33, 3 Kids 5'8,179# ; drainless TT +MR, Sientra textured round 525R/575L Implants and Lipo of flanks and outer thighs

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I'm just beginning my journey, but I'm excited!!...

I'm just beginning my journey, but I'm excited!! I'm a mom of three (almost 5 yrs,3 and 11m) a wife to an amazing man and I work from home. I m hoping to have maternal reconstruction in May or june. I m leaning towards a TT , BA through fat transfer and possibly a BL. I jut scheduled two consultations for April 24th! I can't wait . Any words of advise ???

Before pics

I thought I would add some before pics

Before pics

Consultations scheduled for April 23&24

I have scheduled two days to consult with 6 PS surgeons . My husband will be going to all the appointments and I have a runny list of questions started. I am reconsidering fat grafting and have opened my options to implants, I'm really Intersted in gummy bear implants . Any options or words of wisdom melcomed :-) I have been showing my husband tons of pics not beautiful breats , asking him " which one do you prefer, 1 or 2. How about from the oblique view ,1 or 2, here's 2 again." I love that I can go in this journey with him, which I refer to as anti-pregnancy and maternal reconstruction . I'm nervous about the actual surgery, the day of. I know I can get through the recovery with my DH. I , on the other hand, am extatic about the idea of getting myself back. I lost the baby weight after each of my three pregnancies but the accordion effect has taken toll.

Peeping for consults

So I reduced the number of consults from 6 down to 5. I also went and got a full wax for the first time ! So I'm a clean slate for next weeks consults.. I'm excitied . I have one doctor that I'm leaning towards already , who happens to be the most expensive. Another does drainless TT and rapid recovery BA , which sounds awesome but in wondering what the trade off is??? Longer swelling time ?? If anyone has experience with this let me know..it will be interesting to hear the different perspectives .

Consult time starts tomorrow

I'm so nervouse/ mostly excited for my consults this week! I originally had 6 scheduled but dropped it down to 4. So two on Thursday and 2 on Friday . The bonus is time with my husband in Seattle ( about 1.5 hrs from my home) ! Both days we have time for about 2-3 hours in between appointments, so we have time to explore a little! I'm getting so pumped!! My Drs consults are with: dr. Sowder, dr. Peters, dr windle, and dr marosan ... If anybody had insight on anybof these dr please let be know :-)! I'll update in a few days

Preop scheduled

After meeting with three PS Dr I have scheduled my preop app for May 22 . On that day ill find out my surgery day. I feel a little split minded . I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. It's all I can think about and at the same I want to stop obsessing with my "reconstruction" and just get on with it , healing and the rest of life. I feel confident in my PS Dr but I am also nervous about the "what ifs ". I have never undergone the knife or had any surgeries so the whole sx experience is a new thing for me. I'm more concerned about feeling the surgery which I know isn't going to happen (my Dr is using iv anaestisia ) and the whole surgery process than the pain of recovery. My DH ( darling Husband) thinks I should stop with RS until post op so I don't freak myself out. I find reading all the stories both helpful and resourceful . I would never have considers any sort of PS pre children but here I am, seriously on the brink of handing over a fat stack of hard earned cash to restore my body. I hope I'm doing the right thing! Im getting seintra 450cc over the muscle textured round implants. My Dr is using a progressive tension suture drainless technique for my full TT . I may also have lipo of the flanks And inner and outer thighs which ill decide at the preop. I'm always looking for insight so please add your comments. GnG

Surgery scheduled!

My surgery ( reconstruction) had been scheduled for June 18th 2015!

Pre-op complete!! **it is getting real!

