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I had my first child 4 years ago. I've always been...

I had my first child 4 years ago. I've always been thinner, but when I gain weight its around my midsection. So this is a problem I've had to really try to control all my life. . I'm 5'10 and was 145 pre-pregnancy. I gained 55 lbs during pregnancy. I got down to my pre-baby weight but was left with a gob of loose skin thats hangs (classic "mother's apron) on my belly. I also had bigger love handles. The combination created a muffin top effect and its been very sad looking at myself in the Mirror all these years. I was extremely self-conscious and tried to cover my midsection as best as i could in clothing. My breasts also changed significantly after breastfeeding for 6 months. Before i was a small b cup. While breastfeeding they were a full C and I loved them. But afterwards the deflated and my left breast shrunk to a full A to small B. the right breast stayed large at a full B.

My procedure consisted of a full tummy tuck with lipo on the flanks and a breast augmentation. I got 385cc round sientra on the smaller left breast and a smaller implant ( not sure of the size but i will ask him at my follow up appt tommorrow) on my left breast.

I just had my surgery today and have been out since about 1130 this morning. I was quite nervous this morning as most people are with these sorts of things. I remember getting marked up and brought back a really nice operating room. Dr Salemy and his staff are amazing and made me feel calm, welcomed, and truly cared for. My anesthesiologist was awesome. I expressed my bad experienced receiving a painful spinal during my c-section 4 years ago. He was extremely skilled, i barely felt my IV insertion and when he turned me on my side for the spinal it was quick and i barely felt anything. At that point I felt calm and fully trusting that I was in great hands. The next thing I remember is drifting off and then waking up in recovery. My nurses were excellent as well, they were genuine and answered all my questions and my husbands questions for after care.

Do far my pain has been around a 7 to sometimes a 9. The most painful part if the chest pain. Its very painful breathing and sore. Im starting to feel slight pain where my incisions are but my husband has been fantastic managing my pain pills on time as scheduled. I keep dosing off to sleep after about an hour awake. I feel pretty awake now and looking forward to dinner and keeping liquids down with my water and tomato juice ive been drinking since we got back to the room. I will post later and try to keep an update on everything as it happens.

Before my mommy makeover photos

Post op day 2

Post op day 2

..so last night and this morning was kind of rough. At my appt yesterday I got extremely nauseous. I'm glad I asked for a vomit pan because on the car ride home I threw up about 3 times, which was extremely painful on my sore stomach. I'm happy to be home now, we have one of those temper pedic beds with the head and leg lift, which is sooooo nice especially for accommodating this type of surgery. I got sick very early this morning and threw up again, so my husband lowered my oxy dose and is refilling my anti-nausea pills right now. I notice today that I can move by myself much better in and out of bed, the lift helps a ton. However, my headaches keep coming and going throughout the day which are quite painful. I've been taking extra strength tylenol between meds which seems to be helping. I also find putting a cold wash cloth on my head helps out too. I'm staying very hydrated and trying to eat good. I had a grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch and my husband brought me up a nice fruit bowl with grapes, banana slices, and blueberries to snack on throughout the day. I would rate my pain scale currently around a 5-6. I'm looking forward to my post op day 3 appt tomorrow; I'm suppose to get my drain and pain pump out. The only thing I'm dreading is experiencing the nausea on the car ride like I did yesterday :/ Please, I'm open to any suggestions on how to control it.

Post op day # 5

...These past few days have been on and off hell for me. I've had a really weird symptom occur since post op day 1 of surgery last week. I get really, intense, I'm talking the worst migraine headaches that I've experienced in my life for days now. When I stand up to go to the bathroom for example, and then lay back down they will occur in the same place right behind my eyes each time. Dr Salemy and his amazing team were so caring at my last appt when I got my first drain out (I was having a bad one + nausea on the car ride over) and they took me back, put fluids in me and did everything they could to help. They suggested that my narcotics were probably contributing, so I've been off my narcotics since friday but still have these intense migraines. He prescribed me some really good medicine, which helps for awhile but I'm afraid to move much from my bed because standing up seems to really trigger them. I have an appt to get a headache workup done at my primary doc tomorrow, hopefully they can figure out what's wrong. These are the most intense migraines I've experienced in my life.

