Smile Direct Club Review - Reno, NV - 21 Years Old

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I have a slight gap between my front two teeth and...

I have a slight gap between my front two teeth and a little bit of rotation that I want to fix and Smile Direct Club has finally made that do-able for my lifestyle! I purchased my evaluation kit on 7/8/2016. I am incredibly excited. I've told all of my friends and family and they are using me as a sort of Guiney pig to see if they would like to do this as well. So far I've hade a bit of frustration with the shipping of my impressions but I am still too excited to give up. I didn't realize I needed to submit my photos before they shipped my impression trays to me, I wanted to get a cleaning with my dental office before the pictures so that delayed the process about a week. On 7/13 I got my cleaning and sent my photos in. On 7/14 I received an email that they needed some of the pictures redone. I sent those in on 7/15 and the same day my impression trays were shipped out. That made me happy, however, the shipping process was a pain. My impression trays were mailed to me via DHL ecommerce and tendered over to the local USPS here. These were shipped all over hell before making their final landing in Reno. I had called DHL twice as the tracking took 3 or 4 days to update (not including the weekend) and they offered no help. The first lady told me this was shipped with a 3-8 day transit time. Finally these were tendered to my local USPS and they told me they had "misplaced them" after I called to ask why they weren't delivered 2 days after tracking said they had them. They stated it gets a bit messy when something comes from another carrier and then is passed off into their hands. Eventually they found them and I had to go pick them up at the Post Office. I've never had this problem before with USPS, FedEx, or UPS, so I will be requesting nothing of mine is ever sent DHL in future... I completed the impressions and shipped them off today 7/26 however after reading other reviews I am worried these will be rejected. Cross your fingers for me!


Here is a pretty good picture of how my teeth look before starting treatment! Just heard back today that my impressions were approved and my treatment plan is in the works. They received my impressions on 7/28 and through chat today 8/1 told me they were approved!

That was FAST!!!!!!!

I just got my treatment plan yesterday 8/3. Yes, a few tears of joy fell lol. I am so excited. My plan is 12 sets of trays worn for 3 weeks each. Treatment should be don't in approximately 9 months. I'm ordering my goodies tomorrow and so ready to get started. The email said they will ship out my trays within 21 business days of ordering. I'll post pictures and videos here shortly.


Super Disappointed

Two weeks ago I chatted with a senior patient care specialist and was Promised that my aligners would ship today. I confirmed yesterday through another chat that they were still going to be shipping today. Of course, I'm being told that this is now not the case. My 21st business day is not until 9-2 however the rep said she could get them to me since I will be unavailable for approximately a week or potentially even two back for one and then gone for another two. I was absolutely jazzed to hear that they could make that happen for me. I am starting to understand some of the complaints I read on here. If they had stated they couldn't get these to me in time two weeks ago when I originally asked I would have been bummed, but understood. After all, the world doesn't stop spinning at my say so. I'm just disappointed to have been made a promise and have them go back on it.

Its about to go down..

I got my TRACKING!!!! This is going to come across a little bipolar with my last update but I GOT MY TRACKING. I could say it a thousand times and it wouldn't explain how excited I am. I know my process has not been as long as some of the reviews on here and for that I am thankful, but I was starting to feel like this was not worth it. My aligners should be here TOMORROW and you better believe I will be uploading pictures.

Day 2 of Aligners

Before I startmy review I would like to say thank you and give a shout out to Wesley from SmileDirectClub who actually called to tell me the aligners had shipped, tracked them all day, and called me once they were delivered to make sure I received them. THAT is some good customer service! Thank you Wesley for making this happen for me. I was getting VERY frustrated with the let downs I was getting from customer service and she seriously turned this around for me.

I got my aligners yesterday, put them in immediately and overnight my mouth seems to have adjusted well to them. They are very "tight." What's funny is the majority of the discomfort comes when I take them out. I can feel it a little while they are in but when I take them out.. WOW.

I did file one spot on the lower aligner and it seems to have fixed the irritation I was feeling. Occasionally you can see a little spit in the aligners, but they really are virtually invisible. I'm feeling good about these.

The plastic is a little harder than I imagined. When I worked in a dental office I made a LOT of retainers, and I still didn't quite realize how rigid these would FEEL. The material feels very similar when you are holding it in your hand but I did not realize just how hard it would be in my mouth. It's not uncomfortable or unbearable, but it is something I will have to get used to.

Also, a fun little thing about these - the aligners actually make it look like I don't need braces. The clear plastic fills in my gaps. Pictures to follow. :)

Picture of tray 2 aligners in!

Tracking says my next package should be here in a couple of days. I've noticed a huge change in my teeth and so has everyone else. I can compare my teeth to my treatment plan and the changes are spot on.

More Aligners!!!!

Hello everyone!! I received a third package today so I now have aligners 1-8. Comparing the tray in my mouth to tray 8 I can see some serious progress and I am so excited. My teeth are going to look amazing!!!! I will upload some comparison pictures later today. :)

Forever irritated with this company.

As far as my treatment goes, my gap is almost closed, my teeth are looking good, and I can match my progress up to my treatment plan perfectly. I am however very irritated with the company itself and the customer service team. Every single month my aligners ship late, they have new "policies" every time something comes up, and cant follow through with anything they tell me. I am not the most patient person, so maybe for someone else this wouldn't be a problem but looking back I would have gone to an orthodontist in my hometown. I am very disappointed with this company.
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