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I had my first photofacial last week and at first...

I had my first photofacial last week and at first was a little scared by the results. My skin looked worse for the first few days, but since has become beautiful and smooth. I have a lot of sun damage such as redness on my cheeks, chin and in random spots on my face. I also have dark spots that had become increasingly difficult to cover with makeup. My chest and lower neck have the redness that looks like I have a bad sunburn. The treatment was very uncomfortable.

It is now 6 days since the treatment and the redness has faded dramatically on my face, neck and chest area. The brown spots that had come to the surface have flaked off and my skin is soft and smooth.

I had considered having this treatment done at my dermatologists office and the fee for the face, chest and neck was $550 and they said that I needed 6 treatments. There was no way that I could afford that. I subscribe to Groupon in the Phoenix area and an offer came into my inbox for $99 Photofacials, so I purchased 4. I did not realize that each area was considered seperately, so I had to use 3 of my "groupons" for all areas on the first visit. I purchased an additional 2 to cover another visit. This treatment was from a salon in Scottsdale and when I checked out their website prior to purchasing I saw that one of my former co-workers was their "makeover" a few months prior. I called her and asked her about her experience prior to buying. I have since purchased other Groupons from dermatologists and salons for this type of treatment to cover the number of treatments that I will need to get the results that I want to achieve. The best deal that I have gotten so far is $75 for a microderm, photofacial, skin tightening and ultrasound vitamin c treatment....from a local dermatologist. I can't wait for that treatment which I have scheduled for October!

I have also had Laser Genesis from another salon in Scottsdale and it was wonderful. That is a completely pain free procedure and my skin looked amazing afterwards. It does not treat brown spots, but treats redness and reduces pores and fine lines. That was another $99 groupon deal. My advice when shopping around is to call and ask about the experience of the technician and how long they have been using the machine. I definately don't want to be a guinea pig for a new machine or a new technician.

Leigha at LeBella Salon

She has many years of experience and did not burn or overtreat my skin.

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