34yo mom of 2,Tummy Tuck, muscle repair, flank lipo and chin lipo Scottsdale, Az

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Well I am about to have the surgery of my dreams...

Well I am about to have the surgery of my dreams and I am so nervous it's almost ruining it for me! : ( I have been trying to prepare myself for the worst and I think it has consumed me. It is time to look at the brighter side! ????
I am 34 with a 12yr old boy and 3yr old girl. I had a rare form of Eclampsia with BOTH of my children (how lucky am I, right!????) I gained 50lbs with my son and 35 with my second. Went thru hell with Eclampsia and seizures swelling etc so I can handle this, hopefully!! Anyway, I also quit smoking 2 weeks prior with no help but let myself have a puff a day of my husbands for the first few days and had a whole half on NYE : / oops. Now husband quit with me and we are both nicotine free since 1-1-14! Very happy about that! Dr gave me a paper to sign saying that since I "was" a smoker at the time, I may slow down the healing etc which I was perfectly fine to sign since I was aware and stupid not to quit long before this.
Ok so dr gave me a bunch of prescriptions to fill prior to surgery. Percocet, Valium (for muscle spasms ????) keflex ? and Zofran for nausea. Im also to start a stool softener the night before surgery. I am a constipated girl so I considering getting an Enema before surgery so that I'm all good. However I have never done one and I have no idea what to expect!!!?
Alright so now I'm just super anxious to get this done and am researching like crazy and trying to prepare. I'm also going to hopefully go look for a compression garment today. Dr fit me for a mask (for the chin lipo) and a binder. But everyone talks about the garments so I'm going to get one too.
I will update with anything else and keep you all posted on surgery!!! Wish me luck! Cannot wait to feel normal and actually have a tight flat tummy for once In my life!!! ????

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm feeling anxious. Woke with a headache and feel so bloated and icky. Period is going to come tomorrow I know it : ( anyway, lots to do today, deep clean house, get garment, mani/pedi, pack surgery bag and I'm thinking I'll go with a high protein food day. I'm really upset with myself for not losing more weight before the TT like I had planned. I actually gained 3lbs from quitting smoking too. But I'm 10- 15lbs from my stable weight so I think I will be ok. Hopefully!!
I started taking Colace 3 days pre op because I only think it will help. I've never seen a huge difference in stools from it anyway. I'm still taking 1000mg of vit C with Rutin and a multivitamin daily. Is there anything else I should do???? So excited and nervous! I really don't think it's real! I feel like no way is he going to get me flat ! I'm afraid I'm going to be a stuffed sausage! : ( that's just my fear creeping back... I'll post some pix before surgery Tomo morning! I'm going to ask them to take a pic before they put my binder on too!!!

On my way to the flat side!

I'm shockingly at ease! Have not eaten since yesterday at 7pm and was watching the mins go by to make sure I could have all my water before midnight! I always have a big jug of water with me, so that's is the only thing that's really hard right now lol that's good!! Weighed in at 167.6 today : / I started my period early last month so I am technically supposed to start my flow TODAY! LAME! Ok so I dont know if I have shared every bit of info from my consult with the dr. I weighed 165ish and asked if I should wait to lose the 30lbs to get to my goal weight which is 135-140 . He asked what my stable weight is and I said 160 is what I have been at for 4.5years now lol so I guess that's what I'm comfortable/stable at because I never lose the weight I want! So I'm going forth obviously! I really think getting the tuck will help push me tothe goals I'm going for. I work out 4 times a week and I never go below 160... I do not eat horribly and I have plateaued. Ok blah ! My dr said he is going to try to remove all of my tattoo but I told him I can get it covered if he only gets 3/4 of it (because honestly, I think it is too low to be able to get it all!! Ahh so I'll post my pic from this morning and 1 from last night cause I think it really shows how bad my stomach is! Ewwww ok here it goes!

I'm home!

Haha I added my update as a comment. I feel great! No nausea! Just SLEEPY!!

