33 Yrs Old, 5'3", 115lbs, No Kids, Currently Barely 34b Looking for Natural Looking Results - Seattle, WA

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I have been researching breast augmentation since...

I have been researching breast augmentation since the beginning of this year. I have never had a surgery and am a little hesitant to sign myself up for one voluntarily. However a part of me thinks why the hell not?! Life's short and I am not planning on having kids. I've never hated my boobs but have wished I was a little more endowed in order to balance the rest of my body. I've been researching both implant and explant reviews and have learned a lot. I recently went to two consults with two different surgeons (Dr. Salemy and Dr. Rand) who seem to be top of their field based on what I've found. I actually liked both doctors equally and they both put me at ease with their confidence and knowledge which makes the decision to choose a doctor a little more difficult;/ Size wise I would like to be a full c/small d cup and both doctors recommended between 275cc to 310cc moderate silicone implants. My bandwidth is a 12. I am thinking about booking my surgery in January and would love to hear from anyone who went to either of these doctors and what your thoughts and opinions are on your results and experience with them. Thanks! Will be updating my posts once I choose my doctor and have a date set!

2nd attempt to upload photo

Before pic

Posting before pic?

3rd attempt to upload before pic....

wish pic

another wish pic

Booked a surgery date!

So after much consideration I decided on Dr. Salemy and booked my surgery date for Jan 4th. His confident demeanor and before and after pics won me over. I think Dr. Rand would do an equally good job and actually my friend that went with me liked him better then Dr. Salemy so I think its just a matter of personality preference.

At my initial consult I tried on 286cc sizers and 310cc sizers. I liked the 286cc (somehow I don't have any pics of that one?!). Dr. recommended 310cc to get the look of the smaller implant since going under the muscle will make them look a little smaller. The pic from the front makes them look huge. I will need to get some more full body shots because in real life they didn't seem near as big! I'm more afraid of going to big then small so at my next consult I'm going to really evaluate size.

Getting nervous!

I'm getting closer to my surgery date and getting nervous! I've been reading explant stories and it's scaring the heck out of me! (Maybe not the best idea?!) I have my pre-op appt in a couple weeks and I'm hoping the doctor is able to calm my nerves and I can decide on a size that fits my frame and won't be too big! I have been trying to find someone with my same stats and it seems like everyone's results vary so much even with similar implant sizes. I've attached some more wish pics and a couple of me sporting the vs bombshell bra. This is about the general "size" I would like to be.

1 week to go!

I had my pre-op appointment a couple weeks ago. All went well however I am still somewhat undecided on size. I am between 275cc and 295cc. I like the look of the smaller size but feel like I should go with my doctors advise to go with the larger implant to compensate for going under the muscle. And after all I did my research and picked him for a reason, right?! It sounds like it's a couple tablespoons difference so I'm not sure what I'm stressing over. I asked if I could do one final sizing the day of just to be sure.

I got my prescriptions filled and working on getting a few things together for the weeks after. Mostly Im just ready for the anticipation part to be over!

Last pre op appt 286cc sizer

1 day post op

Yesterday was day of surgery and everything went smoothly. (I think Doctor said I was a textbook case) it was a very simple process and the doctor and nursing staff made me feel at ease the whole time. After I met with Dr Salemy and anesthesiologist it was lights out and I woke up in recovery room! I ended up choosing 295cc inspira smooth round moderate imf incision under the muscle. Had my post op appt today and got my first look! I have to say they look way better then what I was expecting. For some reason I was invisioning fraken boobs at first but besides a little bit of swelling they look great! I think I'm going to be happy with the size and glad I went with the doctors advice. Pain wise I'm definitely tight and sore but nothing that's unbearable and pain meds are helping a lot!

1 week post op

So I'm at one week today and am happy with my results thus far! The first couple days of feeling really tight and sore were really the worst of it. (But like I said with pain meds totally manageable) I am much more mobile now and just have to remind myself to take it easy and not do too much. Things like lifting, reaching, driving, opening and shutting car door, straightening hair, etc all take a little more time but I should be fine to go back to work. (If you had a physical job you would probably want to take closer to 2 weeks off if possible). I'm just taking Tylenol starting today so we will see if that makes a difference.

