which will hopefully loosen them up, but it is quite painful so I know I'm not doing it as well as I should be. Lefty is a bit more swollen the righty so the skin is very tight! Luckily no stretch marks yet though. My doctor originally wanted me to go two sizes bigger (420cc) but I am already stretched to the max! Glad I went with my gut and listened to my boyfriends advise on 371cc. I go in for another post op appointment tomorrow, so hopefully Dr. Salemy will reassure me that the pain and tightness at this stage is normal.

Day 9- ouuuucccchh!!

I feel like crap today. :( I started massaging yesterday and I woke up in the middle of the night because I could barely breath. It feels like I must have bruised my sternum on the inside of my left breast, which was already quite a bit more swollen then the right. I am trying to just take very shallow breaths because anything else feels so painful on my lungs! Luckily I have my 2nd post op appointment today so maybe they'll have some insight or remedies to help.

Day 13- suggestions on scar cream?

I took the girls out on the town for the first time 2 days ago! Love up how they look in a low cut shirt-I have cleavage!! I'm only massaging once at night because I still wake up with what feels like a bruised sternum on the inner part of my left breast. It really hurts every morning but I want to do whatever I can to prevent the tissue from hardening. No pain no gain right? I'm supposed to start using scar cream in a few days. Any suggestions on what kind I should get?

2 week mark blues

Hey all. I'm two weeks in and am starting to feel like this pain will never end. I keep having to take pain meds every six hours and the second they run out I start really hurting. I'm also having trouble sleeping which is making things worse! It doesn't help that my back has been killing me and I can still only sleep on my back. So excited to sleep on my side again! Anyway, just ranting. I'm sure it will start getting better soon.

Day 16- numbness

I have a lot of numbness in my left
Breast still. Wondering if anyone else experienced this. Is it common? Temporary? Permanent? I'd say about 70% is numb and the nipple is extremely sensitive (not in a good way). Thankfully righty is doing well, but I'd really like if I could have sensation in both. :(
I took some updated pics. I think they are starting to look quite natural. They have dropped down a bit more but I'm not sure if the "fluff" has happened yet. My pain level has seemed to have gone down significantly over the past two days, so I've just been taking Tylenol. And I've been much more comfortable sleeping on my side so that has helped tremendously!

2 week pics

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Salemy. He is incredibly talented and made me feel so comfortable from the very beginning. He completely understood what look I wanted and didn't try to up sell or pressure me at all. The whole team he works with is very calming and made me feel so comforted. I had never had surgery before this and I can't imagine a better experience! He even gave me a phone call from his cell phone a few hours after my surgery to check in on me! I am two days post op and couldn't be happier with my results. Thank you Dr. Salemy!

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