Took my binder OFF

Going into day 3 of my post op. I feel sooooo extremely swollen but I had to see it. My dr suggests waiting about another week to move into something smaller. Here ya go! Sorry for the boob and VaJJ flashes but it's too hard and we all have em anyway ; ) I'm happy! Tell me what u think!

Oops here is more.

Can't get the videos to upload ????

Flow is here ugh

I actually am not having toohard of a time wiping except from the side... No BM yet. Stomach is very itchy. I'm going to ask my mom to take my wrap off today and cocoa butter me up. My husband has been with me since surgery and no way can be handle looking at the scar. I'm still really sore like sore muscles so I'm basically sleeping until I wake up in pain for the next dose. My dr said I can take Valium every 4 hours if I need to for the muscle spasms so I pretty much have. Today is just a sleepy day . Thank you all for your kind words and prayers! It has really helped me out!

Drain leakage

This keeps happening suddenly... I wake up and my panties are wet at the top and around the drain hose is super wet! I push on it with the cotton gauze and it gushes out a beer looking substance.... So I took off everything and was like WOWZA! I look HOT! Hahaha never seen my stomach so flat and I think my scar is pretty low! ???????? but I didn't have my camera in the room : ( also I think my belly button is very similar to my old. I'm still so dang swollen though it's hard to tell how my BB will look. OH I FORGOT TO SHARE, I weighed myself like 2 days post op and was at 175.6!! WTF? Swell hell? 167-175 in 2 days!!? And then weighed myself the next day and was 165. Which is where I have pretty much stayed at since. My sweet son tells me all the time "wow I can't believe how skinny you look! " ??Him!
Can't wait to get back to the gym though. My thighs and arms need some serious attention. I love getting everyone's comments! I'll try to write back with any answers I have ASAP!!ask away!!

One drain gone!!! Stitch from chin out

I was allowed to shower!!!!! Just wore a headband as a necklace and clamped my drain to it. Worked well.
Starting to see more definition in my waist but barely. Very swollen still. I feel like I could pop! Still very bruised. Have marker everywhere and the incision tape is still on. I put antibiotics in my belly button (still stitches there) and I put bio oil on my stomach back VaJJ (which is very swollen but narrower??? Is anyone else experiencing that? I am only taking Tylenol today. Have only taken 1 dose this morning.

1 week post op!

I can't believe it has been a week! Hubby is still doing an amazing job taking care of me and so is my 12yo boy. They are so sweet. Today I tried on some dresses and could t believe I was looking at myself in the mirror. I'll share them. I'm still feeling very hard tummy and that bump at the top center is still weird, doc says it's where they sewed everything g back together? But I can massage it out I guess. Still pretty dang sore and hunched over. Cant wait to stand tall! Anyway, I got tired really quickly from moving around today lol so I am going to keep being a bum so that I heal properly. Eating very well and losing more and more weight each day! I'm feeling good! Hope you all are too! Haven't really heard from too many of you.

More pics

Still so sore!????

Yes it's finally Thursday and I go back to the PS today to hopefully get this scar tape taken off and the last drain removed, although I empty it once a day and it is always at 20-25... I hope he removes it!!!!!!! It's so uncomfortable. This is the side that really pinches. It's also the side he had to go super low on to get all of my tattoo so it could be a pinched nerve or something??? I keep trying to only take Vicodin and Valium at night and stick to Tylenol during the day but it just hurts... I think it's the muscles and the lipo spots that hurt the most. Oh and I know I'm all over the place but I have read some RS'rs say they are getting a 2 layer tightening TT. Isn't that what all PS should be doing when tightening the muscle (reattaching all layers) or did I not ask enough questions!!!!!? Sorry I'm sleepy so this is a difficult read I'm sure


Heck yaaaaa! So happy!! I feel slightly back to normal without them!!! Can't remember if I already updated my review since I'm heavily medicated at the moment but here is an updates pic from tonight! Good night loves!!

