Silicone Breast Implants

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Just a little about myself. I'm 5'4" weighing...

Just a little about myself. I'm 5'4" weighing about 122. I'm currently around 13% body fat and athletic. My surgery date is less than 2 weeks and I can't make up my mind about choosing a size. My doctor gave me 3 different sizes of CC to work with, and I'm having a rough time deciding the right size. I chose a medium profile look with silicone implants going under the muscle. Based on this information given plus my chest ratio measurements doc gave me a 341, 371, 397 CC size options. Went home and did the rice test. I'm tossed between a 341, 371. I know its not much of a CC difference but I want to make sure I don't regret making the wrong choice. Should I leave it up to the doctor to size me appropriately, or should I do something else to make up my mind. Trying the rice implants with my clothes doesn't help. Everyone says I should go with the bigger of the two sizes because I guess most women always say they wish they could of went bigger. please feel free to leave feedback, I would love to hear. Thanks



Pre Op Appointment :) 5 Days Away

Had my final appointment today before surgery next week and I'm getting super nervous, buts it's a good nervous. I'm already going through my closet picking out stuff I don't want so I can go buy new things to show off my new boobs. I've been on this site for 2 weeks straight and its the only thing that keeps me staying positive. No one understand why I'm doing this but its nice to share with those who are on the same page :) I was so tossed between these three sizes ^ that it will probably be the most complicated part of it all. I went ahead and cancelled out the smaller choice *341 because I figured I would fall into the trend "I wish I would of went bigger" So I left it up to the 371 & the 397 to make up my mind. After talking to my surgeon today I said yes to the 397, but after thinking it through I went ahead and changed my mind to the 371cc's. I wanna look full but not busty. I'm hoping I made the right choice by choosing the 371cc silicone, partial under the muscle, medium plus profile. When I used the rice test these two sizes looked so similar I couldn't tell which one was bigger. Either way, Im hoping that I can play the 371cc's Up or Down depending on my mood, I love having options.

Prep Op Appointment Today!

Had cold feet about my surgery last night and didn't sleep well at all. Less than 6 days I will be in surgery and all I can think about is boobs. Its very exciting but at the same time very nerve racking. The only time I did have boobs is when I gained weight from birth control around the age of 19> I was around 34 Full C cup. Reason for my boob lost was because I lost 20% body fat. Needless to say, my boobs are gone and now they just look deflated. Im ready to get out the small tits club. TODAY was my prep op and I was completely tossed between sizes but I've made my decision to go with 397cc silicone. I was convinced that 371 was my number but I have a wide gap between my breast. Im about 12.7 inches in width so I went with the bigger CC hoping that it helps me achieve more cleavage and coverage. Doc said that the 397 will help me fill in my gap and give me the overall look I want. I was pretty nervous to go that big, but I hoping the width problem pays off by going bigger.

48 hours till surgery

Omg I can't believe its really happening. I feel like I just had my first consult. One more day left and I'll be in the surgery room Tuesday morning. I feel as if I should be taken a million photos of my natural boobs before going in "hahah" ... like I'll miss them or something. I finally picked my size. After emailing my doctor a million times, we both agreed that 371 is a better fit for me. I'm hoping that my actually implant doesn't look bigger than my actually sizer. If anyone has this size please comment so I can see your result

1 Day Post Op Patience

Patience, Patience, I keep telling myself this because I wanna see the full canvas already. The biggest challenge before surgery was the size picking and now my post challenge is recovering in a week so I can get back to work. Im a bartender so moving my arms and holding things is my goal by next week. My recovering is getting better everyday. As of pain, the most I've felt was when I woke up from surgery, but the nurses gave me some good stuff and I was on my way home. The night coming home was the hardest, I started bleeding from my right arm pit. I was really scared but my doctor was just a phone call away. Its so nice knowing I can get ahold of someone when something not normal arises. Everyday I get more movement in my arms but my incisions are sore and its very uncomfortable. Most frustrating thing for me is not being able to do things on my own :/ I have been alternating Ibuprofen between my pain killer and that seems to help the swelling. So far I love my results and look forward to them dropping

