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I am 24 years old 5'8" 132 pounds. I currently...

I am 24 years old 5'8" 132 pounds. I currently wear a 32B. I have wanted large boobs ever since I could remember! In my adult years I have realized that my fantasy of large breasts was not going to diminish... After more research than I would like to admit, I am at a point in my life where I feel like NOW is the appropriate time.

Pre-op tomorrow! Size, shape, style and pictures to come...

I am looking forward to my pre-op! I was asked to bring in a bunch of shirts to try on with the sizers. After the pre-op when we have completely decided on a size and shape I will write a review detailing that information. I am so excited and I have done some minor retail therapy in anticipation of the big day. I am a highly organized individual, I am currently in the process of making a list of must haves as detailed by my PS, reputable websites as well as some amazing RealSelf users. I will post once my procedure is complete so I do not leave anything out. Pre-op pictures to come... ??

525 Ultra High Profile!

My pre-op is completed and my size is official!

Just to review my stats:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 pounds
Current bra size: 34B/32C
BWD: 13.5
Implant type: Allergan NATRELLE INSPIRA (This is the Ultra High Profile)
Implant Size (CC): 525cc

Emotionally ATM I am feeling great, I have random bouts of butterflies but, overall taking it one day at a time. I had my pre-op consultation on 10/21/2015, we discussed size once again but this time he wanted to use the Vectra 3D imaging on me. I did not use the Vectra during our initial consultation because I felt that the machine was excluding the upper pole and only displaying the volume of the implant on the lower pole of my breast. From the explanation of the results I want and the dimensions of my chest he was able to come up with the most appropriate implant that he felt fit both my emotional wants and surgically needs.

Apon hearing this conclusion to size I was excited and apprehensive... I went home and thought long and hard about the size and to say I got cold feet, I flipped flopped, I was indecisive is a TRULY GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT! I was so turn between three breast implants (500cc HP, 550cc HP & 525 UHP). My life felt all consumed by breast implants, I had the realization that this decade year old dream was finally a reality and I was deciding it's fate. What bra size would I end up, will I look like an Judy the Giant JUGGED blow up doll, will I still be what I want to be and soooo many more questions felt unanswered...

Fast forward to yesterday 10/26/2015 4 days until my surgery. After frantically looking for direction, a sign, an understanding truly anything that would alleviate my stress... I call the nurse at 9:00 am 10/26 and she requested I come in to see him. I scheduled time at 4:00 pm same day to come in and talk to the PS regarding my concerns. The Nurse (Robin) was so inquisitive and almost in a way telepathic, she knew exactly what you where feeling and wanted. They worked so blissfully as a team. I could not be more impressed by there ability to adjust to my chaotic mind set (set on by making this long coming decision).

The doctor took time again with me to understand my wants and needs and we came together and agreed upon the original size of 525 UHP Inspira.

With all of the hesitation and worry on size out of the way I am now excited and prepared to go through this journey and look forward to the outcome.

Depression – Are you AWARE?

So, I know it has been a while since I have updated but I am a recluse when I am healing. I also, needed time to grow into the changes that where and still are happening as well as form my own opinion about how I viewed my breasts. It was an emotional roller coaster to say the least… I had my highs and my lows. I suffered from post-surgical depression. I feel I need to share a little more about what I experienced with the depression to maybe, just maybe… help someone prevent or better assist the outcome of post-surgical depression.

Depression following surgery is a frequent occurrence but not nearly as frequent a topic of conversation in the medical community. In my observation, there seems to be a lack of deliverance to patients regarding post-op depression on all parties in the cosmetic surgery field. I feel confident with my observation, since I have had the opportunity to talk to many great cosmetic physicians while “shopping around” and I was able to obtain information about the procedure from the physicians and staff. Post-surgical depression for me it played a big role in my recovery. I feel that there needs to be better disclosure regarding the role depression plays in some surgical procedure.

Personal experience:
To start I would say at about day 4 through day 7 I experienced a mirate of emotions most of which had me bawling my eyes out, hand in face for hours. Most of the emotions seemed to stem from the feeling of selfishness, change and the fact that most of my life I have been building this surgery up in my head to be the change I have always wanted. Meaning now this goal has be achieved and I must set my sights on new endeavors. I had a very strong support system in place and even with the preparedness I had, it was no match for the emotional pain I was/had sustained at the time.

Anything and I MEAN anything would trigger my urge to want to crawl up and cry. I would say I am a very independent person, who enjoys caring for others. When the roles are switch and I am the one being catered to and taken care of… I felt I had made such a selfish decision.

I am saying this to shed a little light on what I had endure with post-surgical depression and because I did not have a better understanding that this is a very likely outcome after any surgery. In hindsight, I surely would have done my homework, understood the emotions that where so crippling and knew that this was a side effect that warranted my physicians assistance. This is what I would want anyone and myself who may be a little anxious when/or considering any surgery to know and understand. The percentage of patients that endure this is high. Do your research, ask questions and better understand this outcome, this will allow you to be better prepared to manage your possible post-operative depression.

5 Weeks Boobiversary!

Let me start of by saying what a relief it is to finally be through the blues. I would like to update this not only for myself (Diary like documentation) but for anyone needing a comparative, understanding or reference.