The new garment I want!

I may just order this because I went looking at 2 stores today and couldn't find another one like it and it exhausted me!!! Ugh ???? and here are some pics from today!

Oops here is the garment


Felt smaller this morning!

Woke up feeling great but still have some weird, hard, tender knot thing at the very top center waist... Then I got some crazy deep shooting pain in my stomach near my belly button so of course in true "Lisa fashion" (that's my actual name) I had a panic attack that I am going to get a blood clot! Soo I calmed myself and will just pay close attention to my body. Well I also went shopping again at Macys and Ross and still didn't find the garments with hook and eye or zippers (except 1 at Ross that is only a tank top and may be too big but I bought it anyway without trying on cause it was like $12!!! ) Sooo I'm going to order the faja from the online shop.
Otherwise all is well and LOVING MY RESULTS more and more everyday! Oh but my BB looks weird inside of it?? But hoping that will heal normally cuz it's pretty cute! Haha love ya gals! Here is this mornings pic!

Totally late chin pix

Here ya go!! Ask me any questions and I will love to answer!

Totally late chin pix cont.

I thought maybe I shouldn't show my face... So here is a pic of me right now with the chin compression garment on.

Today was my swell hell day ( and I'm taking it back to days 1-2 PO)

It finally happened... Not a great day feeling so round... But luckily I was able to relax with my baby girl and watch movies, play with her. She always lifts my spirits!! I was kinda waiting for this day to happen. And I did way too much yesterday so it's my bad! I was just reading all of my posts and I totally skipped days 1 and 2 PO.... Surely that was because I was sleeping so much during the day because I was miserable at night! Haha sorry so late to share that! But it was more uncomfortableness and fear that I had made a mistake. The pain was really tolerable. I just didn't plan well enough for the discomfort sleeping and breathing (since we get so short of breath quickly from anesthesia ) but also because of the super tight chin compression binder I had. Another big thing was that I just couldn't eat. Nothing sounded good, zero appetite so taking my pain relievers just made me nauseas. Ended up only being able to drink my favorite ViSalus smoothie, almond milk, spinach, half banana and pineapple. It was delicious thankfully.
Ok so just thought I should mention all that in an update. Oh I also took my micropore surgical tape off of my incision and it looks pretty good. Very red and in some spots bloody ???? I felt so much better putting a fresh new tape on it though . I'll share the pics and caption the date. Sleepy so don't feel like typing anymore lol good night!!

Got a few garments today

for 9.99 each hahaha I was at the mall and there I found some of the exact same garments I ordered from classicshapewear last night!! I bought a few to try them out. We shall see how long they last. Feeling sort of moody the last few days. Just wish my tummy was flatter. I dont know if it's swelling or not. I definitely know there is absolutely swelling just not sure of what is and isn't... Here are some pix. My swelling in my

My 9.99 clearance garment!

It was on sale half off but here is the info! It also has the double hook enclosure with the zipper. Also the size is weird. I am 33bust 32 waist and 38 hips and I fit perfectly in a large. I got a medium as well but it is too small for now. I think once my incision is not as tender and my belly button is healed I can move into the medium.

Saw my PS yesterday!