5 Day Post BA *Good Detail Info*

Hey everyone so lots to talk about. Lets get right to it. Woke up after surgery and thats when I felt the most constant pain. I was almost screaming at the nurse to give me more pain medication in my ivy. I wanted to make sure I got enough to get me home. Note to self* when they ask you how much pain your in always say A LOT. DONT BE AFRAID TO HAVE THEM TREAT YOU.
Pros & Cons
1st Day Pros-I was super nervous I was gonna vomit but I was very persistent with taking my nausea pills before every pain killer and I made sure I had a small meal with every dose & slept most of the time. Cons-having to go to the bathroom every two hours and getting in n out of the recliner chair. As soon as I sat up the implant dropping down really hurts and the pressure was very painful. 2nd Day Pros-I was able to open my prescription bottles just fine. Grabbing things at arms reach was not difficult or painful. A lot of Cons> waking up to the 2nd day I noticed I bled all over the couch... My right arm pit (incision) had bled out and the area was painful throughout the entire day. Got ahold of my nurse and she reassured me that this could happen due to nerve damage or a vein being puncture during surgery. Eating a variety of foods was limited due to my throat being extremely irritated from the breathing tube. Also, feeling of numbness started occur throughout both arms. Took the velcro strap off for the 1st time and immediately felt like I was going to faint and fall to the ground. No relief for me; felt extremely dizzy and nauseous. 3rd Day Pros- Arm movement progressed and walking around the house. Cons- bruising gets worse & exceeds to rib cage and under the breast area, right boobs drops very early which makes me worry. Nerve sensitivity kick in to another level! 3rd day was probably the worst. Tips* alternate ibuprofen between your pain killer dosages. This helped me ween off the pain killers and reduce swelling. Buy Smooth Move Tea! This helped me go to the bathroom. I also bought Arnica in both pill and gel form and still are using them on day 5. Im very please with my results! So happy about the size I chose. Only concern about this recovery is my right breast dropping. The outer lower quadrate area I feel a bump on the side of my breast. Im pretty sure I feel my implant in my side boob area. When I touch it feels like its the edge of my implant. Im hoping over time it smoothes out or the doctor can massage it in a different direction because it really bothers me to feel it. After reading about this I heard that you can sometime feel the implant in that area because it's not being fully covered by your pectoral muscles. I still have lots of time to see how they settle and praying it doesn't worsen. Left boob is dropping but very slowly. Tomorrow I see the doctor for my first Post OP appointment! Stay tune for pics of before and after :)

6 Days Post Op Pic

Right breast dropped on the third day and my left one is taking longer to drop. Massaging my left more than my right hoping to see them start to even out in the next couple of weeks.

13 Days After Surgery

Recovery is chuckling along. I still have bruising on the bottom of my breast. My left breast drops a little each day and now they're evening out. Right boob is now getting softer. I cannot wait till my breast feel like they are apart of me. They still feel very foreign. I wasnt expecting my nerve pain to be so intense when recovering. Feels like needles being stab into my arms and boobs. I guess they're trying to re connect and bind but holy shit does it hurt. I cried the last three days because its very emotionally and physically draining. The recovery is a lot more than I expected. Getting up every morning is still exhausting. The way more boobs look are perfect, Im very happy with my result. My nurse recommended some scar therapy gel but I just bought it on amazon for cheaper and lots of vitamin E. Can't wait to get the word that I can start working out... Only a couple more weeks. New pic from when my left boob started to drop.

