21 Yrs Old-425cc saline moderate profile under muscle-College Student Ready for New Twins! - Seattle, WA

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Hi Ladies! I am starting to document my journey...

Hi Ladies! I am starting to document my journey towards new breasts. My surgery is still 5 months away but I am so excited for this change in my life. I am scheduled for 400CC saline under the muscle. My pre-op is on June 1st. I will be uploading wish boob photos and some before photos of myself. Thanks!

Deciding on 425CC instead of 400CC

I would hate to go to small so I am thinking about increasing my CC size to 425. I would rather be a little too big than too small.


For now, I will just be posting wish boobs

Dream breasts!

Perfection! I can't wait not wear a bra and still have perky beautiful breasts!

Finally the right time for this life changing surgery!!

I am still 5 months pre-op however my surgery is the only thing that is on my mind any more. I think about it non-stop all day long and especially at night when my mind won't shut off. I lay there thinking that in a few short months, I will be an entirely new women. How exciting!

I have wanted a breast augmentation ever since I was fifteen years old. There was no doubt in my mind as to if I would get surgery-just when. I will be one week short of my 22nd birthday when I get my surgery and I feel like I have had adequate time to prepare and research this surgery. I have spent nearly two straight years doing research and I am 150% ready. I am very confident in myself as a lady. I know that I am beautiful and I have no troubles what so ever attracting men of all ages and income levels (ranging from NFL players to married sugar daddies) with the breasts I have. Yet I am still very insecure of my breasts and I HATE showing my boobs (even when I am very intoxicated). Even when I have had a lot to drink I am very hesitant to loose my bra (which I hate!!). I can't wait to feel completely confident being naked. My 3 year old cousin even told me that people with "no boobies" are boys. Even little kids pick up on the idea that women are supposed to have big breasts. I do have a big booty which will be complemented nicely with a set of boobs.

Ever since I can remember discussing breast augmentations with my family, they have always been extremely closed off to the idea and would not even consider talking to me about it. My mom would get pissed off and storm out of the room the second I would bring it up. However, I am happy to say that over the course of the past 6 months, both my parents have came around to the idea (probably because I am paying for it by myself but that is better than nothing lol) and my mom is even going to help me recover. I am very happy for this because just simply having support from your family will make this process a lot easier for me!
I am doing this solely for ME, MYSELF, AND I! AND I CAN NOT WAIT FOR JUNE 17TH!!!

Hoping for full D

BTW: I currently wear a size 32A. I am 5'4" and 135 pounds. I am build athletically with strong legs and a big booty.

A few pre-op photos

It has taken a lot of courage to even upload these photos because I hate being topless (but not for long lol!) But here you go!

Another set of wish boobs

Uploading all wish boobs so that I have a collection of them to show my surgeon once I have my pre-op on June 1st.

How much time would you (realistically) suggest off work/school?

Hi Ladies!

I am curious as to what is a realistic amount of time to expect to be laid up and not able to function/drive by myself in a safe manner? My surgery is in June once I am out of college for the summer. However, If possible, I am going to try to bump it up to some time in April/May and I would have to take off time from school. Could I plan for missing like days of school in the week (if surgery was on a Wednesday for instance) and take the weekend to recover? Or should I plan for an entire week off school? I would appreciate your opinions!

Perfection-want these girls

Love these!

Before pic

Some days I think my boobs are cute-ish…some days I do not. Today is a day that I cringe at them…….

Surgery moved up three months!!!

Hi Ladies! Great news! I was able to move my surgery up to my spring break (end of March). Super excited but I am already getting nervous since it is only roughly five weeks away! Is this really happening? I won't believe it until the night before surgery!! My pre-op is March 6th! Surgery is March 20th! Stay tuned!!!

One month pre-op!

Hi ladies!! I am getting more nervous/excited as each day passes!! It is really hard for me to imagine that in just a short 6 weeks i will be able to fill out a bra for the first time in my life and actually enjoy wearing a shirt that shows my chest! It can sound really silly to people who do not struggle with the self-conscious issues that some women with small breasts do, but it is a big deal for most of us! I look in the mirror and I try to visualize what I am going to look like. I can't wait to see my results!

I am wondering where you ladies have had the best luck finding zip up sports bras for recovery? Walmart? Target? Where?

Thank you xoxo

30 days to surgery-debating on size still!

Hi ladies! I can't believe I am 30 days away from being an even more beautiful version of me! I am going to have a burn party and burn all my old bras because there is no way I will ever fit into them again. I am pretty sure I will go with 425cc and I am pretty sure I will go with moderate profile because I really like the full and side boob look. But I do not want them really pointy and outward (I am under the impression that HP gives you that look). Any thoughts? Suggestions? When I think to long and hard about my surgery I get really nervous but I guess this is all normal. But I know that my excitement will outweigh my nervousness and I have wanted this since I was 16 years old. It is still hard for me to believe that I will no longer be afraid and self-conscious to show my breasts! I can't wait to be completely okay in my own skin!

27 days away-getting more and more nervous! What should I expect for my pre-op?

