235 Cc Sientra Textured Round + Shoelace Cast - Seattle, WA

My little A boobs were pretty (no kids, etc.), but...

My little A boobs were pretty (no kids, etc.), but I always felt a full B cup would suit me better. My rib cage is on the wider side and there is a space between my breasts and pec muscles. I knew not to expect cleavage, but I'm a little concerned that the textured implants were the wrong choice for my body.
I felt confident in Dr. Grenley's experience and went with textured on his advice: lower risk of CC and of implant displacement during exercises. Now I wonder if I made a mistake and should have gone with smooth to have a softer feel, less risk of rippling, and more ability to move around in the pocket.
I'll try not to freak out as I see how my breasts change over the next few months (I might love them), but I'm a bit concerned I'll be stuck with baseballs on my chest... I am wearing a bandeau 24/7, but it's not helping much (yet). I now read that textured don't really "drop and fluff" like the smooth, and are not ideal for someone thin and thin skinned like I am. (Wish I had done better research!)
The idea of ripping out textured implants in a year and doing this all over again is more than I can handle at the moment :/

4 weeks: Starting to soften and drop

Progress: they are finally starting to soften up a bit.The compression band is not as painful anymore and the fullness is slowly moving south. My tight skin is not happy about it, thought, and some light stretchmarks are showing (no biggie).
I'm pushing the implants toward my center to keep my pockets open, but as I said, I didn't expect cleavage ;)
Hopefully in the next few months my skin will stretch, and they'll drop and settle into the lower pole so I can have a bit of a fold instead of projectile boobs!

Bra shopping was a total failure: they don't really sit/fill out the cups, so it's hard to asses size (I can't wear regular bras yet, anyhow).

Anyhow, for all you who are in the early phases: hang in there!

Scars ~5 weeks

A few scar pics. I've been careful to stay low key and let these heal tightly. I've stretched open other scars on my body by being too active too quickly, so I've learned my lesson. I'm doing some light massage, but nothing too intense. I'll wait until I see my PS this week.
They are still irritated from the original tape, but the silicone tape I'm using now doesn't bother them at all.

Before & After Pics: Vive la difference!

So, I have an optimist's mind and did not realize *how* small and asymmetrical my breasts were originally! I still haven't fully D&Fed and am already loving the difference. Dr. Grenley did a great job correcting the asymmetry while he was in there. Amazing.
Why did I wait until I was almost 40 to do this?

Dropped & Fluffed: ~8 Weeks

The changes from week 6 to 8 are really noticeable. They are definitely softening up and bras are much more comfortable. Also, they shifted a bit lower to fill out my lower pole, which I am happy about. I don't have a fold/crease under my breasts, and I'm not sure I will since I never had any to begin with (and didn't breastfeed, etc.). My scars are a bit red, but I am a slow healer when it comes to scars. I'll just make sure to keep them covered and protected through the summer. I can fake some cleavage if I squeeze them together ;) Also, I sleep in a comfortable front-clasp bra with an extra elastic to prevent them from settling into my sides too much as I sleep. I'm so glad I went small: they are not very noticeable in work clothes and feel somewhat real, although even at this size I can feel the edges of the implant in areas where my skin is very thin. Overall, I'm really happy with the results and even happier to know they just keep getting better.

Still changing, but not in a good way...

So, I'm three months out and not sure I'm happy with the latest changes. I feel like my breasts have shrunken significantly (note to readers: go a little bigger) but more importantly, I feel like my implants have slipped down a bit. Instead of having a smooth transition from my upper chest/ribs (like I did at 8 weeks), there is now a noticeable bump above my nipples and I feel like the majority of the implant has shifted lower (without a fold, which I wish I had). I have been very careful about supportive bras and sports bras with good-fitting bands, but I still feel the implants sunk too low. I'm going to meet with my PS ASAP to see if there is anything I can do. My scars are healing up nicely --would hate to think I'd have to cut into them again :(

Shoelace Cast

So, I met with my PS and am going to try the shoelace trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwg2eABBjS4

Funny, I had the urge over the past few weeks to put a *very* tight band under my implants, so I guess my instincts were correct. My PS said I am still early enough in my healing to use this and that it will help close off my pockets at a crease location I am happier with (without revisionary surgery). The only downside is that you need to wear the thing 24/7 for ~2 months, but it's worth a try (I wish I had started a month ago!).

I've had a really hard time finding supportive underwires that fit me because my rib cage is 30-32 but my boobs are spaced more like a 34. The bras I have found have cups that are too close together and are too U-shaped (so my implant slips down lower in the center of the cup.

If any of you out there are having similar issues, try out the shoelaces with me ;)

Experimenting with shoelaces...

First of all, let me say: ouch. Not comfortable to have on 24/7 - this is gonna be a long two months.
Second, I tried 24 hours of the way the video suggests to tie the laces (a halter top coming from between the breasts) and I felt that would only encourage the space between my boobs. So now I am tying from the outside of the breasts and it feels much more supportive (so far).
I love the feeling of support along the crease and no longer feel a pulling sensation inside my chest. I really hope the scar tissue sticks together...

Shoelace Update #1

I've been anal-retentively diligent about wearing the shoelaces, and though I wasn't sure they were helping much, comparing pics there is definitely an improvement. You are supposed to wear the laces twice as long as it took to see the improvement you want. It took me about six weeks to get my tatas in the right place, so I spoke with my PS and am going to wear them a full 3 months. I'll probably wear them for extra support when I do bouncy exercise for at least 6 months.
The only question I have now is: Is this going to stick?!? My PS said these creases are as permanent as a surgery (meaning there is no guarantee with either, but the objective is a permanent fix).
I hope my experiment gives hope to some of you out there who are bottoming out or have issues creating a natural crease (because you started with nothing, like I did).

Comparison Pics: 2 months of shoelace cast

Here are some before and afters. I didn't see any improvement for the first month, but I'm glad I didn't give up! The changes are subtle, but at the same time impressive! Again, I hope it sticks! Here's to at least one more month with laces....
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

I met with different surgeons a few years ago and felt the most comfortable with Dr. Grenley; he listened to my wants and concerns, and gave honest answers - and I liked his work. I recently decided to take the plunge and again felt he was the best surgeon for me. Also, I appreciate his more conservative approach to post-op healing and his concern about long-term health and satisfaction. Dr. Grenley and his team are great to work with: experienced, super supportive, and quick on responding to follow-up questions.

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