Breast Augmentation Through Arm pit 370/400 Silicone

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Right after surgery I was in a lot of pain 8/10....

Right after surgery I was in a lot of pain 8/10. The nurse was giving me shots of Demerol every 10 minutes. Took me forever to get it under control. I overheard the nurse saying something about what the anesthesiologist had given me and now "we would have to play catch up. Took emmend and did not get sick after.

3 days post op!

Pain isn't that bad except for when I first wake up or when I try to get up from different positions. My boobs are pretty hard though. I will post a pic soon but I have line marks all over From my bra. Think I am more comfortable without a bra haven't decided yet.

Day 3 post op photo

Still feeling good! Taking Demerol and Valium which is working wonders. By the way I am 5'4 113 pounds

9 days post op

Had post op appt yesterday and the doc have me some excercises to help my boobs drop and to increase the capsule size around my breast. He also removed the steri strips from under my arm pits. One scar looks really good an the other just ok. He said in 6 months you won't be able to see them At all. It will be really nice to not have a scar on my breast but the downside to going through your arm pit is that it is painful. I have just been able to start putting my shoulders back so I am not hunched over. Previously if I did this I could feel a strong pull under my arm pit. It is bearable now and i can have better posture now. Also, trying to blow dry my hair etc is no fun. The pain is ok right now. Doing Advil during the day and take a Valium before bed still which helps me sleep.

Overall, my right breast is still a lot more swollen and I am not sure about the size yet. Wondering if I should have went a little bigger? I will wait to see how they look when they drop. Either way, very very happy and feel blessed I could do this for myself as having no boobs was hard for me at times. Can't wait to try on swim suits!

20 days post op! Finally feeling better!

I went back to work after 2 weeks off and I am so glad I took a full 2 weeks off. I was sleeping a lot the first 2 weeks. At work, my chest was so tight and there was so much pressure on my chest the only way I relieve it was with the boob exercises so I was in the bathroom pushing on my boobs a lot. I was taking 10 Advil a day and the last 2 days I have only taken 2 so I am finally starting to feel better! Thank you God!

I have still been sleeping like crap. I love sleeping on my side and not doing so is really hard. Called doc and they told me I can take half a Valium at night to help me sleep. That seems to be working. There is always the fear of addiction when it Comes to narcotics so I want to try and stop those as soon as I can.

My right boob is still bigger and more painful than the left which I hear is normal. They seem to be dropping some. Also, still have a few extra pounds on me since surgery.(excluding 2 lbs from boobs of course) hoping those come off soon.

Just started walking at night and that feels really good. Going up an down the stairs is also good for me. I hear the sooner you become active the more energy you get and I'm ready for some energy again. I have a 2 year old and I have been picking her up here and there now.....

Overall, so far happy with how they look. Still uncertain of the size but either way I will look a ton better than before so in not going to get myself down On IF i should have went bigger. Having bigger implants can equal future lifts/sagging etc. and I don't want attention from nasty men lol. My incisions surprisingly look pretty good. Shaving my arm pits is not easy though.....

So much better!

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