27 days to go until my big day! I think it is normal to feel this nervous. I think most of my nerves are associated with the unknown. I have been put to sleep two other times and I have done well with that process. I am extremely excited though and I just want to get the surgery over with! I am still leaning toward 425 cc saline moderate profile. Also, what should I expect for my -pre-op app?

Last full week of being part of ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE

My pre-op was last friday and I decided on 425CC. saline under muscle. I feel very comfortable with my surgeon and I am too ready to get this show on the road! I got my post-op bra and I will be filling my prescriptions next week. I still do not believe this is actually happening. I don't think It will actually hit me until the day of my surgery! People continue to tell me that its going to hurt like a mf but I am prepared and I know that the pain will be worth it! My ps says I can't do cardio for 6 weeks but I was meaning to ask her if I could just get on the bike and do some light cardio after the first couple weeks. Any suggestions?

Last week with these girls

Here is another before picture. I think I have nice cleavage which will benefit my new breasts nicely!
Happy Tuesday ladies! xoxo

4 days to go! 145 Pounds Moderate profile 450CC A to D cup

All my medicines are filled and I have my post op bra. It is really weird but I am not really nervous. It won't set in until probably the day of surgery. I am going to start taking my stool softener drink so help with the clogging following my surgery. The Dr recommended taking it a few days before surgery to get the "juices" going. I literally can not wrap my head around the fact that my life will forever be changed in 4 days. I have waited for this day for five years and it is approaching rapidly! SO excited!!!

2 nights from surgery!

Getting anxious! I wish my Ps would let be take some valium the night before surgery to help me sleep. When I had my wisdom teeth out I was given some valium to help me relax the night before. But since I was not instructed to take a valium before my BA, I will be a good girl and follow what my PS told me. I have been catching myself looking in the mirror more than usual to observe my girls and appreciate the last few days I have with them. Tomorrow night I will be going through all my old bras and getting rid of them! Yay! xoxox

SURGERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!4 HOURS!!!

OKAY-it is really weird but I am not feeling nervous yet. I am so ready to just get this done! I feel comfortable today and I am at ease that I am having surgery. I have all my medicines ready and I am setting up my recovery spot on the couch. Last night I went and bought a bunch of jello, pudding, chocolate milk, orange juice (for my stool softener), and pasta! Surgery mode food! I am ready to go! I have a lot of support and I can't wait to already eat after surgery because I am starving. Will post after surgery depending how I feel! xoxoxo WISH ME LUCK!

post op bra photos-3 hours pre op

Heading in to the clinic! Last pictures before my life is changed for ever!!

Home and doing great!

Surgery went wonderful. No issues. I woke up and was talking up a storm. I ate a lot of salt crackers and drank lots of water and sprite. I kept everything down. I am not too tight at all. When i woke up I wasn't in a ton of pain either. I am able to walk around fine. I feel a llitle loopy due to the valium and percacet other wise I am doing great. I am going to get a good meal in me. I am so thankful that my mama is at my side to help with recovery. She is wonderful! My best friend is on her way over and I can't wait to visit with her. Over all I am doing great! Dr. Sowder is incredible!

Got a full nights sleep! Day 2

Last night went great-I slept through most of the night. I ended up walking up stairs to my bed room last night. I had taken my medicine right before I went to sleep (11 pm). Around 3;30 am, my mom came to check on me. I was sound asleep but once I was awake, I felt pretty tight so it was time for another round of medicines. She also helped me go to the bathroom. Take note ladies-make SURE you have someone taking care of you who you feel comfortable pulling down your pants for you and even wiping you.Of course I feel comfortable with my mom but i didn't realize i would need that much assistant going to the ladies room. I have gone potty 4 times now since surgery-I am drinking lots of liquids. I still haven't had a bowel movement but I am keeping up on my stool softener and orange juice drink. After I took some meds in the middle of the night I was back out asleep. I woke up around 8 am and I am just now getting a meal in me so I can take another dose. My mom and I are trying our best to keep on top of the medicines bc I do not want to get behind and play catch up. One thing I was not prepared for is how much we rely on our chest muscles! It is almost impossible to not use them. I have been propped up with a bunch of pillows behind me in bed and on the couch but it is still hard to sit up. I focus on just squeezing my butt together and using my legs as much as I can to get up. I will make another post tonight. xoxo

Night 2 went good!

Hi ladies! I have weened off my percoset already. I am down to one percocet and one tylenol every 4 hours. I slept all the way through the night like a baby until 6:30 am. My mom gave my meds and I was back out to sleep until 8;00 AM. I don't have to much pain at all-only pain I really have is in my lower armpit on the right side but when I get up and move around the pain goes away. All is going good so far! I don't know if I have gotten really lucky or what but I am not in that much pain at all. Just a little tight now and then when it is time for my next dose of medicine. The percoset is making me either extremely relaxed or very chatty, will post more photos tonight xoxo

Girls looking good on day 2.

More pics from day 2.

