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Hello! I'm currently scheduled to have a breast...

Hello! I'm currently scheduled to have a breast augmentation on March 31st 2016. My pre op appointment is scheduled for March 4th and I'm a little nervous due to the fact that my plastic surgeon and I are going to be picking the size of my implants. I am 21 years old with a petite body. I am about 5'1 and weigh about 100 pounds. I do not want anything "top heavy" or anything that will make me look heavier than what I actually am. I have a short torso and I do not want anything that makes me torso look even shorter. I guess I am just wondering what amount of CC's would look good on my body type? Thanks!

12 weeks to go!

I'm getting super anxious for my Breast Augmentation! I'm absolutely addicted to Real Self and finding "goal boobies" I like to call them. I've decided to go ahead with The Seattle Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle, WA. Dr. Grenley will be doing my surgery, I've heard nothing but good things about him and his before and after are amazing. I've posted some more "goal boobie" pictures :) I'm counting down the days!!

Looking for Opinions Please!

I can't believe my post op appointment is done! Only 24 more days until my surgery day. Dr. Grenley is absolutely amazing, he made me so comfortable knowing he's going to do an amazing job. I decided on going with 250cc's under the muscle, textured silicone implants. The number 250 is scaring me a little because I DO NOT want big boobs. I'm afraid of looking top heavy. Although Dr. Grenley did say I will lose about 25cc's since I am going under the muscle. So they will look 225 in the end. I'm going to upload 250 sizers and 225 sizers, please feel free to give any opinions on which looks better!! Thanks guys :)

Final cc's!

After much deliberating and stalking multiple people on Real Self I have finally decided on my size! I never thought choosing a size would make me so anxious. I just want to make sure they're perfect. Since I am only 5'1"ish and 100 pounds I am scared of going too big. I had originally told my plastic surgeon 250 but I called and changed my chart to 225. I know this isn't a huge difference but the number is making me feel better about it! Haha plus after going under the muscle you lose volume. I am so excited and March 31st cannot come soon enough!

15 more days until surgery!!

I can't believe it's almost time. I made my appointment back in October and March is here already! I could not be more excited. Everything is paid in full and all I have to do is go and let them do their job! I chose 225 cc textured under the muscle silicone, we have not decided on mod plus or high profile, he will decide once I'm in surgery. Can't wait!!

Bathing suit before pictures!

Bathing suits are my absolute favorite! I live in them during the summer. So I took a few pictures of my favorite swim suits to show everyone a good before and after!


Just got back to the hotel here in Seattle. The surgery went absolutely amazing. I had the best experience ever! Dr. Grenley and his staff are highly recommended.

Day 1 post op!

I can't believe how swollen I am. I feel ginormous. Dr. Grenley tried to put in 250 cc's but my skin was too tight for them. So he ended up going with 235 cc's round, textured silicone under the muscle implants. I can't wait to watch them change over the next few months!

Post op day 2!

What a change already! Swelling has gone down quite a bit and they're a lot less tight. Still in pain and suffering its hard to sit up and use my arms. But I am getting so so so excited to see what the end result is going to be!!


Oh my gosh I have boobs!!! Still very tight and swollen but here in a month or so they will be absolutely perfect :)

Post op day 2

Just some more angles of my post op day 2 :) I can't explain how happy I man. They are VERY stiff still and I can't wait until they start acting like a real boobs!

Before and after!


Before and after!

Just a quick before and after Victoria's Secret bikini shot. Love the new results!

Another before and agter

Sorry for the weird lighting! It's the best I could do right now, I'll take a better one later on. I'm 5'1" and about 102 pounds with 235 cc's implants. I think they are very proportionate! I love them! I'm 4 days post op.

So much fun!

I'm having so much fun trying on old clothes. They fit completely different now! I feel fabulous :)

Less swollen!

Finally looking a little less swollen! I am in love with the way they are turning out! I can't stop taking pictures of them :)


I cannot believe it's been a week already? Time is flying by. I feel like I am healing very fast which makes me super happy :) the swelling is almost completely gone, I do have a lot of numbness on and around my nipples. But that was kind of expected, it's nothing major. I've been using Palmers stretch mark lotion ever since I took my first shower and I absolutely love it. It smells good (coacoa butter) and makes my skin super soft. I'll keep on updating friends, let me know if you have any questions :)

Post op day 8 folks! :)

Not a whole lot has changed appearance wise. I am very very sore today though, it's because I'm trying to wean myself off of the pain meds. My body is not liking it! But other than that I'm still super happy with them :)

Before and after!

I think this is my favorite before and after in a bikini! I've always loved the Triangle bikinis from Victoria's Secret but could never fill them out. But now that I can I'm absolutely in love!


This is so unreal to me. I can actually fill out a bra AND have cleavage. Like what?! Let's just say I am very happy in booby land!