So I just had my preop today which went wonderfully! I'm more excited then nervous now and I cant beilve that I'm 3 weeks out from my reconstruction transition . Lucky me went to the Md with a friend who is also on her ps joirney. While I had my preop she had her consult. As a gal from a small community, it is a huge bonus to have a friend to go through this with/talk to about .
Ok my procedures will be a ; BA using sientra texetured round 535 (L) 550(r) To correct for asymmetry . Drainless TT using experal and progressive tension sutures , and Lipo of the flanks and outer thighs (to correct for the asymmetry in my hips , right hip is 1 larger )
My current stats ; I'm a large frame curvy girl with a good amount of booty, 5'8,179lbs
BC /before children I hovered around the 175ish 185ish range, about a full round 36C/small D . I ve always had a booty and a nice curvy squishy body , not a six pack but not really any rolls either. My first baby really took a toll on my body, not only was he 9.1lbs but I also had twice the amount of amniotic fluid as normal and my body swelled so bad I wore man slippers through the freezing cold winter because me feet coulnt fit into shoes. I gained over 75lbs. At 4 month my stomach split open with about 30 purple red stretch marks . My husband told me then that one day when we are done with kids we would get this fixed. My Breast expanded to some milk engorged size that only fit in XXL ugly sports bras . My subsequent 2 pregnancies I gained and lost 60 and then 45 lbs. My breast are now deflated though not sagging . My tummy has a dough feel to it though I can feel my muscles bellow and some of my left breast fat seems to have migrated down to my right hip. Over all I feel great and sexy in my body especially after gaining and loseing more than 150lbs in the last year , but the accordion effect doesn't match my mental body image. I'm looking forward to getting to the flat side and onto the healing .I have about three weeks left to gather my supplies. Wish me luck ladies! And pass over any preop supply list and post op tips :-) GnG

The main reason I'm doing this reconstruction

I feel great about my body . When I look at my body i like what I see for the most part. However I have one angle that I see that really bothers me because it does not match my mental picture of myself . It is my deformed belly . When I'm bending over or on my hands and knees my stomach takes on a pizza dough effect that for lack of better description looks like a cross between a but crack and a ball sack :-( belch! I'm posting this pic so that in the future I can have a good comparison . This pic is also why I refer to this transformation as maternal reconstruction instead of a mommy makeover ...

Two weeks away from my reconstruction

Does anybody have a good food list I should get together?? I have soup, jello and crackers on my list...what else should I get to prepare??! I also purchased a wedge and neck pillow to make post op more comfortable... Has anybody used corsets to help with compression after the initial compression garments.. I used to love wearing them but haven't since I started having babies. I think I'm more excited to get into a corset with my new sexy body than a bikini ( although that is deffinetly on my post op wish list). - GNG

10 days OMG!!

I just realized, after reading another RS sista's review, that today marks 10 days until my transformation .. I'm excited to see my new shape , I'm hoping that I'm ready and prepared for recovery. I have booked a Brazilian and underarm wax for this wed, an eye lash fill for Thursday and hoping to get a mani/pedi by this weekend .. I still need to grab some topical arnica and bone broth and probiotics..... Whew count down is on

Surgery dream

Last night I dreamt that I was about have surgery and I was in the OR. The Nurse kept giving me the sleepy juice as I called it but it wasn't working , I stayed awake and told them I need more.. I awoke right when they were about to operate .. I guess it my subconscious still holding onto the fear that I will be awake enough to feel the surgery but out enough not to be able to respond or tell anyone that I can feel everything . Luckily my three year old woke me up when he did!! I think part of my anxiety is that I have never had surgery or taken any sort of drugs to reduce pain so I'm a little scarred of the unknown . Even during the 22, 26, 38 hr long labors of my three children I did it drug free. I keep telling myself I'm gonna feel beautiful and I will be released from my pizza dough tummy that holds me back from enjoying life to the fullest. Whew. Breath. It will be okay..

Just confirmed my surgery !!!