He removed all of my stitches in my belly button. Told me I could sleep in any position that I was comfortable!!!!!!!!!! Woooohooo (I thought...)but of course the swelling would go to the dependent side.. Darn... hmmm what else... He loved my bargain garment!! Loved my shape!! Told me to change the surgical tape on my incision at least 2-3 times a week! Ooops I have been so grossed out by that area I only changed it once on my own. Never had it been left longer than a week thankfully!!!
Ok so I was super excited to sleep on my left side last night cause that is always how I slept or kinda on my belly! So I tried, wrapped myself really tightly in my binder and gently lay down and turn to my left and ewww the burning feeling from the lipo..being careful I just stopped trying to cuddle into a comfy position and I lay there... Ever so uncomfortably. Then started feeling nauseas so I sat up threw off my binder and said forget it for awhile. Laid on my back and was much more comfortable so I put my binder back on took a Valium to help me get to sleep and slept on my back in the v position I have grown to hate and love In a weird way. Hope you all have better luck going back to side sleeping!!
I went to visit my mother in law today and we wanted to take my daughter to the park. I thought she was going to the one 3/4 houses down from her but we past it and went to one that wasn't supposed to be much further... But it was farther than I wanted to go. ( I was wearing my binder and garment on top of it because I did wake up on my left side and had swelled even more on my left)Haha I was so short of breath but it ended up being good for me. She made us a great salad for lunch, spring leaf, dried cranberries mushrooms shredded carrot raw sunflower seeds, tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette. Was realllly good. I initially was like noo I want the grilled cheese and Doritos you are giving my daughter! Haha but def felt better with the salad.
I came home and took everything off and reapplied my antibiotic ointment to my belly button and re bio oiled my tummy and hips and stuff... This is typical to be done at least 2 times a day it just feels good to take everything off for a little bit and lube up! My belly button is so perfect I took more pics! I'm so happy I went to Dr Wiener!!!!!!! He seriously knew exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond! So happy with my results !

Wondering what y'all think of my incision...

It will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow. Now I dont know if this makes a difference but I have only technically washed my scar without tape on it once!! So let me know if I need to be concerned with some of the areas!!! I'm so nervous about Necrosis I literally have nightmares about it nightly. And is that a dog ear on my right hip? I'm more swollen than ever so I'm holding down the puff so we can see the scar!!! I'm watching that puff on the left also.. Making sure it's not fluid or anything.

3 weeks 1 day PO

Just sharing what's been going on these days!
I have been pretty down lately. I dont know if it's the swelling or the muscle pain. And just not being able to do everything like normal?? I dont know but it's been really making me pissy too... I feel like I need to sleep and rest more but I really can't and I feel bad doing it when my husband gets home from work leaving him with the kids... But I do you know this will pass and get better I just hope sooner rather than later!
So I still cannot lay flat without feeling like something is going to pop open. I also still sleep with pillows under my knees. Sometimes I can sleep on my side with pillows keeping me tight and cozy. I can cough a little harder without it killing me but it still hurts to sneeze, laughing is okay too just feels really weird I just always brace my self. I get sharp pains in my stomach in different areas randomly. I'm incredibly swollen in my upper abs right below my breast bone. I was told I have a lot of scar tissue there from my removal of the gallbladder but it does still freak me out that there is something else going on because of how swollen: and tender it is and there is this bruise that has never gone away since surgery... Belly button is perfect but I was told to keep lubing it up with Bactrian so I do and it just looks like it's constantly oozing little bits and growing new skin? I dont know? Whatever that grows whitish yellow coating stuff is, it's in my bb.. I keep it covered with gauze all of the time as well. Sometimes I feel like I need to let it dry out.
Still swollen VaJJ it's really tender there too. Especially where my drains were. Also have numbness on my upper right thigh that gets a kinda burning itch to it at times.
My CHIN is super sore but I can see less swelling almost every day. I quit using compression probably 4/5 days ago and I feel so much better. But still have soreness there and numb. Oh still cannot stand up fully straight !!!! Alright this is a book so hope I didn't forget anything. Here are aome pix. Old bikini. And of scar

Check out this swelling!!

Yaaa I feel disgusting! Girly time is coming, end of day swell hell! Yep I didn't know what swelling was until now...

Worried about this bump..

I was woken up at 4am by a burning pain at my incision or drain area. I found a small bump on my scar . It feels like something is trying to come out. But the pain feels like it's coming from my drain hole scar... It was always the side that felt pinched/burn sensation too. Should I worry!? I'm posting a couple pix to show what it looks like. I will be 4weeks tomorrow!!