New bras!!

So I went to Walmart a

New (cheap) bras!

I went to Walmart today to look for some cheap comfortable bras now that my doctor released me from the devil surgical bra and bandeau. I automatically bought smalls just out of habit and let's just say I am NOT a small anymore haha my boobs are fitting in them there is just a lot of cleavage. The band (32) fits fine but the cup is extremely full. Haha lesson learned. Here are some pics :)

Post op day 10!

No more swelling, they are just riding VERY high. I barely have a boob crease at the bottom of my boob. Making progress though :)

Saw my incisions for the first time!

I had to change my steri strips by myself for the first time and I managed to get a picture of my incision. And I am absolutely shocked. There's practically nothing there! I was expecting a bloody mess but you can barely see a scar, only irritation from the steri tape. I am one happy girl!

Post op day 11!!

They feel like they are getting bigger every day! I definitely believe people now that said they will get "bigger". They're still a little stiff, but not nearly as bad as the very beginning. I'm having a blast with this journey! :)

Day 1 compared to Day 11

Before and afters

It's amazing how tight my suits are on me now! The black and white strapless is just ridiculous. Haha I look like a pornstar. Definitely giving all of my bathing suits to my friend who has smaller boobs like I did before surgery :)

14 days post op!

I'm seriously loving them more every single day. They are finally feeling more a part of my body and not so much like a foreign object. Haha I don't hold them when I walk like they're going to fall out anymore! A lot of the time I forget about them. I'm still so happy with my results :)

Pretty spot on!

Here is one of the "goal" pictures I gave to Dr. Grenley at my pre op, and then me at 15 days post op side by side. I know my boobs have a lot more changing to do but considering what they look like now I think he couldn't have done a better job. He knew exactly what I wanted for my body. He really is an amazing Doctor. (I apologize if this if your picture I did get it off of Real Self, if you aren't comfortable with me having this on my review I will be more than happy to delete it, just let me know)

Before and after

Here's a before and after picture so far! I'm at 16 days post op :)

Another update!

Out 16 days now and still happy as ever. They get bigger every single day! I posted a body shot to show my body proportions. 5'1" fluctuating from 100 to 105. I got 235 cc's under the muscle mod+ profile :)

20 days post op!

Time is flying by. I love them more and more each day honestly, they seem to get bigger and squishier by the day as well. Here's a quick shot before bed of the girls :) (apologies for not having undies on) haha

Before and after

Here's another decent before and after pic! It's crazy when you look at old pictures. You forget how little boob you used to have. Now I'm like I was really that flat?? So odd.

25 days post op!

Still loving them! ????

Scars so far!

Not that bad! They're a lot better than I expected. My skin gets irritated very easily so the steri strips are irritating it from leaving them on. But as for the scar itself I couldn't be happier! The scar is just a tiny small pink line. I'm excited to see what they will turn out fully healed. It's nice not having to worry about being self conscience about a scar.

27 days post op!! :)

Loving them more and more every day. They're starting to look a lot more natural and I love that! Sorry for no undies again haha

Recent bikini shot!

My boyfriend and I just got back from Cabo. And I absolute love my boobs in a bikini now :) just thought I'd share!

7 weeks post op!

Here's a recent update from today. I'm still so in love with them! They look so natural now.

Summer ready!!

SO ready for my first summer with my new additions!! Here's an update on how they look in a bikini along with a really accurate before and after picture of my boobs.

New favorite bra!

So in love with these new bras from target :)

Another update :)

Here are a couple really accurate side by side comparisons of before and after (I got a bit of a tan in Mexico as you can see) haha I really love how it's a subtle yet noticeable change. I didn't want anything too big, and I got exactly what I wanted!

2 month post op!

My scars still have a lot of healing to do but overall I am so happy with them! Exactly what I wanted!

Has anyone else experienced this?!

So recently I've noticed some what appears to be broken blood vessels on my left boob. I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if they will go away in time? But overall I am still so in love with my results! They feel like I was born with them, I can sleep on my stomach now and wear just about anything without a bra. I love it!

Almost 3 month post op :)

Settling much more lately!

Just for fun :)

Here's an extremely accurate before and after picture in one of my favorite bikinis!

3 months post op!

5 months post op update!

What can I say? I LOVE THEM (still)


I haven't updated in a long time! I'm about 9 months post op and I love them more than ever!

Just because!

Coming up on one year post op :) still super satisfied every day!


I cannot believe it's already been a year. Time has flown by but I love them more and more every single day. The more they have dropped the better and more natural they look on my body. Absolutely in love! (Forget my paleness I'm in diar need of a tan) I uploaded a video just to show the flexibility of them, some bikini pics as well as a picture of them in just a tank top braless.

1 year 3 mos

I absolutely love my body proportions now that they've completely settled into my body ????
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