Ok so nerves are starting to settle in. I'm trying to keep calm and focus on my new sexy self and thing I can do like make jello and set up my room. I'm in this surreal state. Almost like before I had my first baby , thinking " is this really going to happen? Am I really doing this" I have some guilt starting to set in . Mostly because I had a scary incident with my baby and she started turning blue . Her dr referred her to children's hospital to get a cardiograham . They will be calling any time in the next week to schedule her app. I'm praying that it was a fluke and there's nothing wrong with her heart. My husband reassured me that if they do set up the app for this Thursday or Friday that we will go ahead with my surgery as planned and will be able to take her to her heart app. That it will be okay. But my nerves are kicking in and I feel so guilty right now for going ahead with surgery . Breathe , breathe , all is well is what I keep telling myself. GnG

The day after tomorrow!!!

I can't believe that I can say that. Something about the process seems remote and unreal. Today I'm calm and focusing on preschool graduation and heading back from children's hospital about my daughter. Thank goodness she seems even more like herself today. In resisted buying a bikini but now I think maybe I should just get a cheap one from Ross to have a before and after comparison. I received my corset in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited to be able to fill it out up too. I reading think it will help my posture a few weeks post surgery. Whew the time is so close now!

Ok now Im nervous

I'm laying in bed trying not to cry . All day I have been fine and preoccupied but at this moment I feel a little trepidation. I said good night to my little ones and put white light around them . I'm not religious but now I find my self praying to any angles that will listen to get me through tomorrow safely and home to my precious babes . I keep telling myself "Breathe breathe breathe . All will be well and better then I hoped for" oh well I'm off to to sleep so I can allow my body to rest up for tomorrow. GnG

On the way to surgery

I finished all my prep. Gave my kiddos their love and now me and the hubs are on the way to surgery . We have about an hour and a half drive and with the U.S. Open going on traffic may be a little heavy in some parts ... I'm not as scared or anxious this morning. We dropped off middle child at a girlfriends house and she gave me an awesome assortment of get well gifts including a female urinal, book, Chapstick, face mask and more!! . I'm feeling so loved and prepared , everything else today is in my surgeons hands. It's go time!

I made into the flat and boobalicous side!!!

I felt so cared for by Dr. windle and his staff. They are so good at putting me at ease. I feel like my shape is so beautiful already . I slept for a few hours after surgery in our hotel. Took a shower and have been doing my exercises . The more I do the better I feel ! I have no drains or major pain and have only taking some Advil and Tylenol for pain relief . Dr. Windle sent a care package with me which includes nummy soup and chocolates and other goodies . He has also called and checked in with my husband twice! I m so glad and relieved the surgery is over .. Dr Windle did so good that my surgery that was scheduled for 4.5-5 hrs was done on 3.5 amazing!!
I'm home now and in my own bed which is so nice. It's funny how the sound of my children, happy or not, is so reassuring ! I walked around a bit once I got home then made it up stairs to my bed . I took a two hour nap and then walked around again. I have been looking forward to my shower tonight after the kids go to bed and my love can help me in and out .

Day 2

I'm doing really good considering what my body has been through. Last night I stayed in bed too long and had a hard time getting up. But today I have taken two walks around my room , down 20 flights of stairs and around the outside of my house about 4 or 5 times. I m still taking Tylenol and Advil but not as much. After my shower last night my TT incision felt like an ice hot burn .. My hubs helped me re gozz and gave me an ice pack which helped instantly. The more I walk and do my exercises the better I feel. My bruises are starting to show up on my breast , the right on especially. I have a good amount of swelling around the bottom of my breast so they look a little uneven . But they feel so much better then yesterday. If anyone is in the puget sound area I highly recommend going to a consult with Dr. Windle . To be standing straight up, no drains, getting myself in and out of bed and not be on an narcotics is wonderful . I feel so fortunate .

Some comparison pics

I have some swelling and inflammation between my belly button and incison . What do you all think.....do you /did you have any redness like this . I'm also adding a before and after comparison pic now that I downloaded an app to split the screen :-) input, advise ??? Pretty please ??

Love my dr.

