24 Y/o, 2 Kids, Deflated 36B. Natrelle Silicone 560cc MP. Seattle, WA

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I scheduled my consult with Dr. Sattler because of...

I scheduled my consult with Dr. Sattler because of the positive reviews from this website which were very helpful! Upon arriving to my appointment I was greeted by Jacey, she's super nice, outgoing, and down to earth. The office was nice, clean, well kept, and very inviting. After I finished filling out a few papers we headed into a room where I spent the rest of my time there. Jacey went over a few things before Dr. Sattler came in, as in what he's going to ask and a few other things.

When Dr. Sattler came in he greeted me warmly and was attentive to hearing out my wants and goals for my appearance. He was very informative and didn't skip a beat when I had asked a question. After I explained what I wanted to achieve and what I disliked about my breasts currently, he chimed in and shared what he thought was best for me and my body structure. He knew exactly where my hopes were going. Since I have a broader upper torso I am able to go bigger without looking like Dolly Parton. He explained high, mod, and low profile with that we decided to go with the MODERATE PROFILE. He continued to answer all my questions until it was time to start sizing.

Jacey again was there for me for that. We tried a couple of sizers starting from the smallest they had which I can't remember to the biggest they had. I've had such a long day I cant confidently say what the biggest implant they had for me to try was, but guessing I think it was around 470ish. With that, I thought it was still a little too small for what I wanted. So Jacey went out to get Julie, another warm inviting individual :) Julie helped me find the size I wanted and we agreed that 500-540cc would look great on me. She also explained to me that the implants will actually be slightly smaller since it would be compressed by the muscle surrounding it and that I should size up a little if I want to keep the size I am satisfied with (I know that's a no brainier, but I truly didn't think of it). After we picked the size we went ahead and scheduled my surgery date which will be JANUARY 18th!! Aghhhh so excited, nervous, and still a bit afraid. But I am very confident in this team I have invested in. After that was all said and done signed the last bit of papers for that day and went to the front desk to speak to Erin who is very sweet and kind, she helped schedule my 1 week post op appointment and I was good to go!

I know this is a pretty long review for just the consult but they were just amazing :) and I think hearing personal experiences from other REAL people and their thoughts can help those who are in question or are looking! So far my experience with Dr. Sattler and Sound Plastic Surgery has been a wonderful experience! I'll update when I can or when I have a need :)

My Before

I am a 36B at least in Victoria's Secret anyway. After having children and breastfeeding for as long as 14-15 months my breasts grew to a 36D but went back down to a 36B (deflated) after I stopped nursing.

More dream looks

I know they slightly vary in size but I'd be happy with any of them!

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow at around 0700 I will be in surgery. So excited and nervous!! Wish me luck!

Surgery Day :) January 18th

Hello all, I thought I should put out an update. Yesterday was my surgery day and everything went by fairly quickly. The staff at the surgery center were very polite, I met my anesthesiologist who his and the nurses who were going to assist before I was greeted by Dr.Sattler again. He did some markings on my chest and assured me everything was going to be okay and everything did turn out great! I was woken up by a nurse whom I've never seen before that was not so nice or empathetic to what pain I was in. I experienced no nausea after surgery which I was dreading. First I had pain only in my chest area but after a couple hours of being home my whole body started to ache, is that normal? Feels like I just completed a triathlon; calves, hammys, hip flexors, neck, and arms are very sore. I confirmed my implants were 560cc of a smooth round silicone implant. They are sitting pretty high right now and do not look as big as the sizers I had tried on at my consult. When Dr.Sattler called later that evening to check on me he said over time they will drop and look more as to what I wish. I hope so! But I do trust him. My experience with Dr. Sattler and his personal staff were very welcoming and caring. I do recommend him for Breast Augmentations due to my personal experience as of now :)

The morning after

Feeling very sore almost everywhere.y husband said I freaked out when I woke up from anesthesia and had to have nurses hold me down? Not sure if that was true or not, if so maybe that's why I feel like I have gotten hit by a bus. My chest feels very tight and compressed. I can raise my are almost shoulder height but I don't want to push that in fear of tearing something. Has anyone else felt like they were in pain all over? Or sore? Thankfully I'm not in so much pain where I have to stay medicated with oxy. Will update with any changes.

4 days post op!

4 days out and I am loving my new breasts, still riding high and a ways to go but I am absolutely happy with them! If you are in the Seattle area or Washington in general I HIGHLY recommend DR. SATTLER!!

1 week Post OP

Just had my 1 weeks post op with my PS. Everything looks good and is recovering how it's supposed to. I have to wear my post op bra for 1 more week and then I will be able to switch to something else. Can't wait! Seriously hate the thing. I thought I was going to receive the band to put over my breasts to help them settle down but I did not thankfully.

Definitely having an easy recovery. Didn't have much bruising or pain. I was able to lift my arms a little above shoulder height a few hours after surgery and my mobility is almost to 100%. Although I feel like I can get back to doing everything I am still taking it VERY easy, still stifling sneezes as well lol.

