Dot Fraxel for Acne Scars - Seattle, WA

So I had my first dot laser for acne scars in...

So I had my first dot laser for acne scars in December and second one end of this month, after first session I didn't notice much change but after second one I noticed some improvement, I uploaded pic. What do u guys think???? My doctor said I have to get atleast 3 more session spaced between 2/1.5 months! After couple of more sessions scars might all dissapear! It's been one week since I had it..and I think skin improves after couple of weeks so lest see if it improves any further! I was so dissapointed when I was looking for positive reviews but guys if u have acne scars go for this laser!!!!! Thank god I didn't listen to all the negative reviews! Ahh


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