I'm on Day 2 and I Am in So Much Pain.

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After several consultations with dentists and...

after several consultations with dentists and orthodontists I decided to go with an orthodontist to provide my invisalign treatment. Although slightly more expensive with the orthodontist ($200-300 more), I value the knowledge and experience an orthodontist has and feel like I am more likely to have a successful treatment. Plus, during my consultation with the orthodontist, he mentioned several things about my bite that the dentist did not. He also cautioned me that my lower jaw was underdeveloped and invisalign would not correct my issues 100%. I appreciated the upfront honesty and while i did not end up proceeding with the orthognatic surgery rhe recommended to correct the jaw issue, I felt comfortable knowing what to expect and made my decision to just do the invisalign.

So after weeks of consultations i finally ordered the trays and had them put on yesterday. It took about an hour to bond these small clear cement buttons on 11 of my teeth and file down some of my front teeth to make room for rotation. The process was unpleasant by i held my breath and it was over soon enough. Snapping the aligners on for the first time was a challenge. It didn't help that i just had my nails done and didn't want to ruin the polish by prying off the aligner. Much easier to put on than take off by the way. Day 1 was painful. I took a couple excedrin before bed and i hardly ate all day because i didn't want to take them off. This might be good after all, i may lose that 5 pounds i put on on my last vacation :).

Anyway i'm on day 2 now. They felt ok when i woke up, but when i took them off to brush my teeth they felt loose and it hurt pretty bad to put the aligner back in. It's one o'clock and i haven't eaten all day because i'm trying to avoid taking them on and off again. That's probably not good but i'm being a baby about it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm in a wedding and will take them off for the pictures so i hope it doesnt hurt too bad when i put them back on. It does kind of suck not being able to have a snack or a drink without going through the whole process of prying them off. i almost feel like i cant eat unless i am near a restroom so i can rinse my mouth before putting them back on. Plus at this point i still need to use a mirror to get them off and on. i bought a little mini toothbrush to keep in my purse since i am worried about food being trapped on my teeth with the aligners on. Anyway- if my treatment goes as planned i should be done in 8 months. The video they showed me was really exciting. i can't wait for my smile to look like the model. I just hope i don't starve in the process.

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