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My beautiful wife and I have been married for over...

My beautiful wife and I have been married for over 42 years and have worked together for over 40 of those years. She is still my best friend and since we act a lot younger than we feel, I’m almost 65 and she is---well, I believe I will leave her age out of this, or she might smack me upside the head. Anyway, what do you do with a body that feels so young, but, has undergone an undesirable metamorphosis through the years; YOU REBUILD IT!

Joyce and I decided enough is enough, so we took a close look at ourselves (WOE SCARRY) and started checking off what we thought needed a little (maybe a LOT!) work here and there.

When we took a look at our faces in the mirror, we wondered who the heck are those two old people looking back at us, since they couldn’t possibly be the faces that went along with our youthful personalities. It was time for a NEW LOOK!

In my profession, I conduct extensive legal/technical research to make certain I have all the facts before making critical decisions; or face the consequences for any wrong ones I might make. With over 40 years of running my own company, I have been fortunate in that my research has proven to be a crucial factor in coming to informed decision(s) and has served me well.

I spent long days conducting research regarding Joyce’s and my surgeries; a lot of time, to make certain I had all the evidence I needed to make an informed decision. It was well worth the effort. To that end, my research resulted in several possible surgeons (about 8) to begin the process of interviewing.

Joyce and I began each interview with a multitude of questions regarding the physician’s background; most of which we already knew, however, we believed it was important to have the physician provide us with verbal confirmation. A few of the questions we posed and information we requested, regarded licenses held, experience in specific procedures to be performed, membership in associations, malpractice issues, before and after pictures, testimonials from former patients, professionalism of his team---their experience with the surgeon, years they had worked with him, where the procedures were to be performed---accreditation of the facility where the procedures were to be performed, any negative post operative results—if so what was the ultimate outcome and many, many more topics we were concerned with.

A couple of the surgeons we interviewed were not to happy with the line of questioning and frankly thought the amount of time we were taking to query them was intrusive in nature and too time consuming. I thought at the time, “Hey, it’s our body, if you do not want to spend the time with us to provide us with the comfort level we require, tough, you’re not the guy for us!”

After we concluded our interview with each prospective surgeon, for us, there was only one possible choice. He listened to us carefully and took the necessary time that we expected and answered every question in a caring, and professional manner, making certain we understood risks involved with the procedures, recovery time, what to expect from the procedures, where the procedures would be performed, potential risks involved, etc., etc. In addition to our conversation with Dr. S, he also introduced us to his team and we got a chance to question them as well. They were/are all caring people and exceedingly professional.

In addition, he gave us a personal tour of his facility, including the surgical center where the procedures would be performed; Top Notch is the phrase that comes to mind.

He is a perfectionist in his craft, well respected among his peers, many successful years practicing, achieving numerous accolades from patients, as well as professionals in his field of expertise, many glowing articles written by objective commentators and published by well known magazines whose views are of significant importance.

With respect to the level of discomfort right after the operation, I would rate it a four out of a possible ten, ten being the most painful. The day after the procedures were performed, I only took one pain pill; no pills thereafter, because there was little to no pain. The only thing getting used to was sleeping on my back in a recliner for about two weeks. This was necessary to limit swelling and bruising, which is normal after any surgery. Dr. S recommends that you take it easy for about two weeks before you return to work; for me, I was up and going after one week.

Now I’m not saying that your conversion from the old you to the new you takes place overnight; however, your metamorphosis gradually introduces you to your new self over time; after three months your happy with your new you; six month your smile begins to broaden; nine months and you are ecstatic.

According to Dr. S, it can take up to a year for you to really see the new you. For me, it’s been about nine months after my procedures and I couldn’t be more pleased!

The procedures Dr. S performed, transformed me from a sixty four year old to a young man in his early forties. I cannot be happier with my new look. Friends and family are amazed at how youthful I look. If I had to sum up my experience with Dr. S into one word, it would be “Magical”. Now when I look into the mirror, I see this young guy looking back at me.

Joyce is also pleased with her new look; we now have that youthful exterior that goes with our young at heart personalities. We would highly recommend Dr. S and his team of professionals. You will not be disappointed! 

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I normally do not take the time to compose a testimonial. As a CEO, I spend 12/14 hour days, 7 days a week managing my company; thus, time is a valuable commodity and I have to use it wisely. However, in this instance, I decided that my time would be well spent in apprizing people that are considering plastic surgery to consider an outstanding team of professionals lead by Dr. S Elective Surgery or not comes with risks; thus, it is imperative that you consider any procedure that you wish to undertake carefully. This is the reason that I decided to post this message, in order to provide the reader with a factual account of what my wife (Joyce) and I experienced when having surgery performed by Dr. S and the outstanding care we received from his team of professionals. It is serious business when selecting a surgeon, as there are a plethora of physicians to choose from; make the wrong choice and you can regret it for life. You wonder, how do I know if so and so is the right surgeon to perform my procedure or procedures (if you are having more than one). The doctor you choose may be proficient in one type of procedure, but not another; and if you are like Joyce and me, who had *multiple procedures completed; if possible, you would like to have the same surgeon at the same location performing all of them. You check with friends and family to find out if they have any recommendations; but, even if they do, how can you be certain that the surgeon that they recommend is capable of performing what you desire to have done. After all, what gives them the expertise to advise you? Therefore, you must make an intelligent decision by conducting your own research; even though, you take your friends/family recommendations into consideration. It’s your body, so don’t take any chances. *NOTE: I had an endoscopic browlift, facelift, blepharoplasties and a rhinoplasty. Joyce had a endoscopic browlift, upper and lower blepharoplasties, facelift, upper and lower lip lifts, and fat injections to the jawline with some perioral dermabrasion.

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