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I am a 42 year old woman, married with two kids. I...

I am a 42 year old woman, married with two kids. I wish I could blame my belly on having children but I have had this belly as long as I can remember. As far as I can tell, having children just deflated it and now it's lumpy and hangs down. I've tried everything to try to get rid of it, tighten it, conceal it. Nothing works. When I run fanatically, it gets smaller but it never really goes away and then I get frustrated, stop running, and it gets larger. I am not a thin person and never will be so I realized that I am probably set at this weight and will always be stuck with this hanging belly.

I am doing this surgery because I am so selfconscious about my lower abdomen. I feel like people's eyes go straight there when I walk toward them. I cringe when my husband snuggles me in the bed and his hands accidentally brush against the fat. It seems to be the first thing I see and think about when I wake up in the morning. I'm over it. I want to get rid of it. I'm not looking for a bikini body. I've never worn one and still probably never will. I don't want to look good naked, I just want to look good in my clothes. I want to be able to be "spooned" in bed without covering my belly with a pajama top or my arm.

This is my gift to myself so that I can feel better in my own skin and I can be a more self-confident wife to my husband. So I can move on from this and stop obsessing over it. It's time to take care of it for me.

Three more weeks. My pre-op appointment is a week...

Three more weeks. My pre-op appointment is a week from today. I'm ready to get it over with now. Time is crawling by. I'm so encouraged by the posts of other women that have had this done this month. I'm feeling excited instead of nervous now. My husband asked me the other day what my "expectation" was. Of course, this induced a flood of doubt. Maybe it was just a test question testing my commitment to the procedure. For a moment there I had the "he thinks I shouldn't do this" thought. He's been wonderfully supportive though and knows this is a good thing for me to do. I'm realistic about the outcome. I think he may have been a little bit mislead into thinking I would have a super narrow waist and hourglass figure. Sure, that would be great! But, I'm not a small girl, in general, and I just want to get rid of the lower inner tube below my belly button. If my waist is smaller, great, but I'm not expecting to all of a sudden be "bing-bang-boom". I'm trying to lose more weight before the surgery and I'm exercising but I'm also stuffing my face afterward so it's cancelling out the benefits of the exercise. Part of me worries that the surgeon will tell me I have too much extra weight to proceed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe I should go on a liquid diet between now and then with a single "carb load" on Thanksgiving.

Ok,so this is ironic. I went to a family dinner...

Ok,so this is ironic. I went to a family dinner party the other night and my sister-in-law (who doesn't know about the surgery yet) says she hates her belly. She says, "you're so lucky, yours is flat". What?! I had the tightest tummy control tights and skirt on that were cutting off my circulation. I could barely sit down in them. That must be what the binder feels like. Can't wait for the naturally flat tummy.

Two weeks until my surgery. I had my pre-op visit...

Two weeks until my surgery. I had my pre-op visit today. The first thing the Dr. said when I opened my gown was, "You are going to LOVE your new tummy! I wish I could do this today!" He said I am your textbook tummy tuck candidate. Posing for photos was a humbling experience but I know he's seen it all.
I went immediately afterward to have my blood drawn. I'll go pick up the meds tomorrow and get my other supplies. I'm so ready now!

Tomorrow is the day! I loaded some pre-op pictures...

Tomorrow is the day! I loaded some pre-op pictures. I'm definitely breathing heavy today with a lot of sighs and exhales. Blowing off apprehension, I guess. My recovery room is all set to go, Christmas shopping 99% finished and wrapped, food in the frezzer for the family. I think I'm all set. I have a feeling I'll be up most of the night tonight. Going in at 7:00 am this morning.

Post-op day 2. Everything went well with the...

Post-op day 2. Everything went well with the surgery. The PS drew a roadmap on me, I spoke with anesthesiologist and then before I knew it I was out. The last thing I heard the nurse say was "you are going to be beautiful" I woke up ok, talking the nurses ear off. Ater 30 mins or so, my husband took me home. I've been taking my meds like clockwork, no nausea but odd dreams for sure. I'm spending most of my time in the recliner. I tried to sleep in the bed last night but it was just too hard to get out of it . Nothing hurts when I'm just sitting , getting up and down is tough. I have on drain on my right flank and it's consistently draining 20-4omls. trying to keeps meals small because with the binder on, it feels so tight with a full stomach. Drinking protein shakes, oatmeal, soup, etc. Watching chick ficks on Lifetime tv. I havent been able to see the result yet with all of the binding and pads on me. Looking forward to my shower on Saturday and a sneak peak. The toilet with the bars is a life saver. My toilet would be way to low without it. So far, so good!

