I Was Ripped Off for $4000!!!

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I underwent the Lifestyle Lift procedure and my...

I underwent the Lifestyle Lift procedure and my before and after pictures are exactly the same. I was infuriated at the nonresults and after reviewing my file, discovered that I had initialed statements on the Lifestyle Lift contract that said basically they do not guarantee any particular results. I then vaguely remembered seeing these statements during my initial consultation and asked the consultant why there wasn't a written guarantee. She told me it was because some people expect too much, like that they're going to look 18 years old again. But she assured me that I would look at least ten or more years younger after the procedure.

So after I healed from the surgery and discovered I did not look younger, I met with the doctor who stated that if I wanted some adustments there would be an $800 fee. Now why in hell would I give them any more money when I feel they lied to me the first time? After several meetings with the office manager, who the doctor directed me to talk with, I was promised a free laser treatment for my face that apparently costs $2000. This proceedure was supposed to make my skin look smoother and diminish lines and blotches. After I healed from that surgery, guess what? You're right. No positive results from that one either. They even claimed my skin would continue to look better an better as time goes by, but it didn't.

I'm not sure how to go about getting some kind of compensation for the $4000 dollars I spent for nothing, not to mention the enormous feelings of dissapointment. I don't have money to hire an attorney. The only other idea I have is to go to the news stations and show them my photos.

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The Lifestyle Lift contract states they do not guarantee specific results. I received no result from the procedure.

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