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I am 36 with two boys ages 14 and 6. After the 14...

I am 36 with two boys ages 14 and 6. After the 14 year old my body was fine but after the 6 year old it all went downhill.

I considered a lipo a few years ago but when I went to a certain Scottsdale doctor I was told "No way, lipo can't help you, you need a tummy tuck". So I gave in and paid the deposit. Then I backed out because it was so expensive and I was scared about having a tube shoved down my throat during surgery. Needless to say I lost that deposit.

I recently started to consider lipo again and found tumescent lipo after doing a Google search. Which is where I found an AWESOME doctor.

I went in and met with the doctor himself and we discussed what I wanted. To try to make a long story short I had to have two procedures. The first was for the bra bulge and arms, the second was for my stomach, waist, flanks, and inner thighs.

The first surgery killed and I almost was afraid to go back five days later for the second part. But I did and it was so much easier after I told him about the pain from the first one (If you are going through this procedure make SURE you tell the doctor/nurses when it hurts, that's what they are there for and that's why you are awake). He said you don't get any bonus points for being able to take the pain and they made the second part almost painless.

There is some pain, I'm not going to lie. And it is not like waking up the next day after doing a bunch of sit ups. I still am like a turtle on my back trying to get out of bed in the morning - but it's only been two days.

I recommend you know what you are getting into and you have someone help you after you get home. Have lots of pads for the leaking and use a shower curtain with a sheet over it on your bed for the first few nights.

Another thing to know is that you are going to pee...a lot! So be ready to jump out of bed to make it to the toilet in time. I actually had a mini accident (thank goodness for the shower curtain) thanks to a dream I was having where I actually thought I was going to the bathroom and really started to. Gross, and sorry but you need to know.

Overall I had a great experience. I will post my after pictures sometime today. There is a still a lot of swelling but it will go down in time. I am not expecting to be a supermodel, I just wanted my clothes to fit without me being so self conscious.

Photo Update

Today is day 6 after the procedure and I had my...

Today is day 6 after the procedure and I had my follow-up appointment. I found out that he took 5 liters of fat out of my body. Holy cow (no more)! I am so sore, worse than I was on Monday and Tuesday. But he said that will go away in a couple of weeks along with the swelling and bruising.

Still completely excited about this and can't wait until I am doing being swollen so I can see the final results.

Okay, finally the first full day without my...

Okay, finally the first full day without my compression garment and I finally feel really great! The swelling is going down.

I have only lost about 5 pounds but that was expected.

I haven't really tried any old clothes on yet to see how they fit because the buttons and zippers kill me where the procedure was done. I have some old stretchy pants on and I am so happy not to have a muffin top like I used to have.

There is one spot I wish I would have had done. My front bra bulge kind of by my arm pits. But I can see about doing that later. I also want to have more taken out of my inner thighs but the doctor said he can do touch ups at a later date.

My next appointment and the official after photos are in September at my next follow-up appointment. These photos are me and my timed camera skills.

Okay, as of today I am at two months, two days...

Okay, as of today I am at two months, two days with nothing new and exciting to report. I feel a little sore in the morning getting out of bed but once I'm up I am fine. I am back to my rigorous Zumba Fitness workouts three times a week.
It's weird - I almost forgot about the pain I was all I can think about is how much I want my inner thighs redone and my front bra bulge to be done. Oh no, I hope I am not becoming an addict.
It's only been a short amount of time but I feel like it's been forever - I want to do my official after pictures!!
I did call the doctor's office a few weeks ago to get the measurements pre-op. I have lost almost 6 inches around my waist. Everything fits so much better and although I don't have a completely flat stomach, I will admit I was prancing around in a bikini when we went on a San Diego vacation in July(I'm such a spazz, but I was so excited).
Oh, one thing I have noticed is that I am a little itchy in the areas I had done. Nothing too bad but still, it's itchy and sometimes can be bothersome.
Dr. Hall

Because he is great. He explains everything and did not sugar coat a thing. His nurses and the whole staff are great as well!

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