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I've had this twice on my lower arms, once on my...

I've had this twice on my lower arms, once on my upper arms, twice on my face, once on my chest.

I'm 42, Fitzpatrick type II , however, I never tan. I have some age spots, freckling, but not as much as many individuals my age because I wear sunscreen.

On my arms, I got this primarily for brown spots.

On my face, I hoped it would fix broken capillaries around my nose.

My chest around my neck area was slightly reddish as though I'd received sun damage through the collar area of a regular button down blouse. It was noticeable when I wore low cut blouses or evening dresses because it was reddish and my chest was fair.

This treatments were done without painkiller. I thought it barely hurt.

On my arms, the most noticeable results were odd red striations for a few days after. On my arms, the skin seemed to undulate. This went away soon enough.

My arms developed the coffee ground looking spots where all my noticeable brown spots had been. I also got coffee grounds in places where I had not noticed any discoloration before. (I guess I had sun damage deeper or something?).

These brown spots flaked away. Some flaked entirely away. Some only reduced the original spot when they flaked off.

When it was all done, I had more even skin tone on my arms and fewer/lighter dark spots.

My face looked normal at all times. IPL did nothing for my broken capillaries. At most, it took a tiny bit of flush out of my face.

The IPL was very useful on my chest. After one treatment, there is no longer a difference in skin color between my collar area and my breast area.

Each of these treatment also seemed to give a temporary boost to collagen. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the skin looks rejuvenated for a while after.

I do think this was worth it for my arms and chest. I do not think it was worth it for my face.

I have since had Candela - V Beam for broken capillaries on my face, and think I get much better value for the money with Candela when it comes to capillaries..

I also noticed that the first IPL on my arms did much more than the second treatment. It seems like this is normal. The first treatment gives much more pronounced results when it comes to brown spots than a second treatment does..


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