Sculptra is All Promises and No Results

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I had a full course of Sculptra injections to fill...

I had a full course of Sculptra injections to fill in some hollowness and lines on my face and am disappointed by the results. I was looking for something that would last longer than fillers like Restylane. Sculptra is supposed to last over two years, which is great even if you do have to go back for touch-ups. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t in line with these figures.

At first I was really pleased with it. Your injector will warn you that you’ll look great initially because of the swelling and also because Sculptra is delivered in a water solution, so your lines and hollows will be gone immediately but they’ll come back as the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed. I found this to be the case, and even if your injector prepares you for it it’s disappointing. But the injected areas are supposed to thicken up again as the collagen grows and give you a gradual, lasting result.

Gradual is the key word. Yes, I could see a difference but it was nothing compared to before and after pictures I’ve seen of people with other fillers. I don’t think most people even noticed a difference on me, even after I completed the full course of treatments, and within a year, there was definitely no difference.

Really, I would only recommend Sculptra to women who want the tiniest of changes in their faces. Even if the Sculptra lasts five years (which sounds great, doesn’t it?) that is five years with a minimal result. If you want these miniscule changes you should probably go see a psychiatrist instead of a cosmetic surgeon or clinic because I don’t personally see the point in it. Save your money.
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