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I'm a 46 year old mother of three that wanted...

I'm a 46 year old mother of three that wanted implants for my 40th B-Day 6 years ago. I was an A cup size and wasn't feeling very good about myself at the time. I have a small frame size and thought having boobs would help me feel better about myself. It was the dumbest thing I ever did and I still ask myself what was I thinking? The implants rest on my rib cage and they've been uncomfortable for the last 6 years. I talked to my PS about getting them out last year and she told me to wait another year to make sure I wasn't just going thru an emotional time of life. So I waited a year and now I want them out even more. I've always been athletic and small chested, now with implants my workouts have changed. My arms are weak and my boobs always get in the way. I look back to 6 years ago when I felt I needed them and I'm sad that I didn't accept myself the way I was. When other women ask me about getting implants I tell them please do not get them, you will regret it. I'm ashamed that I didn't love myself enough the way I was at the time. The good news is that I've come along way with self-image issues and I am so ready to get them out. I am definitely scared to go thru surgery again for this mistake but after reading so many stories about other women going thru with it I feel more at ease. I'm consulting with doctor on Jan 20th and then it will be one step at a time from there. I hope to have them out by spring 2014.
If anyone has any helpful information to discuss with doc at consult please share. One question I have is, well I think I probably forgot what it feels like not to have these implants inside me, I always think about my implants because I constantly feel them (it's annoying) so my question is: Does that feeling go away when they're gone?

Consult Tomorrow

Excited that my consult appointment got bumped up to tomorrow. I'm hoping I get get my surgery date scheduled tomorrow.
I'm curious if anyone has any advice on working out before surgery? I do a lot of yoga which I know I will be unable to do for awhile after surgery but I'm curious if I should start cutting back on my workouts now before surgery. Don't know that it makes much sense building muscle the month before surgery.
Hopefully I'll be posting my explant date tomorrow! I'm definitely nervous, scared and having anxiety. The more I think about my implants the more uncomfortable they are. I'm looking forward to recovering and moving ahead of this bad mistake of getting implants in the first place.

February 4th Explant Date

Had my consult yesterday and booked my explant date for Feb 4th! 21 days!
A lot to do in 3 weeks to prepare. Need to buy new smaller bras!
Explant is going to be a little more pricey than I had expected but these implants are coming out for any cost. PS said my implants are most likely the cause of my chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. I'm excited to get back to just being ME!

Implants Removed Feb. 4th and I'm HAPPY!

I'm so excited to finally be posting how my explant went. I was so nervous the week leading up to my surgery. I am so thrilled I went thru with getting implants out. Just like everyone on this site had told me, sure enough I felt the relief of them being gone immediately after surgery. You don't realize how uncomfortable they really are until you get them out. I was scare to look at my tiny little breast but they're beautiful. I went from a DD to now back to an A cup but I seriously don't know what I was thinking when I got these implants in 6 years ago because I love my new look!
In regards to the pain, explant was about 50% less painful than when I got the implants in. I did have drains for 3 days, that was pretty annoying but they're out now. Regarding capsule, my PS said that everyone forms a capsule within the first month of getting implants, that's why you need the drain after surgery, for the capsule to drain out.
Now that I've been thru it I can say for sure that if you're thinking about explant: Go for It! I don't know why so many doctors act like we're nuts when we say we want them out. My doc advised me to wait a year to really think about it, my only regret is that I waited an extra year to go thru with explant. I can't wait to go shopping for new bathing suit tops!
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