So… Where do I start off?... Well first off I am IN LOVE with my BOOOBAYS! They are exactly what I wanted and I am so grateful I had such an incredible doctor and team of medical staff that put my mind at ease in regards to my size. I went with 525 cc UHP split muscle technique. I am 5’7” - 5’8” 135 pounds! (yes, my weight went up for great reason! hint: implants) :P I had my doubts about the surgery and size. Overall, after I finally had the mental stability after the post-op blues, my new additions truly shocked me with excitement. I managed a lot of my pain throughout my recovery with ICE, ICE and more… you guessed it ICE. I took the pain medicine for three days, at which point I had NOT had a bowel movement since a day prior to surgery. *Insert screaming face here!

Day of:
Hours and minutes pre-op:
-I wore: Jump suit no shirt on under the zip up sweater and slippers w/socks.
-I drove myself and my husband at 7:30. We stopped to get him something to eat to ensure he wouldn’t starve as the procedure was underway. Appointment was at 8:30 am. We arrived at 8:20 am and upon check in I was immediately taken back to the room with the Vectra machine (Picture machine that takes 3D images of my upper body). There I disrobed so the doctor could mark me up and confirm my size. I had my husband take a few more pictures of me before surgery. Nurse Robin came in and after hugs & kisses with hubby, she escorted me to the surgical room. There were three ladies in the surgical room one whom I had not met before and the anesthesiologist. I laid down on the surgical table and without any hesitation I had a pillow/elevator (for circulation placed under my legs. I had the anesthesiologist behind me saying she was using a numbing agent on my arm before the IV, then she put the IV in while nurse Robin continued to ask questions (she was truly incredible with distractions :D). The anesthesiologist then stood up w/o me even realizing it and said you may feel a little sleepy and in the middle of my conversation about my doggy, that was that I WAS OUT!

Hours & Minutes post-op:
-I woke up after the procedure to find myself sitting in a chair, my chest DID NOT feel heavy and I had no pain just nauseated (I told the nurse I was going to throw up and I asked if I could lay back in the chair.) She reclined the chair and I was out like a light. When I came to again I asked for my husband repeatedly. I believe I fell asleep again and woke up to my husband sitting in the chair beside me. I was out of it. But not completely just extremely tired. I overheard the nurse prepping him for post-surgical care and I fell asleep again. I woke up (I was told) ten minutes later and said “I want to go home.” They obliged and assisted me into a wheel chair. The car was on the first floor so we took the elevator to it. I fell asleep again in the car and over every bump (I was told) I would wake up and be in discomfort because I wanted to vomit. I never did throw up. Apparently they put a patch behind my ear for nausea. I went home and fell asleep in my pillow made 45 degree angled bed.

Day one:
Not a whole lot of pain just discomfort. I woke up every 5 hours to take pain meds (Stay ahead of the pain). Didn’t do much and just slept. Lots of deep breathing. Rest & Ice.

Day two:
Not much to report. I drank a lot of water and ate a pretty substantial amount. I was starting to bloat. Still continued to take deep breaths through the pain. Rest & Ice.

Day three:
Severe bloating, some pain from morning boob and when I laid down I felt the weight of the implants every time I took a breath in, this did not hurt it was just weird feeling. Severe bloating and I had pretty big concerns that I had uni-boob (Symmastia) the reason for this concern was because I was so bloated everywhere that in-between my breasts was bloated. I started to get used to touching them. If I pushed on them I would feel almost like bubble wrap popping (this was caused by air getting into the pocket during surgery). Rest & Ice.

Day four:
Started on the emotional depression roller coaster! Stitches where removed (11/2/2015). That was painful! My incision had healed up SO well that I had healed before the stitches came out. She spent about 5 minutes digging a stitch out of my right breast incision. Left stitch came out pretty easily (still painful). Was told that my pain medicine had caused my constipation and to go home and drink… COFFEE?! But… It WORKED!, Previously I tried laxatives, tons of water and soooo much fiber but to no avail. But somehow coffee made it happen, SEATTLE the place for great regularity (Starbucks) who would have guessed?! :P

Day five:
Emotions seemed to be peaking but not breaking. Crying, Pain, burning & hot tits! Terrible combination. The hot breasts were terrible let me elaborate, I described it to my husband by saying “It feels exactly like an Indian burn on your arm… except it is on your breasts and it doesn’t stop when your asshole friend lets go (24/7). This finally started to subside around day 8.

Day Six:
The WHYS start with the cries! “Why did I do this?” “Why does it hurt?” “WHY WONT I STOP CRYING?”


My new additions!!! <3

Booby pix!

Three months after!!!

Before BA - Size in pics: 32B

Dr. Baxter

Let me preface this by saying I needed a doctor with knowledge, understanding, compassion and confidence, I went to about 15 different plastic surgeons to interview with before I found Dr.Baxter. Now to start... What can't I say about Dr.Baxter and staff?! I had interviewed many doctors for my procedure. Most of the plastic surgeons I met with did not give me the ability to explain my needs, but instead they were unwilling to hear me out and all too quick to tell me what my needs were. Dr.Baxter was a truly incredible doctor, he was quick, precise, professional and all-around an incredible guy who had the utmost respect for individuals. His staff are highly trained and well knowledged on the needs of the patient. I was so comfortable and so cared for preop during the operation and postop. The procedure was incredible, he took every bit of my concerns and turn them in to a profound understanding for what was to come. He's a true artist with a truly respectable disposition. I would recommend him to anyone I came across not looking for a doctor but looking for an artist who will take time to understand her dreams and help them become a reality. Touched by an Angel thank you Dr.Baxter.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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