Day three recovery is going smooth

Okay, So can I just say my PS is the coolest ever. She called me yesterday while walking her dog (On a Saturday) just to check on me. Love it! I slept through most of the night (3 am my mom came in to readjust me) and then at 6:30 am I was time for another perciset and valium. I am now only taking my meds every 7 hours ish. I am really not in hardly any pain. If I lay down to much my left armpit bugs me other than that I am good. I can laugh more today without feeling pressure. All in all I am recovering like a champ. I have my post op tomorrow with my PS and I get to see the girls. xoxo

post op visit went well

Dr says everything looks great! I am cleared to start doing my massages. I am off of percoset now and just on tylenol. I will take more pics tonight

425CC saline-4 days post op

More photos!!!

Love it so far!!

5 Days Post Op

I am all the way off pain pills today. My back is starting to hurt. And I am finding myself wanting to sleep on my side so bad! I am getting very annoyed having to stay on my back. I am making small outings with my family to the store but it still exhausts me. I have started my massages daily. Everything looks good so far. I am so fascinated with them. I just stare at them and take pics lol Its so exciting. xoxo

Day 6 post op

My biggest issue right now is sleeping on my back! Driving me crazy. I just want to role over. I feel like crap, my body that is. And I think I am coming down with the flu. I hope not!!!! Its either that or I am sick from coming off the pain pills. Yuck! I can't imagine being on those things for weeks and then trying to wean off of them. They physically make you sick! I am going to get a mani/pedi today so that will be good to get out of the house! The girls are looking good. No major pains. Just really uncomfortable right when I wake up, which is expected. But it feels good to massage them out. I have to keep reminding myself I am in recovery mode bc I forget. Happy recovering to the rest!! xoxox

Pre op and day 6 post op last one for today! (hopefully)

I just love taking pictures of them and getting different angles. I notice something new every time. Anyways-here is a before and after (day 6).

One week post op

Hi ladies!! Today marks one week post op. Time flies!! I have been making outings every day. I haven't been sleeping all day either and that has allowed me to sleep at night now, even though it is very hard to stay on my back. Tonight I think I can sleep on my side, however I am not sure how to go about it. My ps instructed to put a pillow in front of me so I am not laying right on my implant. Any suggestions or tips? I went and walked the track today 6 times just to get out and get my muscles going. The hardest part about this surgery is NOT WORKING OUT FOR 6 WEEKS. I am already wanting to get some cardio in. It is my attitude adjustment and I need to release those endorphins. Ugh but the girls are looking great! My scars are starting to itch. Is that normal? I figured it was since that is what happens when we get scabs. They start to itch. Anyways-here are a few photos from day 7.

Threw some D's on it :D Day 8 post op

So call me crazy but I wake up in the middle of the night and feel the girls to make sure they are still there. I feel like they are going to fall out or deflate in the middle of the night lmao! Everything is going great though. I have definitely been going 70% back to normal every day reality. Running errands, using my arms, driving, etc. Is it normal that the middle of my chest (sternum area I think) hurts? Today is day 8 post op. Can I just say one more time that my PS is so cool! She did an amazing job and I am so impressed. Shout out to Dr. Sowder from the greatest city ever, SEATTLE WA! GO HAWKS!

11 days post op

I have been going non stop and I go back to school tomorrow (which I am dreading). Little things like making my bed is such a hassle and it makes for a longggggg day. So I can only imagine what going back to school is going to do to me. Don't get me wrong-I feel good but the girls get worn out quickly. My nipples have started to really hurt and Im not sure if thats normal.

Two weeks post op!

Hi ladies,

Yesterday was two weeks exactly from surgery. I had my two week doctor appointment and everything looks great! I was cleared to carry 20 pounds and go back to cleaning tanning beds at the salon. I am looking forward to getting back to work. I am sleeping better now that I have found ways to sleep on my side. I still sleep propped up just because it is more comfortable that way. I am slowly working my way back into the gym by just getting on the bike and doing some cardio. Obviously nothing with my arms yet. Which I am okay with. I just needed some cardio. My doctor told me I had a little rash from the tape over my incisions (which she said is fairly common) so she said for me to get medorma scar cream and apply that over my scars once a day instead of having the incisions taped. Every day my body gets more and more adapted to the new addition. The sternum pain has gone away and I this morning was the first morning I haven't really had any morning boob tightness and discomfort. My nipples are still a little numb but other than that, I am doing great!

A little over three weeks post op

Yesterday was exactly three weeks after surgery. I am healing very well. I don't have any pain. My nipples are still a little soar. My scars seem to be healing well. My right side seems to be a bit bigger. I figured it was because my right muscle is stronger since I write with my right hand and a lot more stuff with my right hand. I have been trying to do more stuff with my left hand to see if that helps. Any thoughts?

2 months post opp boob greed

Hi ladies. It has been awhile since I have posted on here. My surgery was the easiest surgery I have ever had. I would do it again in a heart beat. It was virtually painless. I got very lucky. I am having boob greed. Wishing I would have went bigger. But still love my new girls!

2 months pre-op

I have not posted photos for awhile. I am 2 months post-op. Everything is going smoothly so far. Except I can feel the liquid swishing around on my left breast. Is that normal? My left breast does seem smaller too. Any thoughts?
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