Scupltra Did As Promised for my Cheeks

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My face is a sinker and as I got into my 40s I got...

My face is a sinker and as I got into my 40s I got gaunt-ish and skeletal looking as my facial fat decreased.  I thought maybe I needed thermage to get more collagen buildup in my skin.  But my derm told me that I didn't have the right amount of fat to get the benefits of thermage.

She convinced me to get Sculptra to give my cheeks and cheek bones a better contour--this took some convincing since i was worried about having something in my body for a long time (she said nearly 2 years). The fact sculptra is not animal based made me feel better.

The sculptra injection was quite uncomfortable, burning sensation and left me pretty bruised looking for 4 days.  She was careful to massage the injection material to make sure it was spread evenly (fanned I think is the term).

I too massaged my face afterwards even though it was tender!  The worst part was that I had to go back for a 2nd injection about 2 wks later.    This time I was ready for the pain...not so bad.

After a month or so I did really notice my cheeks getting back a more rounded look and my skin got smoother to the point my makeup concealed the fine lines. Its now been 6 months since the last injection and I can't say I'm 10 years younger looking but I feel great about the way i do look. 
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