I think size wise I will maybe be a full c? That's just a guess. I definitely have some "fluffing" or relaxing to do so not sure if they will get bigger in the next few weeks? I have a follow up appt tomorrow so I will ask about that.

If you have any questions feel free to ask I know how stressful it is leading up to surgery and especially the decision of size. I'll try to post again at 2 weeks!

1 week post op 295cc

Oh yeah here are a couple pics. (Taking a break from the dreaded sugical bra and strap!)

Week 2

This week I'm kind of getting impatient with having to still "take it easy". I can tell when I over do it that it's true but just a little annoying not to be able to be do all the things your used to doing. Im not saying I'm trying to go workout at the gym or anything. I'm just talking about normal day to day activities. Trying to take my own advice and be patient!

I am still dealing with night sweats and a couple days ago noticed what I believe to be mondors cords (if you don't know what it is you could search it on this site for explanation and pics) underneath both breasts. I called my doctor and spoke with a nurse there and she said if no other symptoms on the night sweats that it's probably just the body adjusting so to speak but if it keeps up to call back. The mc is something that resolves itself and she suggested low doses of ibuprofen through out day and to "take it easy". I also read that light massage and heat help so have been doing all of the above. Doesn't really hurt but hoping it goes away soon!

It does seem like my breasts are "settling" more and more each day. I think I'm healing as I should and overall happy with how they are looking at this early stage. Looking forward to weeks 5 and 6+ when things are pretty much done healing and settling and I don't have to "take it easy" as much!

Week 3

Well good news is my nightsweats have stopped however the mondors cord seems to be worse:( Trying to remind myself it's temporary and will eventually go away just hoping I'm not doing anything to aggrevate it. (Still just taking ibuprofen and warm compresses) I started using the silicone scar sheets. My incisions look ok but feel like the sutures are still there (kind of bumpy feeling) not sure if this is normal? Wondering if they haven't dissolved yet? Anyone else have this issue? I'm thinking I will call my doctor about this too so will update at week 4!

Week 4

Almost to the one month mark! Things are feeling pretty good. Working on my insicion scars with light massage, silicone sheets, aloe, and scar cream. They are feeling less "bumpy" so thinking sutures finally dissolving. The mondors cord seems to be improving and my only other complaint is my right seems to be riding a little higher then the left. It's minimal but hoping it catches up!

6 weeks

Just a quick update! Getting used to life with boobs! They definitely are feeling more and more like I've always had them. My right is slowly starting to drop and catch up with the left....still crossing my fingers that it they equal out and are completely even! I keep looking at my before photos and think they were even before? Although I never looked at them and inspected them nearly as much before so who knows! My mondors cord is still there but improving. My scars seem more red to me then others but maybe that is part of the healing process? Have my 6 week appt next week so will be nice to get the doctors opinion on how he thinks things are healing.

8 weeks

I'm happy to report that my breasts have almost totally evened out and the mondors cord is gone too! (Phew)

I had my final follow up appt with my doctor last week. He said everything is healing well including my incisions. The "bumpy" feeling he said is still just the sutures and they will dissolve completely with time. (Which they are pretty much smooth now) It was nice to have the doctor confirm that things are as they should be!

I can stop massaging, wear regular bras, take baths, and exercise normally. * He did emphasize how important wearing a well fitted sports bra is.

Life seems to be pretty much back to normal. I got fitted at VS as a 32dd! (I think I'm going to get fitted at Nordstroms too since I've heard vs runs small.) If you would have told be before ba that was the size I would be I would have freaked out! I think until you have them you just don't know. I really like the size for me because they are easy to play up or down depending on what I wear.

Overall I am really happy with my results and am glad to be not so boob obsessed anymore! That initial period of time leading up to surgery and few weeks after you just are so consumed with trying to research doctors, then size and type, then wondering if your healing normally, etc. Glad to be over all that and back to living life as usual!
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Salemy and his staff was better then I could have expected! He has a calm and confident demeanor which is ultimately the reason I chose him as my doctor (that and the good reviews and before and after pics I found online). I felt comfortable and well informed through the whole experience. The office is immaculate, the staff friendly, and recovery was a breeze! I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend Dr. Salemy to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

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