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When I go in for fraxel, I go in for a portion of...

When I go in for fraxel, I go in for a portion of my face. $150 is the cost for treating a cheek from my smile line to my outer cheekbone and my cheekbone down to my jaw.
I have had my cheeks treated 3 times each. I've had 150$ worth of my forehead, including between my eyes, once. And a $150 area of my arm, once.

The fraxel laser Aesthetic Laser Care (ALC) uses is not Dual, but similar to Dual in that it addresses both discoloration and wrinkles.

I've seen all around improvement on my face

Shallow acne scars on my cheeks started to disappear after the first treatment. They were the kind that no one but myself seemed to notice in the first place. But now they're mostly gone. One ice pick type scar seems to have morphed into a shallow divot. The beginning of smile lines around my mouth have disappeared. The large pores between my eyes were minimized after one treatment. I've noticed improved evenness in color and tone.

This procedure HURTS. I was embarrassed to find myself cussing. They apply topical painkiller to your face an hour ahead, but it still hurts. They will recommend taking an over the counter pain med before hand. My pain tolerance is high, but I take 2mg of Valium ahead of time. I don't think the nurse would recommend this, but it helps.

Fraxel has become less painful as I've learned what to expect.

The nurse makes multiple passes over your face. Ask her how many she'll do, so you can count them. It makes it easier.

When I left I looked like I had a mild sunburn where the treatment was done.

I've never looked too closely for the pinprick holes left by the laser because If they're there, I'm certain they'll go away.

I usually get the procedure done on Thurs. By Sat, I'm flaking, slightly red and scaly in some patches. Do not pick this. On Sat, I find that I can still wear makeup, but it doesn't look very good over such scaly patches. But it's ok.

By Tuesday, I'll be completely back to normal. I usually have a micro dermabrasion 2 weeks after my fraxel appointment.

I don't always notice big changes immediately. But usually 2 weeks later I can tell "wow! Something good has happened". Usually about a month later, there's another point where I realize, collagen must be growing or something because it's still looking better. This seems to go on for months.

The change in coloration is such that I've just gradually noticed that I want to wear minimal makeup if any at all.

FYI I was so pleased with the results on my face that I decided to do it for brown spots on my arm. ALC did not sell this too me. I wanted it, so they did it. It was only once, but I think it was useless. My arm didn't even flake. But I hear arms don't always flake with something even like a Jessner peel.

Also, there was a brief period after my first face Fraxel when I worried that it might have negatively changed my skin's texture. I only worried about this because I read what someone else wrote on the internet. Well, my skin was fine. I'd say don't worry. After an extensive internet search, I could find nothing clinical that suggested that Fraxel can ruin your texture. I did find one dermatologist who mentioned on his website that some clinical trial had found fraxel resulted in negative textural changes in 10% of patients. But HIS was the only reference to that I found and his was just anecdotal.

When making your own conclusion, please note that I get regular micro dermabrasion. I also use either Tazorac or Renova.

Out of all the things I do, I think Fraxel has been one of the most worthwhile

Fraxel is da Bomb

Since my last review, I've graduated to a full face treatment.

I will do this once a year as a refresher. It costs $650.

My skin looks great. All the makeup I need is a dab of tinted moisturizer from Ulta on my nose to help balance "redness".

It ends up my aethetician noticed the scars I used to have! I guess I was just optimistic that no one saw them.

Now my aesthetician says they're just gone!

I'm so glad I went thru the minor pain and expense of the fraxel treatments.

yearly full face "refresher" treatments

I had my yearly Fraxel refresher on 10/29. I've stopped doing monthly microdermabrasion at $65/mo. and now just do my yearly fraxel and nightly retinol. It's wonderful to say goodbye to wearing foundation.
Aesthetic Laser Care

The reason I chose only 4 stars on Payment Process is becase the shop doesn't take checks. I chose 4 stars on wait time because when I make an appointment for 1pm, I expect them to be ready at 1pm, not 1:10. I chose 4 stars on professionalism because whenever I call for an appointment and state my name , the receptionist says "you're coming in for laser hair removal?" . She makes assumptions without looking at my file first. She should look at my file, or let me speak first, without interruption, so I can tell her what I need.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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