I got very very sick on tues afternoon and have pretty much been in bed for the past 2 days. I got a very tender feeling in my Monns pubis area and it started looking really red. (This started the day I got sick, so I have been in bed since it started) I thought maybe this is because I am due for my monthly and this could just be excess swelling? But I have had this low grade fever and nausea that has persisted even after the flu like symptoms stopped after 24hours. So 2 days later I can barely walk or go pee because my VaJJ is so dang sore : ' ( so my dr got me right in today and said he needed to aspirate it! Holy s#%t no way are u putting a needle in that spot! I'm not numb I can feel every tiny touch : ( but he had to. He took 2 full syringes and I guess luckily it was just that fluid that looks kinda yellow/orange but he put me on an antibiotic to make sure it gets better and told me to call him Sat morning if it's not. Love him for that. But it hurts so so badly now. Soooo heads up to anyone with a swollen red pubic area at 4weeks.. Call the dr!! I'm just praying it doesn't turn into something else I have read about. Pseudo bursa... Ugh anyway. This whole thing has made my scar sensitive. I also have a lot of protein bursts?? Where my incision site kinda opens a tad with that thick yellow scabby look... This is my karma for ever smoking . I'm not too happy these days but I do still love how flat my tummy is. And that I don't have the apron any longer...

Here is a better look at the swollen mound of my "un"ladylike parts

I need to take better 4week pics. I'll update Tomo morning

4 weeks and 3 days post op!

So aside from the crap that is going on in my pubic area. Here are some pix of me this morning. Also some pix of what my dr does not worry about but scare me. These little openings in my incision .... They are both at the tightest points so I kind of get it but still it's reminds me of a zombie or something.
-feeling totally comfortable to lay down without a binder on but not up and about for that long.
- sleeping fine on my side, with binder or spanx on
- can walk straight most of the time except when I get up from sitting for any amount of time over 15 mins.
Ehh I dont know what else really... Ha here are the pix! Been a long day. My son had sinus surgery and it took all of my energy and strength today. Luckily he is doing great tonight!! Thank you my Angels!

Pics!!! Oops forgot

Pretty freaked out and confused????

I called my PS office yesterday and I was prompted to "page" him with a voicemail message. I explained that my fever and flu symptoms were gone but the redness and swelling was still there but decreased a little. Then explained about sutures poking out that scare me because they have circles on bruise colored skin around them or red inflamed and I don t want them breaking open worse like the others : ( ... I NEVER GOT A CALL BACK!??? We have his cell number but since technically I do see (did) see a small improvement I shouldn't have called? Well I have been wearing my support panties and girdle Cg because of this and in bed all weekend. Eating high protein leafy greens and more water than ever which means a lot for me. Prob a gallon because I don't completely leave salt out of my diet. (Low blood pressure) anyway TODAY It seems like it is moving up into my abdomen but only to just above my incision now : ( it's SUCH HARD TISSUE I can actually feel it and kinda grab it. I'm thinking it's Cellulitis because of how it came on and my fever and aches and pains, it's redness, warmth to touch etc. I'm scared the keflex isn't going to stop it from growing and I'm going to have this big gaping hole in my pubic area/tummy . I wish my dr would have just called me back. I called today and left a message with the answering service to set me up an appt first thing tomorrow. I'll post some pix so u can see it. I'll try to put together some side by sides so we/I can see the comparison better. But u can see where the red is, is where it's super hard and swollen.

NEVER WANTED TO SHARE THIS MUCH OF ME! Ugh!!! ???????? Here is the progression

You can tell that my right side of the VaJJ is almost the same swell as my tummy on the right side. It usually is not protruded out with my tummy! I think it's moving up my right side more that's why they are equally protruded now.