Post-op day 3: I see from reading other reviews...

post-op day 3: I see from reading other reviews that there tends to be a recovery pattern with phases of pain, swelling, and restlessness plus or minus anxiety. I think I moved into a new phase today. I was particulary weepy this morning, not sure why. My drain tube was practically indenting my skin on my right abdomen. I was able to reposition it and buffer my skin with a maxi pad. This triggered a good little crying meltdown but it was shortlived. I took 1/2 of an anxiety pill and felt much more comfortable within the hour. All part of the process. I'm thinking the inflammation is at it's peak today and should start resolving after tomorrow. We're going to try a shower tonight. we, meaning, me sitting there and my husband washing me.
A friend of mine stopped by with cupcakes which was a great treat since I haven't eaten much or anything exciting in days . My mom says dr. took about 6 lbs between the hanging fat and the lipo on the flanks. Funny, I don't feel any lighter yet :) I'm hobbling around like a deadweight old lady.
My kids are handling everything well. I just told them that I have a "boo-boo" on my belly and it's best if they ask their dad when they need something. They haven't asked me anymore questions. Anyway, I hope this makes sense since I'm seeing 2 or three of each letter lol

Went for my post op today. Dr. Took out the drain...

Went for my post op today. Dr. Took out the drain and the stitches around the belly button. It wasn't painful at all and really quick. I'm happy to be without the drain. It always made me nervous that I was going to accidentally yank it out or clog it or something. Still bent over a bit and sore but bearable.
I took another shower today and my shape already looks nicer than the first time I looked. I can tell I'm going to be very happy. I put my bra on for the first time since surgery and the ends wouldn't meet, had to use an extender. My back is still a bit swollen from the lipo of the flanks.
I think my hubby has had enough of all this. I had to call in for a replacement (mom). Sometimes men just don't have that innate caretaker thing, I guess.

2 wks post op: On the mend. Feeling about 90% of...

2 wks post op: On the mend. Feeling about 90% of normal energy-wise. I'm just about all the way upright, back pain is gone, only taking ibuprofen now, still swollen and still a little bit bruised. Went for p.o.check #2 yesterday. P.S. told me to add heat and massage to daily routine. Abdomen still feels odd, numb in some places, spongy in others, normal. Feeling overall very positive about my results. I have a small "dog-eared" area on my left side but considering the overhang that was there before, I can live with it. I've switched from "granny panties" to regular ones now that they won't roll under my belly. Big plus!! My pants are not very loose on me (due to swelling) but definitely fitting nicer with the flat front. Looking forward to being able to workout in a couple more weeks. I'm a little bit concerned about weight gain during this healing phase especially with the holidays and lack of physical exercise. It will sure be nicer to run without the tire bouncing up and down. I've added some photos from 8 days post-op and will add some new ones from 2 wks tomorrow.

I'm 5 wks out now. I'm still wearing some form of...

I'm 5 wks out now. I'm still wearing some form of compression garment every day but not wearing anything at night. I can sleep on my sides and on my abdomen but when I get up in the morning things sting a little. I just can't sleep on my back much anymore, always been a side sleeper.
I don't take anything for pain anymore. Sometimes by the end of the day I'm tight and a bit sore but not too bad. I'm basically completely back to a normal routine now except for lifting. I started to run again today (cautiously), it felt great and did wonders for my self-esteem. I was feeling so frumpy and soft.
Sex is just fine too. My husband said he felt like I had the abs of an athlete! I told him that, unfortunately, I coudn't even feel his hands on my abs because the skin is still numb. :)
I tossed my old panties and have all new pretty ones in different styles. I went shopping a little bit the other day but just to buy new workout clothes. I bought a cute tight tee and there aren't any rolls! It was all worth it just for that. I can tell that there are going to be so many other styles of tops for me to be able to wear now that I would otherwise have avoided.
The only suprising thing so far: total recovery takes a while.

I am 7 1/2 wks out now. I've posted some new...

I am 7 1/2 wks out now. I've posted some new photos. I think my appearance has been the same the last few weeks. I'm not feeling swollen anymore, everything is soft, and this seems to be my final result (for the most part). I'm trying to get back into the exercise thing because I know that not doing it enough is contributing to my general squishiness. I do notice I'm sore sometimes for 2 to three days after working out and this discourages me from working out again so progress is slow. I also have a "dog ear" on one side so it's fairly asymetrical. I'm due to go back to the PS next week and I'll ask about that. It was all still worth it though, dog ear and all.

Saw my PS today. He said he can lipo the dog eared...

Saw my PS today. He said he can lipo the dog eared area but wants to wait two more months to see how things change. Fortunately only IV sedation is necessary, no general. I think I'll probably end up doing it.
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Looking down and not seeing the belly roll anymore is priceless. I'm very pleased with my care at Dr. Remington's practice. Everything went very smoothly, Dr. and staff are friendly and timely. I would recommend them to friends and family for this or other procedures in a heartbeat.

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