Massive Blood Loss, Dr Told Me I OD'ed on Pain Meds As if I Wouldn't Find out from the Hospital! - San Deigo, CA

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I went to Dr. Sarosy after reading how good his...

I went to Dr. Sarosy after reading how good his reviews were on websites such as this one. I did wonder why he wasn't on yelp, but after reading what I read and hearing that he was top of his class at where he graduated from i was feeling fine. I have epilepsy and complete right sided neuropathy and am on pain management for both those problems and I felt comfortable with him as he asked fir a release from my Neurologist that I was in good enough shape to handle the surgery even though I walk with a cane. Dr Sarosy also knew from the beginning that I was under pain management care and that Sarosy would be expected to take care of my pain needs NOT my pain management Dr. Dr.Sarosy even had the gall to ask what I thought would work for my pain relief and I gave him my Pain Management Dr's phone number and name again and said they should work something out because I'M NOT A DOCTOR!

The day og the surgery I was last on the list which made me slightly apprehensive as my epileptic meds have to be taken on a 12 hour schedule to work right. I went in at 2pm and woke with extreme pain and one nurse leaning close to my ear asking if I wanted to go to the hospital which I thought was unusual. I heard other assistants, nurses and the Dr bragging to my husband that I had almost no blood loss. They repeated it so many times while I was tearing up in pain and extreme nausea. I was put into the extra tight black zippered garment with my drains pinned in place and stuffed into a tshirt and my yoga pants and wheeled down to the car.

We have Italian leather sofas that can recline on some of them and all I did was slip off the couch all night long waking crying when I desperately needed help. This continued all night. I still couldn't sleep that day and had to be forced to take my epilepsy meds and I wasn't taking over what I was given and finally it was time to go for my post op check and I noticed I could barely walk and my 17 year old daughter said that I drained about half bottles but Dr Sarosy's instructions were to call if 3 entire bulbs had to be drained within an hour. I wasn't losing that amount of blood. I couldn't remember the appointment or the ambulance ride other than the Dr telling everyone I had OD'd on my meds. I went on a ventilator for a few hours until my blood work came in. I had a massive seizure due to half my blood volume being gone and that night I had 3 bags of blood given to me and the Dr at the Hospital Grossmont Sharps in Dan Diego in charge of the Neurology wing came to see me and I cried as I said "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to overdose on the meds, I was very careful!" He first asked who told me i had over dosed? then reassured me I never overdosed at all. I had lost so much blood that the little amount of pain meds that was in me was enough to kill me. I never withheld any information from my PS and I thought I was getting the best treatment FOR ME BY A dr who had dealt with complicated medical conditions. He knew all my Drs names and has now become a "treat me then street me" Dr since this happened. He knows that we're military and PCS'ing very soon to the East Coast and will be off his hands and doesn't want what happened known.

I'm almost 4 weeks out and have had NO aftercare instructions given to me other than walk. (Of which I do a lot of), no callbacks and no meds other than the ones I take on a daily basis that keep me about a 6 out of 10 pain scale right now. He should try getting rest at that amount of pain! Its been an agonizing recovery and he even did something that was supposed to be just a tiny lipo on my chin that has me looking like I have jowls where I just wanted the Irish roundness taken away. His "receptionist" is saying its going to take 6 months for these "jowls" to go away??? I sure as heck would have said NO to the procedure if that had been explained to me! The procedure I was referring to and brought in detailed descriptions of said it was about a 3 week recovery time. Again more indiscretions.

Then we find that I get charged for an extended tummy tuck, yet it took him 3 hours and no fat was taken off as i didnt have any so my tummy tuck was $7000 when it was quoted to everyone else as $5000. That's certainly not supporting the military at all. I'm completely disheartened about this. I don't know if I really should ever go back to this Dr and risk further damage or try to find another dr who can treat me during my recovery while im still here with dignity and respect. i at the least want the extra $2000 given back by "cashiers check" (same way they made us pay) and the $1500 for my chin so I can have it fixed by a competent surgeon on the east coast that I can trust. I will say I researched the hell out of Sarosy and it seems he has a habit of arguing rather than explaining and fixing. Its not just me saying this...look at his reviews. Some women seem almost scared to say things even when their photos look terrible! I still haven't gotten an answer as to why my belly button is all black 4 weeks out...I'll add more pics.

Any advise is very much appreciated from Drs or others who have been through this. And NO I'm not the litigious sort. I've never sued anyone for any reason and I have had one child die due to the incompetence of a neonatologist. I'm a soft spoken yet smart girl and do an extreme amount of homework before I commit.

Thank you for reading my story...

Adding a per-op picture

I had forgotten to add a pre-op pic to my review. A normal everyday running around with the kids pic.


Still do your homework. I now am required by law to say that Dr Sarosy has done no wrong doing and what's past is past. Form your own educated opinions and good luck to you!!
San Diego General Surgeon

Needs to hire much more office staff and receptionists that are helpful and don't pretend to be nurses. Horrible Doctor!

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