I called again this morning and "Paged" him again and upon listening much closer I was supposed to press a button when I finished my message and then it prompts u to send it! I do to know how I missed that! Only thing I can think is I was so nervous to call. I HATE bothering DR's on the weekend but I know it was important... Anyway my PS office called me literally 1 minute before they opened and the PS personally called me right after! Embarrassing. I paged him again just to check if that may have been the case AND to let him know from me that I AM still concerned and need to get in today, with my husband. Not my 3 yr old. Which means it needs to be after 1pm. So they did. They got me in at 145. I imagine I will get drained again. The little bump that showed on my scar feb 3rd is now a bigger bump waterbed of fluid. So it will need to be drained before it pops . Yuck. But really it looks like my wound openings are healing really nicely. Due to me keeping the areas very clean and bandaged properly at least 3 times a day coating my belly in coconut oil and bio oil and this awesome penicillin ointment I got in Mexico . I need to get more of it.
I'm feeling pretty optimistic today. Mostly mad at myself for not asking more questions and paying closer attention to things. Thankful my PS is well trained and look forward to seeing him today to clear up these issues!!! Happy Monday!!!

Update on infection!

Ok long story but my PS immediately cut down my sutures and then basically he poked a hole into my new "waterbed" bump and pressed and squeezed and drained the hell out of it for what felt like forever... Then he poked a bigger hole with a long Q tip and felt around and gauzed some more fluid out then squirted a bunch of brown soap into the hole and then removed that and then packed it... Which I have to do to myself Tomo and probably wed morning before I go back to see him again and go from there. He feels very confident that once we get the fluid collection to stop all will be great and this will not affect my desired outcome or anything else. He said there is noting I did wrong, NOT TOO ACTIVE, ex smoker, how I ate, nothing. There just was fluid that was not draining on it's own and it got infected. It happens. Soo right after I took this picture I noticed that the gauze was really soppy so I changed it. I may pull out the old packing before bed tonight and repack it so the fluid really gets out of there and doesn't sit in there any longer! I'm sick of it! I want my lady parts back! Lmao

3rd Check up on infection

Dr. said there's a possibility I may need to have a drain put in there, but that it's looking good. He just Took another annoying suture out and repacked the infection cavity with a bigger packing told me to repack it tomorrow and come back in the morn Fri so he will see me M W F.

Update on infection

Today is my second to last day of taking 500mg of keflex 3x a day for 10days for the infection in the center of my TT incision (upper pubic area : ( I have been seeing my PS every other day and there was a possibility of placing a drain in to get rid of the everlasting fluid accumulation. Today he cleaned it really well again with the brown soap and re bacitracin my small wounds and bandaged me up! He says my fluid collection cavity needs to close up and that it's looking really good so no drain (yet, or hopefully never) yay!!! I just need to keep packing it with the wick packing and taping it up with gauze. Feeling great except that my flow is finally here and very heavy. So I am swollen in spots I have never even seen swollen before. But I am really loving my new shape wear!! It took me about 20 mins just to get it hooked yesterday! But I already can see the rewards!! It's pretty funny though. I couldn't find a strapless corset with shorts included except this one. It also has butt support so it looks like I have a kardashian booty when I wear it. Haha check out the pics!!

Pics of the infection site

The little ribbon looking thing is the packing that I put in the slit of my incision to pull the fluid out. It's working great!

6 weeks!!

I can't believe I am 6 weeks!! I feel pretty good. It's still hard for me to stand up straight butt out. The skin and muscles feel so oddly tight I feel like I'm going to rip the skin open if I do! I am able to sleep in any position even laying on my tummy is not so bad just feels weird because I'm still so numb there. I have to give my awesome Dr S Wiener a shout out! He has taken such good care of me and always so confident and comfortable with me. It makes me proud to say he is my dr. I would refer anyone to him.
I'll update more later but here are some pix

Comparison pics...

I'm really feeling kardashian esque my butt is looking so wide and bubbly it looks fake! My waist is so small but I look like a football player up top. This is how I have been feeling for the last week. It may be the new CG but I also need to lose weight in my arms and legs... I'll post a pic... I know a lot of women who want that big butt but I don't. I love the way it looks on other women but for me it just makes me feel really big... I dont know... : ( But I will post my comparison pic because it makes me feel great until I look at myself with clothes on... I just can't make this shape look flattering.

