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I did laser lipo many years ago and it was...

I did laser lipo many years ago and it was horrible. I was down for days, swelling and pain and numbness lasted for months. Years later I still feel affects of it. And for all that, the results were very very subtle. My biggest tip off should have been a hand surgeon did the procedure with a very popular place in my town known for the procedure. I think he was a 'stand in'.

I have debated doing the coolsculpting for over a year, on the hips laser didn't improve, and on the upper abs. After the consultation I have decided to do upper, lower abs and hips. I will do all of the abs on Monday (2 days from now).

I am reading reviews and seeing so many people complain about pain and swelling for a week or more. The RN I consulted with did tell me in all honesty day 6 tends to be the most painful and swelling can last a week or so. She even suggested using spanx or compression if I wanted to help with swelling.

I do NOT want to go through the pain and agony I did with laser lipo years ago - let alone do this and see no results. :(

I am 5'-4", 135 pounds right now. I would say I am about 15 pounds up than my normal weight coming out of the winter months. I am dieting and exercising so I am hoping the combination of doing the coolsculpting AND the weight loss will give me excellent results by the end of July.

Fears worse than reality!???
I'll certainly post my feedback and pics if anyone is interested.


I was scared - no lie, after reading so many...

I was scared - no lie, after reading so many people in pain on here. I am told the most common reason for pain is by using the 'large' unit. It's a pro and a con. You get best coverage but it can cause the pain. I had 1 LARGE on the lower abs, and 2 SMALL on the upper abs. (I am going back in 2 weeks to do my hips).

It was weird feeling, no lie. I am puffed up like a numb potbelly pig after getting home. :) No pain, I am wearing spanx as it is advised to help with pain and swelling if you want. The clinic also advises Arnica gel several times a day and taking an OTC anti-inflammatory. Also, they advise a clean diet so the liver can detox and they made suggestions on anti-inflammatory foods. This place was not only exclusively "Coolsculpting" but are nutritionists as well.

I am told about day 6 is where the pain kicks in. That's kind of precarious to think about what I might be in for. I am already planning what to wear to work this week to disguise the puffy belly, and I'll be wearing spanx for sure.

I will post my "before" pics once I have those emailed to me by the clinic.

I wont lie....I am nervous of the pain and how long I might have a reaction. However, it is not common to have extreme reactions so I am hopeful.

For reference:
I am 5'-4" tall, 138 at time of procedure.

5 days after Coolscultping

The day after was the worst of it actually. I woke up sore and swollen. I felt very drained all day and nauseous. I can get issues with my blood sugar at times and I do think the anxiety and the trauma on the body affected that. I had some chocolate covered peanuts late in the day and it actually helped. But the day after I was not feeling 'fabulous'. I came home from work, laid on couch and had a ice pad on my stomach until bedtime.

Day 2 after:
Far less nausea and different soreness. Yes, swollen and keeping with the compression garment (Spanx). But the soreness and swelling definitely get worse at the end of the day. For the most part I sit at a desk so the lack of movement and the gravity....tends to take a toll. Again, home to couch and ice pad but really not feeling too bad.

Day 3 after:
General soreness like a heavy ab workout but nothing really bad at all. I am nervous everyone says by day 6 you'll get a lot of pain but so far maybe I'm lucky? I bought a compression garment through Maidenform and I LOVE IT!!! Its just a tube around your waist from below the breasts to just over the top of your hips. It stays in place all day and you don't have to bother with it when you use the restroom. SOOOO easy and feels good. I bought one in black and nude. It's my new go-to. SO much more comfortable than Spanx!

Day 4:
Less pain, and I am waking up less swollen but at the end of the day I am puffy. Still doing the same routine of ending the day with an ice pack before bed just to reduce swelling, but really not much pain. Just soreness.

Day 5:
Woke up with minimal swelling. I am numb to the touch (been using Arnica cream btw), but the pain is really not much at all. Unless of course I jump up and down, or bend over. :) Again, the compression is the way to go!

Am I going to be one of the lucky ones!?? Really, I haven't had much issue at all. My doc recommended Benadryl at night to help with swelling, itching and sleep. I've done that since Day 2 but I am really not having a hard time (knock on wood). I am planning to go for a couple mile walk today so we'll see how it goes!

7 days post Coolsculpting

Doc said about day 6 is when the most pain kicks in. So, I was nervous to get to this point. To be totally honest, the only change I have had in the last day or 2 is some very mild itching and pins and needles at the top of my lower abs. I find its more so when I am swelled up after a full day of sitting or standing. Is it annoying? Sure. But painful and preventing me from doing anything normal? Not at all.

Still wearing my compression as bouncing or movements are tender in the area. I wake up with no swelling but by the end of the day I am swelled and area is hot to the touch. I end the day with a cool pad on the couch before bed, and per my doc's recommendation I take a Benadryl before bed. She said this can help with swelling and itching.

So far no regrets. Too soon to see any results, but no horrible pain as I feared. I'd certainly rather not have tenderness or swelling but I understand this may last 2 weeks or more depending on the person.

I have my hips scheduled for a week from now, so I am hoping the swelling and tenderness subside by then.

2 weeks post abs - hips done today

So, I would say about day 7/8/9 were the most...uncomfortable. Honestly the only pain I felt was at night, a sort of surging zinging in my abs that did keep me awake a few nights. Each night since procedure I kept the same routine of Arnica cream morning and night and using ice pad in the evening before bed

About day 11/12, I noticed the swelling pretty much stopped coming at the end of the day. I stopped wearing or feeling like I needed any compression about day 11 as well.

So today is the 2 week mark and I went in for my love handles. The procedure...I really didn't feel at all. I will say, about 3/4 of the way into the treatment I started to feel a little cramping in my upper and lower abs areas previously treated 2 weeks ago. I think the muscles were starting to get a little ticked off. :)

I am keeping my same arnica cream routine and I'll see how the next morning and days feel if I need to use compression at all.

A little advice: MSM!!! Methylsulfonylmethane
This is a natural substance found in foods but you can buy it in pills or powder form. People take it for inflammation, immunity, detox, allergies.... I used to take it daily but stopped last year. I decided to start back with it on day 4 after my abs session. In a couple of days, my inflammation was less and here's a plus..... Many people's digestion gets a little messed up having their abs done. MSM has put my back on track!! So within a few days, my swelling subsided, things started "moving again", and my tummy is feeling very flat.

Also, my RN recommended Benadryl at night to help with any itching or to also help sleeping if I was having any reactions. I think this helped as well.

I will do more updates in the next few days to tell how my hips are doing and how my body is reacting. I have also requested my "before" photos from the doc....will post soon, and then follow up with updated ones!

Pretreatment pics

Here's my upper and lower abs before pics. I had hips done yesterday, not a good picture here showing my troubled hips, ill post one for my hips updates.

Hips before pic

Had my hip lumps done yesterday. Really not any swelling and I barely have any feeling of bruising so far.

This photo also shows me 2 weeks after my upper and lower abs were done.

16 days after upper & lower abs

Only way weeks post procedure but swelling has stopped so thought I'd post picture updates.

4.5 weeks post abs, 2.5 weeks post hips

Some numbness, minor itching at times. No swelling at all or pain. I feel my upper abs are "tighter" which is amazing to me. Only 1 month out!
For reference, I haven't been dieting or exercising (so busy). I have lost 4 pounds but I attribute that to normal fluctuations.

Hips 5 weeks post coolsculpting

Bumps are lessening

2 months after hips

Before inner thigh

Going I have for inner thighs today!! Here is the before pic.
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