...As far as how my surgery healing has been going, it's been going well...that's the easy part for me currently. The migraines are my only real problem at this point. I've had my garment off for awhile, to kind of air out and relax, I had my husband wash it and I'm going to put it back on for awhile after its done drying today. My incisions looks great, everything's healing nicely. The only discomfort I feel is on the sides by my hipbones where my tummy tuck scar is, is slightly tender. My flanks where I had lipo are also tender as well. My breasts are tender a bit too, but like I said, its nothing compared to my headache migraines. My cat sure is enjoying all my time in bed these past days, he's been enjoying laying on my legs and cuddling in bed with me :) I will take more pictures once I feel really better..fingers crossed soon that these headaches go away for good!

Post op Day # 6

...I'm feeling much better today! Well, really since last night. I had one (hopefully) last really bad headache yesterday morning, then after a nice shower and putting my garment back on that my husband washed; he encouraged me to try to walk around down to the first floor of our house. I was able to walk, sit down, and get up again without any headaches. For what I've been through the past 5 days, that's a major improvement for me! We ate dinner together and watched a movie on our couch before bed-I actually felt normal for once. Today/post op day 6, still no headaches or nausea. However, I do have more noticeable swelling. I think I may need to stop taking compression garment breaks and leave it on at all times and I'm thinking I may need to modify my diet a bit more; I've been eating a lot of soup which is more salty/sodium rich. I'm quite stubborn with my garment, I made the mistake of leaving it off all night a few nights ago when I had a really bad headache-I needed all the relief I could get. I hope that I haven't messed up my healing process by "taking garment breaks".

Overall, today I'm feeling pretty good. I notice I'm having a hard time standing up all the way straight. It feels like my skin is really stiff so still walk with a slight hunch I've noticed. I get my second drain out tomorrow-yay!

Post op day # 6

Post op day #7!

...I'm feeling pretty good today :)

Post op day # 9

..Well life is much easier (showering, sleeping, using the bathroom) with no drains in! I'm doing pretty well at this point. I'm still hunched slightly when I walk, and I have to slow down my normal pace but each day is getting a little better than the last I notice. I'm still taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen for discomfort; just finished my antibiotics today and off all the narcotics for almost a week now. I notice that even though I feel good, I still need to pace myself and listen to my body; when I need to sit or lay down I make sure to immediately. Showering is still somewhat challenging; but the incision tape is pretty water-tolerant so it stays on really well.

I'm so glad that I chose the sientra (gummy bear implants); they are amazing so far. I'm loving my new curves and the way I look in my shirts now=very happy with those. They also feel natural to me already. I was uncertain about the breast augmentation at first; and I'm so happy I chose to do the full mommy makeover.

I'm also pretty thrilled with my tummy tuck and lipo so far. I had a lot of loose skin and extra love handles; so my pants never fit right before. Now, I feel confident and I'm able to wear my stretchy jeans already when I go out of the house (with my garment on underneath of course). My scar is pretty noticeable and there are still some sore fleshy parts that need to heal but at my last dr appt he said I'm healing really nicely. I've also been massaging my flanks where I had the lipo and I think its making a difference in minimizing the tenderness.

Post op day # 9 (photos)

..I'm currently washing my garment so I thought I could show you my tummy at this stage in healing. I'm still slightly swollen, but amazed how much better it looks compared to before :)

Post op day # 14

..its been 2 weeks post op and I'm feeling pretty good. Each day is a little better than the last. I've been massaging my flanks daily, they are still sore but it seems to be helping. My nipples have been super sore but they are settling very nicely. My post op instructions state I can begin the scar treatments this week, but I may hold off a few more days or even till next week because my TT scar is still raised and not fully closed in a few areas. I bought some new supplies for my scars yesterday; bacitracin, two different sizes of band aids, silicone scar sheets (which were recommended by my doc) and mederma.

My stomach muscles are getting stronger. I remember during the first week especially when i sneezed or coughed it felt like a knife was stabbing my stomach. I still can't sleep on my sides, which I'm hoping I can soon cause sleep has been uncomfortable but I still make sure to lay down a few times a day and rest.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to keep progressing and get back to my normal routines fully in a few more weeks.

Post op day # 15 (pics)

Post op day # 16

I wanted to update my full body photos now at 2 weeks and almost 3 days post op.

Post op day # 16 (pic)

22 days post op/Week 3

I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling really really good. I'm feeling more like myself. My breast pain has finally subsided. They are still slightly sore but not as severe as they were the first 2 weeks. My incision scars are looking better. They are turning darker and I'm able to stand up straight now. There is still tightness in my upper abdomen area and the lower part is pretty numb still. I'm able to do household chores for longer periods of time now. The only thing driving me crazy is not being able to run and workout! I'm really looking forward to getting back to my normal fitness routine once I'm allowed. I notice my breasts have settled and softened more. I tried on wireless bras the other day at the store out of curiosity. I was spilling out of the C cup bra. I'm going to wait another week or two and see if I'm a true D or not, lol.