Just going to add this AGAIN. If you are in the Seattle/Washington state area I HIGHLY recommend DR. Sattler. He's seriously awesome and damn good at what he does.

11 days post op

Feeling really well still. I've had to replace the tape since it was starting to peel a lot which gave me the opportunity to look at my incisions. I'm happy with how my PS stitched me but I am concerned about the placement of them. They are placed closer to my sides and not in the middle of my breasts where I thought it would be placed. I'm guessing my PS placed them there due to my stature and how my breasts naturally fall? Still looks odd to me though, but don't really care about the scars since my husband will be the only one enjoying my breasts anyways.

Also this may be TMI but I waited about a week to have regular intercourse again and every time I have it my breasts relax and soften significantly not momentarily either.

My breasts still feel a little sore when I get up or strain my muscles so I still watch movements like that. But I am almost able to resume most movements normally.

My nipples are not numb they have had feeling in them since post day 3, however I still have superficial numbing beneath my areolae that is slowly starting to go away. My breasts are a lot softer but my implants still have to drop but I am starting to lose that square-ish look I had at the beginning when my implants were near my collarbone.

I haven't taken any medication since post op day 3-4. But I am taking some supplements mostly just BCAA's and Vitamin C.

I had asked my PS when will I be able to run or do lower body exercises and he said whenever I feel comfortable! And that is pretty much now :)

If anyone knows of any other supplements to help aid recovery please let me know :) thank you!

Hope my review and my journey to recovery helps someone as reviews on here have helped me and EASED my mind.

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op and everything is still going well. My son accidentally knee'd me in my left incision while I was wrestling to get his pants on and that hurt so bad! He's only 18 months but he's usually very careful with me and understands mommies boobies hurt.

My nipples are overly sensitive and hurt every time they are erect. They get so hard and stay hard for long periods of time whenever I feel a cold. I bundle up and crank the heat up but ever since I got an augmentation I am always cold no matter how many layers I have on :(

It seems my left breast is dropping a lot faster than my right. I am wondering if that is due to my right side being my dominant side so it's worked more than my left which allows my left to relax a lot more? But all in all, I'm gravy.

12 days post op

Just a short video 12 days post op

Explicit - Click to view

My breasts are no longer that engorged feeling but still not as soft as a normal breast just yet.

1 month post op

I am 1 month post op and my breasts and incisions are healing well. My left is has definitely dropped significantly faster than my right. I am very positive it's due to how much I use my right arm. I will attach picture of how they look. FEEL, they feel a lot softer and I can massage and move my implant no problem. My PS says massaging them aren't necessary but I read so many reviews and advice from a lot of other PS's that it helps prevent capsular contracture especially in smooth implants. Anyone care to share their thoughts on it? I do it once or twice daily but not long and I'm really not sure if I'm doing it right. I try to grasp and massage the muscle but end up grabbing my natural breast tissue. And I feel if I do it too hard I might cause more bad than good..Anywho most of the feeling around my incision is back but still slightly numb but really not much. It does not bother me or worry me. My incisiona look nice, my left is a little bumpy but was told it will smooth out over time due to scar tissue.
I have tried jogging up stairs or just rushing after my toddlers and my breasts do feel weird still, I definitely feel the weight and shifts of the implant. I will note that jogging or the natural bounce of my breasts don't hurt or are painful at all. I can out flat pressure on my breasts with little discomfort but I don't like to lay on my stomach because I don't like the feeling. Doesn't hurt, it's just weird.

I will upload different angles and distances.

Update on my incisions

This is what they look like currently! Really liking how clean they look. I've seen some butchered scars and I am so glad mine look great. Also by the way I tried running a few days ago and it still felt weird where I couldn't go on, I didn't even finish 1/4 mile. It didn't hurt just felt very weird and odd so I stopped.

6 weeks post op

Everything is still healing well although my breasts still have a bit to drop especially my right. Ran today and was able to do it comfortably did a mile with 6.0/mph as my speed. I also did upper body workouts, I didn't go heavy as i usually do but instead went with medium weight even after doing that it felt so odd. My PS said to continue on with my regime as long as I'm comfortable. It doesn't hurt at all just feels so weird when my pectoral muscles contract. I definitely feel fake lol. I emailed a nurse in my PS practice and she said its normal and I will get used to it overtime. We'll see about that, it's quite distracting sadly.

Thought I should update!

It's been a little while since I have posted an update so here I am. My breasts were numb post op as like many others it were healing well and regaining sensation but today, oddly the lower pole of both my breasts have started to lose sensation and have begun to feel slightly numb. A little worried but hopefully it will resolve. If any of you all have any advice that would be awesome.

Update on scars!

They look pretty good honestly and am very happy with how they came out
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sattler was very attentive to my hopes and goals for myself. He caught on to the image I wanted for myself very quickly, listened to what I had to say, and shared his thoughts. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Sattler to be my PS he really is great at what he does!

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