59 yo Mother of 3 Who Spent 8K on Tummy Tuck Only to Have Horrible Results and Be Treated Poorly by my Surgeon -Seattle, WA

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I am writing my review on my experience to help...

I am writing my review on my experience to help others. back in 2012 I had a tummy tuck performed by dr. Salemy, a well known Seattle plastic surgeon. In choosing my surgeon, I went based upon photos on his website and what seemed to be good reviews online. However after having my procedure, as you can see in the pictures, it looks almost the same as it did before except with a scar. The major difference between before and now is the pain and chronic tightening I have gotten from my botched procedure. My daughter who went with me for the initial consult, did not like Salemy from the beginning. I wish I would have listened to her. After I had my surgery and noticed no my poor results I went to see Dr. Salemy, he told me that there was only so much that could be done and apparently I was just a person destined for poor results. He was extremely arrogant and didn't care for my concerns at all. He did admit he wasn't happy with the results of the procedure himself and that they were not optimal but offered nothing to correct it. I followed all the necessary post op instructions to no avail. When I expressed my disappointment with the surgery, he did not want to make a right wrong and correct the procedure. On another hand it might be good he didn't, because he could have likely screwed it up more. Additionally, I was ignored on many different occasions by people in the office for various concerns including PAIN MANAGEMENT. I was left to suffer after my prescription ran out due to his utter carelessness and callousness It always bothered me and I wanted to write a review on him to warn other people, but I waited hoping one day the office would call me and tell me there was something they could do to help me. That never happened. And every time I look in the mirror I remember that I wasted almost 8000 for a botched procedure. I have gotten other opinions since the procedure, and have been told that I actually did not require a FULL tuck and he quite possibly sold that to me so he could take as much money as possible. I think he knew I was inexperienced when I went in for my consult and sold me the most expensive procedure. The things people do for money are pretty sickening.

After photos

Hello everyone I meant to put these on when I first posted my ad they are my after photographs but I became confused with the format and accidentally forgot to post them.. here they are this is what my tummy looks like after a tuck with Dr. Salemy..

Another pic of my botched tummy tuck :(

Hey just wanted to update with a pic so you guys can get a good angle.. I just want to protect other women in the Seattle area from having poor results. This surgery has caused me two years of chronic depression :(
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

If I could have rated him a zero I would have. Dr. Salemy, in my opinion is not a good doctor. He is very arrogant. He does not listen to your concerns, and he under treated my pain during the recovery. His prices are also not ALL INCLUSIVE. On top of the almost 8 grand I had to spend I paid for my own insurance and my own garment which I do not understand why it couldn't be covered in my exorbitant fee. Additionally, the women in his office reflect his rude callous attitude which reflected to me that his main goal in performing surgery is financial. Finally, if you have poor results he will not help you. There are many better plastic surgeons to go to, I would not recommend Dr. Salemy to my worst enemy. Also, in the motions of going for a tummy tuck revision consultation, I met another woman who had surgery by Dr. Salemy and she was very unhappy with her poor results.

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