So I have an area about 5 inche triangle of swelling and redness with a white patch bellow my belly button and above my incision . It is better this afternoon and I have been taking pics since day one. However I though I'd call the after hrs number and check just to make sure it's not an infection starting . My dr called me back with in. 5 min and put my mind at ease. He had me send pics and will check up on me this evening . He did not seem too concerned about it but was concerned about my well being . I'm so glad I choose him. Thank you Dr Windle !!!!
Whew otherwise I'm feeling fantastic . I LOVE my new shape even with the swelling and I know it's just gonn get better! My hubs just took all the kiddos out to a Father's Day ice cream treat . I wish I was with them but I'm gonna take it easy and rest. Kind of ironic that I'm resting and being catered too more then on Mother's Day :-) I'm feeling so blessed

Day 4

Some thing I haven't mentioned, my PS added lips of the inner thighs and flanks as a bonus!!!
Things I love ;
No drains
Walking mostly upright
My mobility
Being able to use my arms to wash my hair
My nightly shower
No narcotics just some Tylenol and Advil as needed , I've only taken one round this am and will probably again tonight
How accessible and responsive my surgeon is with post op questions
My memory foam travel neck pillow
How low and short my scar is, I was expecting it to go further around my hips
My new boobs , even though I have 525/575 round textured , and some swelling I'm wear a L sports bra / 42 D .. I feel so much more proportionate and my boobs aren't huge like Dolly Parton .
My support system; my RS sistas, my hubs and children, my mothers helper ( who is on summer break from nursing school so she thinks all this incision and surgery stuff is cool) , my mom, and my girlfriend who have been so caring and supportive.
I know there is more that will come to mind later. feeling so blessed

Day 5

My boobs are starting to round out a bit as the swelling subsides!! I still have swelling at the bottom of my breast , around the nipples and sides but it is much less. I love my new tits more and more every day. I am having some nerve pain on the left side of my groin, usually when I have my weight on my left leg or use my left side of my core . This icy hot sharp pain is something I'm very familiar with as I had it for about the last 4 months of my third pregnancy which made it very hard to walk. Massage has helped and I'll apply ice later if it persist . This is a normal pain that can happen with the TT incision, which should subside in the next few weeks. It is a sign that my nerve is functioning still and on the mend, much like the itching that can happen or tingling sensation. And I know that I am so lucky that this is the worst pain I have experienced with this whole maternal reconstruction process thus far ( knock on wood :-) happy healthy healing RS Sistas

FYI the flu sucks after a TT with muscle repair

Yesterday I caught the flu that my husband and kids had early or this week. It was terrible. I threw up at least once and hour , which felt like my whole stomach was on fire. I'm doing better today , my stomach is still sore and I feel weak. It was deffeintly the most pain I have been in post TT. Thank goodness that it was a short bug! Today after my shower I'm gonna remove my tape and get a good look at my incisions . The bruising has peaked and is now subsiding. And my swelling has gone down a lot .

Day 8 and I'm feeling great. It's my birthday!!!

So after a little rough patch with the flu I'm back on the mend. My tummy feels a little bruised from all the puking but other then that I'm doing awesome. It's my birthday today so I put on a dress and I feel beautiful! Last night I took off the tape on my incisions and I was pleasntly surprised how healed up and thin the scars are already! My right breast still has more swelling around and under the nipple but overall I love the shape. I did not get a lift so I know my nipples will stay a little lower, which I'm totally fine with. I'm hoping to go out this evening for a family dinner with all my loves to celebrate my 33rd bday! Another bonus, I went into surgery weighing 175 this am I'm 172 and still have some swelling. My long time goal weight is 164 , which gets me to the "normal body weight " category . I have so much faith that I can get there and even possibly to 160 once I return to my normal activities and exercising. Happy healing RS Sisters!

Side view

I'm adding the side view , which I think really tells the story of my transformation :-)

Each day is easier than the last!

