5 kids need my body back Dominican Republic

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After having four kids my youngest 4 months old I ...

After having four kids my youngest 4 months old I finally ready for surgery. I have wanted this done since I had my first. I want BBL, TT and breast augmentation. I will be first doing BBL then a mommy makeover. I would like to return to work 1 week after BBL. Any recommended doctors that specialize in this? Any advice for me?

Change of plans

I have decided to instead do the BBL with the TT. I was quoted 16000 by one doctor by I'm researching a few doctors so we will see.

Quotes and pictures

I have gotten a quote for 16000$ for both the tummy tuck an the bbl. I have a couple other doctors that I want to check out and see if they are a better fit for me.

Yily doll

Ok so since I last posted I have had another baby. I have corresponded with Dra Yily one time through email so far and I like her work but I am also curious for people's opinions on if Duran is better. I want to schedule surgery in March 2017. I am 5'7 190 lbs I want to lose 15-20 lbs before SX. If any of you dolls can give me info on things that I need to know for getting sx set up or things to make sure I bring please let me know I can use all the help I can get.

Waiting to confirm my date

I was contacted by the recovery house Eden and they said they will talk to yilys office on my behalf and set up the date for me and send me the email with the information to give my deposit. Has anyone stayed at Edens recovery? And is anyone going the beginning of March?

Got my quote email

I received my quote from Yily. 5200$ for lipo suction, tummy tuck with muscle repair and BBL. that also includes recovery house costs for 10 days 9 nights and ride to and from airport. Additional costs include massages, labs, insurance, deposit for blood transfusion ( if not needed will be refunded), medications, second faja, completion socks and if you don't bring someone with you the first night you have to pay to have someone with you at the hospital. I am requesting for March 6th just waiting to see if that date is available then I will pay my 300$ deposit and book my flight. If I book now my flight will only be 670$ round trip. I'm so excited!!!!

Date confirmed

My SX date is officially March 6th 2017. I still have not yet decided on a recovery house so input on Eden, serenity is welcomed! Now I want to lose 20 lbs and tone up before my day comes and I have somethings to do like shopping finding a nanny for my kids while my husband works and getting all my labs and things done but I have 8-9 months to get things in order. I'm so happy I can't explain how long I have been waiting for this!

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