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I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Mum hoping...

I'm wondering if anyone can help me. Mum hoping to have T.T. and vaser lipo to various areas . The question is , would it be too uncomfortable to wear the compression garment for a few weeks in summer? I live in Australia .... Our summer months are Dec to Feb. it gets quite humid and anywhere between 25-38 degrees Celsius in Sydney. I would like to go ahead with surgery soon, but the only thing stopping me is healing over the summer, and wearing the compression garment. Has anyone gone through this? Any advice ?

Did it!

Hi guys sorry its been ages dince posting.
I am currently in Bangkok revovering from my surgeries.
I ended up booking through International rejuvenation a medical tourism facilitator based in Australia/New Zealand. My surgeon was Dr Sukit . I had the surgery at Samituvej Srinikarin Hospital, My first surgery was vaser lipo of thighs, arms, back, love handles and flanks. I slso had a little under the chin also. I had lower blepharoplasty.
I was in hospital 2 nights before being transferred back to my recovery hotel. I had a few days before the second surgery, a full tummy tuck with lipo of upper abdomen and waist.
I wont say its been easy!! Although ive had amazing support and care from my carer (as part of my package) it still takes its toll mentally , being so far from jome, family, familiar surroundings... Stuck in a small hotel room long days and nights.. And noone there when you wakebin the middle of the night! Anyway my journey is almost over! I have my final drs appointment tomorrow! Snd i fly jome The following day. Heres a few photos behore and after. Note: i did lose sbout 5 kgs in the months leading up to the surgery.

Before and afters

Just a few before and afters. Will post more when available

Before of face and eyes

Sorry everything out of order. Found these befores
Dr sukit , Bangkok.

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