Each day gets a little easier. I've had my three children ages 5,3&1 on my own 2 of the last 4 days. And while I'm not my normal active self everything is going smooth, we have even gone to town and done some errands and I'm keeping up with my chores. I do have a curious bump that I can feel but not see on the upper , middle part of my tummy. I'm wondering if this is a MR stitch/suture that was forced up die to my flu episode?? I have a post op on Thursday , and I'll discuss this with my PS. My swelling is still evident but as expected and my bruising is down to a minimum mostly yellow with some blue areas. My breast don't really hurt but still haven't returned to normal sensation yet. I haven't had any tylenol or Advil for the last 5 days. Which is awesome I rarely take that stuff. I eat like I did when I was pregnant ,small frequent meals with lots of water . I'm still in recovery mode, meaning I'm taking things easy and keeping my feet up as much as possible .

3 weeks post TT, lipo of outer and inner thighs and BA sientras round textured overs 525/R and 575/L

I haven't updated in a while so I reminded myself to do so at three weeks . Each week goes by faster and faster. I am doing great but still taking thinks easy. Taking care of my kids ages 5,3&1 has been just fine . Luckily my one year old started walking around the time of my maternal reconstruction. Let's see.... My tummy is healing well . I have swelling that is over all less than postop week 1 but increases at the end of the day or with exercise . My tummy and inscion still have a weird feeling kind of a mix between bruised, numb and tingly. I try to massage my belly and inscion throughout the day. This has made a difference in the sensations normalizing, reduces itchiness, and has helped thin out the underlying thickness of the scar. My right side of my scar is more swollen and thicker than my left . I was told that is normal for the two sides to heal at different rates . I wear a compression garnet I ordered years ago after the birth of my first baby , that has always been two tight for me to get on until now. This seems to help the swelling stay down. My PS gave me a a silicone scar treatment cream that I apply to all my inscions daily. Essentially this acts like the silicone sheets but without having to wear sheets. I also apply a sunscreen over my scars daily ( sometimes more if I'm out in the sun) which can be seen in some of my pics. My breast still have a bruised feeling when they are touched, but the more their touched the more this feeling decreases. It's kind of like your foot falling asleep and walking on it it to make the tingling/ pins and needles sensation go away. I love the size and shape. I did not get a lift and I'm ok with the nipples sitting slightly below the middle of my breast . I have been shopping a few times and I'm so happy. Before it was hard to find anything that looked good and now everything fits amazingly. I bought my first bikinis and low rise shorts and pants . I was sized at Victoria's secret and was measured at a 36DDD , and then again at lane Bryant and also came in at a 36DDD . Though I have some bras that are 38DD that fit great too. I called my husband while he was at work to tell him my new size. Needless to say he spendt the rest of the day with a smile on his face. I had a postop check up a week ago and my PS was very happy with my healing . I asked about the bumps down my midline and he confirmed that they are the sutures from my mr. And will eventually go away. My sutures are 180 day dissolvable but I should stop feeling them around 90 days. I feel them even less this week. Let me k I if you have any questions . Happy healing RS sistas!!!

7 weeks post

I am doing pretty goodo I am doing pretty good overall. I started to work out again this week doing some group classes Pilates yoga Zumba step . I still have swelling which is most evident around my incision and hips . I hope returning to work out will help this go down .overall I feel really good though. I have a wedding in 4 weeks I'm flying too and I'm hoping to drop some swelling and slim down a little . My weight has been fluctuating a lot and I think I went trough swell hell last week. It went from 174-179-188 in three days and now I'm back at 179. My goal is back to 174 by the time I leave on my trip. I've been massaging my incision and that has seem to help the thickness go down although on my right side there is a pocket of swelling that is evident from the curve of the incision. I've been massaging my incision and that has seem to help the thickness go down although on my right side there is a pocket of swelling that is evident from the curve of the incision when it's not so swollen on the incision is straight .

Still swelling

I still have quite bit of swellingim I about 8# more than pre surgery. Most of the swelling is in the middle of my Ty incision, and pubis mons with a little on my hips and above my be. I think my return to working out is both helping and increasing the swelling. Hopefully by next week this swell subsides a little more. Anyone have any tips on getting the swelling to move along???
I took my first bath since surgery last night and it was lovely.