Sleeping has been more comfortable. I still can't sleep on my sides but I sleep i between two pillows on my sides which allows me to lean on them more. I'm still sleeping slightly propped up. I'm also used to my garment now. I actually feel more secure with it on now.

28 days Post op/ Week 4!

Wow, has it really been 4 weeks already?! I'm still doing really well. I'm very pleased with how my incisions have been healing these past weeks. It looks better each day. However, I do have a very tiny spot on the right hip incision that looks like the stitch may have opened in that area. I get cleaning it daily and putting bacitracin on it. I'm going to contact my doctor and see if he believes it should be looked at or not. I'm not too worried about it but I am watching it. My nipples are no longer sore at all. I'm happy with the size I chose. I still haven't purchased any new bras yet. I saved my Victoria's Secret gift cards from my husband over the holidays to buy some new cute bras so I'm looking forward to doing that. I will probably go later this week to next week and try on more bras.

I'm sooooo incredibly happy that I no longer have my saggy tummy.!! It made me so sad these past 4 years. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the gym and running! I cant say that enough. I think once I get my body toned back up I will have even better results :D

5 weeks Post op

Sleeping has been way more comfortable. I can sleep on my sides again, well partially but I have been getting better sleep out of comfort. My breasts are really soft now. I tried on wireless bras last week and Im in between a C and D cup. The one I bought was a 36 C and its so comfortable. I've been wearing it when I go out of the house. I still wear my surgical bras at home and to sleep every night. I like the extra support still. I'm going to buy some cute Victoria's Secret bras next week @ 6 weeks. So I'm looking forward to that.

I feel really great. Sometimes I forget I even had surgery over a month ago. I do have little sharp pain along my incision line if I twist too much to the side. I'm going to start the scar treatment after I talk to my doctor for the 6 week appointment. i want to make sure every suture is completely closed before i begin. There are still a few spots that may be slightly open along my TT incision.

6 weeks post op

I'm feeling like myself again (almost fully) at this point ;) i stopped taping my TT incisions last week, just using bacitracin each day. I use the scar therapy at bedtime. Late last week, I had what is called a spitting suture under my left breast incision. Dr Salemy looked at it and told me its common during this stage of healing. I've been putting bacitracin and bandaids over it since then. It seems to be healing nicely. I noticed a few days ago I have another on on the right breast incision as well so I just keep my incisions super clean and covered.

I have my 6 week appointment this week and I'm suppose to get my after photos taken. I am so happy that I had this surgery. I notice a huge change in my self-confidence. I don't regret this surgery at all. Dr Salemy is amazing! :D

As far as exercise Ive been trying to walk each day. I cant wait to run and lift again, I miss it so much-so I can't wait till I'm able to get back to my normal routine. Each week gets better!

7 weeks post op!

...I feel about 95% like "me" again. Sometimes, I honestly forget I even had surgery 7 weeks ago, I feel that great :-) I had my last appointment with Dr Salemy last week, he took post op pictures and said he wanted to see me one last time before we move out of state in a few months. I no longer wear the compression garment. I still feel some tightness in the upper abdomen area and from about my belly button to the TT incision line its still pretty numb.

I recently eased back into my gym routine. I can walk at an incline no problem and use the elliptical for now. I am going to ease myself into running, I don't believe I'm quite able to get back to running again quite yet. I can lift some free weights but I notice my pec muscles are still slightly tender so I am easing back into that as well and limiting myself to very light weights for now. It feels so good to be back at the gym!! My next goal is to lose the extra lbs i gained during my recovery. I hated being inactive all those weeks, and my body needs to get toned back up. I'm working on it. I go while my daughter's at preschool 4x's per week and sometimes on the weekends if I have time.

I went bra shopping too. I got some really pretty new bras with my VS gift card. After surgery, I measure a 36C, but some styles I fit better in a 36D and some other styles I can even fit in a 36DD! I still cant believe i can fit into that big of a cup lol. VS has some weird sizing for sure.
...Overall, I'm very happy with my results :-). I will most likely update monthly or every 3 months now.

4+ months post op!

...its been a little over 4 months since ive had the MM surgery and I'm feeling great. I think my scars are fading pretty well especially at this point. I still have a little bit of what feels like scar tissue in the center of my tummy tuck incision but its less and less noticable each month. I wear a 36D bra and I absolutely love my new girls ;) I will try to continue to post every few months on my progess.
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