Spitting Suture Epidemic

So recovery is going along and all I wanna do is feel like my boobs are apart me. Guess thats a lot to ask when I'm only three weeks post op. When I decided to get boobs I really just wanted to read all the good reviews because it made me feel more comfortable going through with it. I mean I knew that complications could occur and I wouldn't be fully healed till about 6 weeks but sometimes I like to believe Im superwoman, were nothing can bring me down. Stupid thought considered this was a major surgery but wanted to express some difficulties I experienced. If it wasn't for this site I really wouldn't have any idea on what was going on with me or how I could relate or feel. So where to start... 2 weeks post op my nerves started growing back and what they describe as tingling feelings is really playing down what it actuals feels like. The pain was so horrific it would stop me dead in my tracks and I would have to bite my lip so I didn't cry. This pain was more like knifes strapping your insides. Luckily, this major pain only lasted a couple of days and then the nerve pains were more spread out and minor. My left arm pit incision swelled up like a ballon last week to were I felt pain from even lifting my arm> called out of work that day and went to my doctors office. He told me everything looked fine and it was just some swelling and of course I cried like a little bitch from him even touching the area. So indeed, the swelling went down the next couple of days and Im thinking thank god now I can go back to working and no worries. A week later my right arm pit gives me a hard time. Over time I noticed green guck build up around my incision and would just clean it off, 2 days later, a get a spit suture... so they term they use... but if you ask me it looks like a hole of black death. At the time, I really just thought I had an infection and it was eating away at my skin or my incision would just eventually come fully open. Luckily I have an amazing nurse and doctor that helped me through it. I truly feel blessed that my doctors staff would get back to me on their days off. Im sure I'm on there top list of annoying paranoid patients but Im sure its a norm for them. It really amazes me how these individuals do this every single day. Bless them. I called out of work again for my spit suture. I was so nervous to even move my arm. I didn't want the movement from my arm pit to stretch the skin and make this hole bigger than it actually is. Im treating it as told, but I guess this is kinda common for most patients having major surgeries using sutures. I'm sure this wont be my last little shit spit suture but at least I can take care of it and know that it will have just heal on its own. Having these days off really kept the stress off my brain because Im literally doing everything not to lift my arm. Day 2 and I guess I can kinda see it healing. Hoping for High Hopes xoxox Please no more complications. I just want to go back to my normal routine.

Recovery Update!!!

So went to the doctor today because trying to sit back and relax and hoping my incision heals wasnt an option anymore. Today look at my open suture and saw no progress.Approx. 1 week green guk has been draining out of my left arm pit incision and still no sign of open suture closing up. I treated my wound as told by my nurse and dr. My instructions were to cover area, clean twice a day, apply antiseptic ointment and hydro peroxide. Did this for about 5 days & today was my I give up day. Broke out in red like pimples, rashes under
arms and on left breast. All of these areas itched & feeling of burning. Went straight to my nurse and she had told me that I was having an allergic reaction and my skin was extremely irritated. ALSO, found out I did not have a spit suture. My diagnosed my issue wrong. Nurse explained to me that I have a pulled suture, basically ripped open. First thing first ladies, dont email pics or try to have your Dr fix the problem via email /text, just go to your nurse or dr in person. Here I am trying to fix my issue but nothing is being fixed with assumptions and trail and error. During my visist I was taught how to clean the area with my new prescription bacterial fighting ointment, sterial saline water and guaze. Oh ya totally forget to say, dont waste your time using bandaids to cover up these types of incisions they just ended up leaving blisters on my skin due to more irriatation and pulling of skin, ouchhy. They said it will take two weeks to close. I was prescribed with antibiotics & anit itching meds to help with the irritation. Im really hoping this closes soon so I can get back to loving my new boobs. Feeling not myself at all lately.

Pics of my left arm pit

This pic was taken today, shows irriatation, red like pimples and open area.

Capsular Contracture

So I didn't think this would happen to me but it did. I noticed a change in my breast a little after my 1st year post op. My right breast did not drop as much as my left. Now I'm 1 year and 6 months along and I've noticed a major change in how my right breast feels. Its firm, sits higher up, and also has changed its shape. Doctor said I'm at stage three CC. Told me to go home and massage aggressively and lay on my breast to break up the scar tissue. I've been doing so for the last two weeks, noticed minimal change. Really debating on getting revision done. Doctor recommended Capsulotomy. Heard there is a high risk of reoccurrence. Is getting it done really worth it? Doctor quoted me 2800 for the revision. I'm a little concerned that it's just going to reoccur again and then I'll be really disappointed. Doctor has done a great job on my breast. Not his fault that this has happened. I only noticed the difference in shape when I lift my hands over my shoulders and during sex. I also feel a difference. How long should I aggressively massage for until I know if revision is mandatory to fix the issue. I feel like its all just a gamble at this point. I would love to hear ppls feedback on revision esp Capsulotomy. Again 1 year and 6 months... Can my breast improve once scar tissue has been established on the implant?

Capsular Contracture Pictures

Pic 1/arms by my side
Pic 2 arm slightly lifted
Pic 3 leaning backwards

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