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Before having my lower body lift my Plastic...

Before having my lower body lift my Plastic Surgeon wanted me to have my veins taken care of so this next week I am going to a clinic to have them checked and to have vein ablation done. These are secondary veins that have exploded due to the main veins being stripped some 20 years earlier. Turns out when you have that done most likely the secondary veins end up bulging. So I am excited, the thought that some day I will have legs that can be seen is exciting. Never in my adult life have I worn shorts or showed my legs. I will take pictures and update after my apt,

First treament today

I have my first set of injections, not sure what they are injecting, the Dr. said it was a "detergent of sorts" he said he doesn't use saline, as he doesn't like the results. If this doesn't cause the veins to go down then we have to do the laser rod hoping this works...He did the left leg and we will wait 2 weeks and on Jan 24 I will have my other leg done...I have a gauze bandage on my entire leg and then tomorrow I will start wearing the support hose...They look like granny

Having to wear a skirt

Oh no...these granny hose are so tight they push all my gushy skin to the top of my thighs and they spill over the hose. Not a good look and even worse with pants on! So for the next several weeks I will have to hide them in skirts...ugh Can't wait to get rid of this extra skin!!!!

One week out

Personally I can't see any difference I was told to wear the stockings for 10 days so I will continue, I go back 2/24 and they will try the other leg. Surgeon has assured me he will get rid the veins one way or another so I may need the ablation's a long process I guess

Treatment coming aong

Had second treatment, seems the first treatment has closed down the first veins that were done, so the rest of them on the left leg was done. Next week I go back to start on the right leg...

It's a process

Third session today, the right leg was started with two bigger veins treated, I will be back in a week to make sure they closed and then we will start on treating the cosmetic side of getting rid of what is left after the vein is closed...They are looking better but I sure can't wait until they are gone from view!

All most done...

Done with the closing of the bulging veins that is, then it's on to the cosmetic portion of getting rid of the visual remints of them...Not sure how much more I can get down before I leave on my trip as I need at least a week before for healing before I's only a hour trip to LAX and I will be wearing my support hose...

Final treatment for a while....

Thank God for that, today was a little hard and somewhat painful, a lot of work was done. Now I have 3 weeks to get all the bruises and swelling to go down before I leave on my big trip. I will go back on May 6 for a follow up treatment. Can't wait to see what my legs are going to look like once they heal...

Veins are looking better Finally!!!

It has taken this long for the soreness and the swelling of these veins to finally be gone. I was told the body had to absorb the veins that were closed. I guess they didn't want to go quietly....I do see improvement, I just had so many it's a huge process. I now need to work on all the little veins but that is going to have to wait since I am moving on to bigger surgeries next week. I do have a appointment tomorrow which I plan to keep, I am just going to have them check out all my veins to make sure they are all closed and make a plan for future procedures since they can't really do anything since I will be flying in 6 days. You can not fly if you have had vein work done, I guess there is a chance of blood clots...don't need that when I am having surgery!!!

Legs are Finally starting to look better...

The swelling is just now going away along with the bruising. The hard knots are starting to subside but I tell you this is no walk in the Park. Be prepared for your legs to look worse before they start to get better. I would say I am half way done. The bad veins are all closed but there are still many little ones that will need treatment. Once I get healed from the other surgeries I will get back to the legs. I ran out of time as this treatment does take time to complete and I did take a month off for my trip...

All Done!!!

I started up again this summer having my veins closed after learning I had Lipedema, which most likely caused the vein problems to begin with. I wanted to have liposuction to remove the lipedema fat in my legs but in order to do so, I could not have any vein reflux, so for the last 3 or 4 months I have been going to have them all treated. It seemed like as soon as one vein would be closed a new feeder vein would pick up where the other left off...But finally after months of weekly treatments this past Thursday, my new surgeon who took over the pratice told me I was all done!!! I have no idea how much this has all cost as the bills have not come in from my insurance company so far. I will post info when I know more. I still have a few varicose veins that I would like to have treated nothing really major, but this is something insurance will not cover. They have to include a ultra sound showing the vein refluxing in order for the insurance company to cover the charge, so if it's purely cosmetic (even if they cause pain and swelling) it's not covered...So after I finish up with everything else I have having to pay for I will save up for those too!
Scottsdale Vein Clinic Dr. Gonzalez

I really liked Dr. Gonzalez, my vascular surgeon. Felt like he understood how to treat my veins and seems very confident.

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