Sculptra Did Not Work, Left with Pain and "Nodular Density" in Front of Ear

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I've always had "lines" on my checks,...

I've always had "lines" on my checks, from inner eye area diagonal across cheeks ending right below cheek bones. They deepened with age and always bothered me. I mentioned this to my dermatologist and she stated Sculptra would take those away and the effect would last about 2 years. That this was facial fat loss.

The first session was late in Sept. It was uncomfortable, but it looked great - for 24 hours. The needle kept clogging, and she had to change it a couple of times, in fact it bent.

I was not sure about doing it again, but had invested money in this and was told I would need more than one session to fill in those areas. So I had the 2nd session end of Oct. This again was painful, the massaging was painful, the needle kept clogging again, and I was glad to have it over. I used the ice packs, the massage, etc. No bruising or anything so that was good.

But on Nov 11, I noted a lump in front of my right ear. My primary MD ordered an ultrasound and they said it is an enlarged lymph node. I went back to dermatologist for 3rd scheduled session and told her to cancel the injection as I am concerned that this substance has "travelled" a couple of inches over towards my ear, or is my body fighting it off and now in in the lymph node? She agreed that this needs further investigation and I now have further testing to go through to see what all this is about.  MD states it is not likely it is not impossible.

I have a constant, achy pain over both cheeks where the injections took place and hope my body can reabsorb this substance quickly even if it might take 2 years. I will not do this to myself again and hope the damage is not permanent or serious.

I do not recommend it.  It has not worked, the lines have not filled in, and it has been 12 weeks since the first injection. The dermatologist now wants to use Juvederm to fill in the surface area,  (which would have to be repeated 2 times yearly) as the Sculptra injections were deep. I am so disappointed to spend that much money for nothing and put my health in jeopardy, and will not take these chances again.

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It didn't work, it hurt.

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