18-24 Year Old Woman Had Lip Surgery - Seattle, WA

I don't know where to go and what should I do just...

I don't know where to go and what should I do just leave the scar for quite a few years like my acnes. But I tried filling the scar one year ago, which makes the scar worse. I went to this dr. Who had a lot of experience in surgery and I thought it would be best bet right now.
He is very nice and told me a lot about scars and tissues which comfort me a lot I think I found the savior.

Wednesday waiting next Wednesday

Waiting for time to heal my wound.

Second night after surgery

A lot of concerns

30 days after surgery

It's not what I expect but it takes time

This is the picture

Still looks like not connected.

I admit the price is too expensive

I don't have choice because I did it in a rush and for the people that love me and I love.

He is fully confident and tell me everything will be fine.

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