30 Year Old Mama of 2 Toddlers - Want my Tummy Back! Getting Tummy Tuck + Lipo (Stomach and Back) - Seattle, WA

I am a 30 year old working mama of two perfect...

I am a 30 year old working mama of two perfect babies - 4 and 3 years old. I've been exercising 5 days a week for a year as I've tried desperately to get my pre baby bod back. I am still 15 lbs over my pre-baby weight. Currently weigh 150 lbs and am 5'7.
I think I've picked the doctor I'm going with and am planning on surgery the week before Thanksgiving- I have one final consultation next week then will decide.

-I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a fat transfer to my now deflated, post-breastfeeding boobs. I'm personally against foreign objects in my body and don't want a real boob job-- but am thinking this might be a happy medium? Part of me thinks I just need to call it good though and not get too crazy. My husband doesn't care either way... luckily he's never been a boob guy.

-Time off: I have a very flexible tech job. I'm wondering how long I need off 100% vs. working from bed. Thinking a week is sufficient? Two weeks?

-How long before you could do HIIT workouts? My doctor says 4 weeks.

I'm getting nervous and anxious already. I still feel guilty doing this vs putting into our 401K etc but I've been working out so hard to try and get rid of this mess naturally to no avail.

Picked a doctor!

I've picked my doctor and am schedule for November 16th. I had to pay 25% today. While he is the most expensive I met with I feel great about next steps and can't wait. Going to focus on losing the last 10lbs as soon as I'm back from labor day vacation :)

8 weeks out

I'm 8 weeks away from surgery and getting nervous. My latest worry is that I'm going to go through it all and somehow still have my pooch.
Makes no sense but I wake up worried it isn't going to "work" and ill have gone through a whole surgery for nothing!

I'm going to start documenting this better. I've never had low self esteem and until babies had always been able to get over any physical shortcomings via exercise.
As you can see by these photos that is no longer the case!!! ????????

6 weeks out. So ready.

I'm capturing this horrible belly here so I can hopefully remember how worth it it was when I'm in pain afterwards!
6 weeks from today I'll be in surgery.

So far I've purchased
-heat pack
-cold pack
-loose pajamas

I go in for my pre op next week which based on reviews I've been reading seems early but they said they like to do it a month ahead. I'll get all the pics and medical info then as well as pay the full amount.

I'm hoping to lose 10 lbs before the surgery- I'm at my highest weight (155, 5'7) in the past couple years and don't want to get discouraged after surgery.
I've cut out alcohol, bread and refined sugar and am working out 6 days a week. Will post again next week after pre op appointment!

Pre-Op tomorrow - YIKES

Tomorrow I go in and pay the full amount and sign all my papers. I'm extremely nervous. I have a list of questions for the doctor and am mostly concerned now about:
-my belly button getting jacked up
-an uneven scar
-somehow still having this stupid pooch

UGH!! Will post an update tomorrow with pre-op pics.

Pre Op - DONE!

I had my pre-op yesterday afternoon. I paid in full, filled out all my paperwork, and got the run down on day of surgery.

Some surprises:
-I am getting no pain killers (!?!?!?!??!) I got the prescription list and was shocked to see there was no pain killer listed. I asked them and they said this is always a successful method - they tackle the inflammation etc via other medicine and you can take some tylenol.
I'm freaking out about this. I was expecting to be able to get zonked out and sleep.

-They want me to get up EVERY HOUR and walk around for 10 minutes. Yikes.

-They don't use strips post surgery. There is a special cream which I still don't fully understand but most of the reviews I've seen have shown Embrace or similar strips. We'll see.

-Zero alcohol or medicine/cold suppressants 2 weeks before surgery. Will stop nightly glass of wine on 11/1 :)

Other than that things seem normal. I will show up at 630AM on 11/16 and they expect the surgery to be 3 hours.

More to come!

Surgery is 3 weeks from today...OMG.

My surgery is 3 weeks from today. Crazy.
Today I've kicked off my pre-surgery plan:
-zero alcohol
-no refined sugar
-no bread
-no dairy

I'm hoping during this final 3 week push I can lose around 10lbs. I'm still exercising 5 days a week and I'm sure cutting out my 2 glasses of wine per night will help :)

Other than that I think I'm ready. I'll be recovering at my moms house nearby for the first 4 days or so . She can focus on me 100% and without my little toddlers running around I'll be able to get some uninterrupted rest. I bumped my surgery date up by 2 days to try and make my Thanksgiving just a little more pleasurable. I'm used to doing all the cooking so it should be interesting this year delegating :)

I'll post photos next week at the 2 week mark and check in on my diet progress.
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