Yes It is Worth It!! Dark Circles and Hollows GONE Now

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Pros: -My very dark purple/black Dark Circles and...

-My very dark purple/black Dark Circles and hollows are gone! I am so happy! :)

- Injections were very painful
- Swelling/bruising was so bad I missed a week of work for each session attended (3 sessions total over 4 months)
- Makeup does not cover the bruising/swelling
- Expensive
- I did get one small lump under my eye after the 2nd session (but my doctor injected water into it and rubbed it and it was gone in a few seconds and never came back).

My circles were dark purple/black and I had hollows along the ridge of my nose. My case was very severe. I had double circle rings (one that circled close to my cheekbone and one the circled closer to my eye).

I tried probably $1G worth of creams/lotions/advice from Internet forums etc. over many years, NOTHING works on dark circles so save your money!! I hated how I looked and I avoided having my picture taken at all times.

I have pictures from every session (including my deformed swelling pictures LOL) and documented my progress. The third one made the biggest difference and within a month of the last session my circles and hollows were gone!

I almost didn't go back for the 2nd session due to the swelling/bruising from the 1st one, I am so glad I went back and finished up all the sessions!! This procedure changed my life and gave me some much needed confidence.

Well - it's been a few years now - Dec 2009 to...

Well - it's been a few years now - Dec 2009 to June 2012... my sculptra started fading out last month and has now completely left my face :(. It lasted a super long time though :D I am now saving up for more treatments! Well worth the money!!!!!!! I miss it... I can't wait to get more !! :)
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A Plastic Surgeon makes all the difference I believe. Go to someone who knows what they are doing! Do NOT go to a spa for something this important - this is not about saving money... it's about looking better and feeling better!!!

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