CoolSculpting on Midsection with No Results after 8 weeks - Seattle, WA

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First of all I am going to tell you that this was...

First of all I am going to tell you that this was the most painful thing I've ever done. Which I found odd since everyone in their office (apparently they'd all done it) told me it wouldn't hurt at all. So I literally went into this not thinking much of it, which means I was so unprepared for the pain that I nearly passed out right after the 1st suction applicator was applied. I got dizzy, I started sweating and I started to see stars. The technician said this happens to "some people" and then she offered me some Aleve. Had I had an ounce of a heads up that it would have been this painful, I would have requested something far stronger and, well in advance. I chuckle when I read reviews from people who say that it didn't hurt because there is no way in hell that that is possible. The machine - sucks your skin and material up into this suction cup with such force that it literally takes your breath away. Not to mention how much it hurts! My first reaction was to pull away but there was no going back. I was getting a "diamond" shape on my stomach, which equals a total of 4 applicators, 2 at a time, each for an hour - that was 2 whole hours of this intense pain. The first 5 - 10 minutes are the absolute worst. I felt like I was in a modern day medieval torturing device and I couldn't help but be just a little bit mad at myself for inflicting this pain on myself. After about 15 minutes, the suctioned areas begin to go numb but, it’s not till around 30-40 minutes that it actually becomes bearable. By the time the 60 minutes is up, it’s pretty numb and the pain subsides into more of a dull ache. Once they take it off, they have to massage the area because your skin and the material that was sucked up into this apparatus is now in the shape of it! It was a horrifying prospect that sent me back into dizzy spells and nausea which led to near fainting, once again, because the massage part was extremely uncomfortable, I wanted to vomit.
They claim there is no “down time.” Ha! The deep pain set in immediately and by the time I was home, I couldn’t even move. I spent the next 2 days in bed unable to move and I was taking 800 milligrams of ibuprophen every 4 hours for 48 hours. But the pain didn’t stop there. In fact, it morphed into something else. An intense pain I’d never felt before that lasted 3 solid weeks. I felt terrible every day at work because sitting made it worse. I am now 8 weeks in and not only do I not see any difference, like, at all, but my stomach is STILL numb and there is still slight discomfort (underneath the frozen part) to the touch. I guess that’s why they call it “fat freezing.” Only I still have the fat. So, now what? I guess I’ll check back with you at the 90 day mark which is how long it can take. However, there are reports of people seeing results after a week. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people and at this point, wondering if I just squandered $1500 on a modern day torturing device.
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