Swelling go away !! Trying to be patient

I still have plenty of swelling that fluctuates anywhere from 1-2, & 5-10 in a day or two. I'm trying to stay positive and focus on what I can do like eating clean and working out 4 times a week. Hopefully by 6 months more of my true shape will show

It happened/capsular Contracture on my right side

Here it is 10 months after my mm and my right breast has CC. I'm super upset about. Mostly because my body had finally started to let go of all my post op swelling and my recovery is almost complete . The only way to fix it is surgery Whig will cost 4G even with the Sentras being covered under warranty . I'm going on a girls trip to Vegas it's my girlfriend next week and now I have one frankenboob. I'm already self conscious for this trip because of the CC. I'll post some photos eventually. ????

Looking intoA revision

I have cc on my right side , and my implant is coming out of my pocket or it stretched the pocket on the left . I don't have the upper pole fullness or the cleavage I want. I also still have uneven swelling on my tummy. The left side is basically flat but the right has bludges and bumps from above the belly button down to my pubic mound . I'm a little sad , I feel like I made the wrong choice . I won't be able to
So my revision won't be until fall. :-(

Looking for a revision

My breast are becoming increasingly painful. The left from the implant falling out of the pocket , and the right from CC. I have decided to visit my PS again as well as other PS to see about a revision . The last time I talked to my PS 4 months ago, he wasn't going to give any price break for a revision and said that nothing was wrong with my left , that I could feel the implant on the bottom and the pain on the side was from weight loss. I feel
Like my concerns were dismissed and his promises of wait And see have lead to more discomfort . I feel so sad about this feel like I made a mistake with the implants. I'm glad about my muscle repair but my TT swelling hasn't evened out and the "swelling" is still just on the right side of my abdomen from my solar plexus to my pubis. :-(.

Consulted with 2 new revision PS.

To fix the work of Dr. Windle it is going to cost a minimum of $12 G to fix and up to $24. One PS told me that if he were gonna give my MM a grade it would be a c- . It sounds as though I will need a minimum of two surgeries if not 3. The subglandular position of the implants is causing the left to slide down the chest wall and the right is a grade 11 capsular contracture. Both sides are painful in different ways. My Tt scar is too high, the belly botton is to low and not located over the bb stock. I have dog ears on both sides . There may by old seroma pockets that now need to be removed that make my stomach bumpy. Overall I'm a hot mess, and feel quite hopeless . I need to get more consults as both dr gave different advise. One said that a tt revision , a Breast lift, removal of old implants and replacement of new implants under the muscle could be done in one surgery . The other said if I attempt to remove implant , lift and replace implants under the muscle all
At one once , then I risk nipple death. That scared the crap out of me. I feel like despite my research and finding a surgeon certified by both the American board of plastic surgery and the Canadian board of plastic surgery, I made the wrong choice . And I'm scared I'll make another one. The longer I wait the west my breast will get .

I just booked my revision

I booked my revision with Dr Baxter for March 9th. He will be revising booth my breast and stomach . I am so excited and much more nervous this time . I'll be starting a new review to document this journey soon
Dr. Brian Windle

My entire experience with Dr Windle has been wonderful. Everything from setting up my first visit, consultation, surgery and post surgery care and follow up. Dr. Windle is very information of all options, and easy to talk with. I never felt rushed during our visits and always felt completly informed . I'm three months post dainless tummy tuck and rapid recovery breast augumentation. I was very happy to be able to move around with in a day after surgery and not have to take any narcotic based medication during recovery . Without drains I was able to move around easily. As a mom of three Young children, I also appreciated being "normal" looking and coherent with them post surgery . In looking forward to seeing my final results over the next 9-12 months. I will and have recommended him to friends and family. Edit update: 13 months post , looking into revision for CC on right breast and implant displacement in the left. TT swelling still uneven and looking into lowering scar

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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