Oh another wide load

6 weeks wide load shot

7 weeks!?

Hey guys! Just thought I should post some pics and share (not to sound like a downer) just want to document how it's going.
I have been having the worst swelling since getting this done, since week 5 I would say it just keeps getting worse. But I have also laid off of the CG so much. I wear it at night but since I see my dr so much I just go without anything on those days (every couple days) until about 2ish. Anyway, I've also been lazy! No working out, not really watching what I ate as much as I should however I still cannot eat very much.
Ok so u all know I have been dealing with the infection at my incision/mons area. Well the cavity is definitely getting smaller because I can barely pack the wick into it now. Yay! But I cannot tell u how sick of that I am!!!!!!! : ( and I went back to the PS yesterday to get a stupid stitch out that bothers me all of the time intermittently. And I waited to see him for an hour! I think I was 10 mins late which is prob why! Nurse said he was in a meeting, and I saw the guys come I. Right after I checked in. So since I was late I had to wait I guess? I had my 3yr old with me too... ANYWAY, the stitch is still bugging me so I think there are a few in that area. AND I was cleaning the incision so I was lightly pressing in the very center of my scar and blood starts coming out!? From where? I guess there is a couple tiny holes there now too!!!!?????? Ughhhh just done! I just want to feel better and less fragile so I can start really using this new body. SORRY IM A BUMMER!!!!!! But you know what I WOULD STILL DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN! I think it's just very hard to see everyone else doing so well and I feel like a gimp ... Ok vent done!!!!! On a good note, the bigger kinda hole things from scar separation are healing very nicely! And the left side of my lower abs will be lipo'd by the PS if it does not go away by 6 mo time. AND where I had the drains (monns area) there is some dimpling from it healing as the drains were inside so PS said he will take care of that too. I didn't even mention that. So I do feel taken care of but I'm kinda ready to not go 30 mins away to see him every couple days !

My wick was taken out today for good *i hope*

Dr said we can let the site of the infection heal closed today! Do happy!! I'm going to take it real easy and continue with my Bromelain and all other vitamins . Keep eating clean and prob add in a little more very light walking. Very happy but also nervous. I have seen my dr so often since my surgery that it will be weird to go a couple weeks without seeing him. But I'm ready to heal and detach from him lol it's funny how I (and some of u) feel like we need our PS attention and reassurance . Anyway, I am happy and have also lost 4lbs since eating clean 2 days ago? Must be water but I feel less swollen so I am happy! Xoxoxo

Wow it's been 8 weeks!

Well I have been getting a little more aggressive with my workouts. I walk for an hour pushing my 50lb 3yr old... And that's just enjoyable really. Then I do squats/lunges/push-ups/tricep dips/bench press/ and these are all only 3 sets of 10reps except push-ups are only 5 reps ea... I have a bad wrist and obviously my abs r very tender still so 5 was rough!! I still have very swollen days and super tender abs so I'm still careful but I am pretty much healed on my scar!! Just a couple spots that leak a little. I keep it covered with Tape all of the time so I leave it alone and don't focus on it anymore! It really helps!! Thanks to lovinit2323!!!


When I took my measurements pre surgery I was a 40 in the waist! 42 hips and boobs.
Now I am usually 40 boob, 29/ 30 waist (at BB) and 36 lower waist!
When I swell my waist is always 31/32 and lower is 38. Just for a better idea.
I'm in love with my tummy now. It's the greatest gift EVER!!! And it really IS my gift that will keep giving this year lol I told hubby no gifts for my b day or anniversary. And we didn't do gifts for v day either... He loves it

Feeling good

Well I still have some crap going on with my incision, odd little leaks and since my PS didn't suture the wick hole for my infection it looks kinda open still? I go back tomorrow. It's been 2 weeks since I saw him last and I look forward to seeing him. I have some questions about how bruised my scar looks still and the swollen left side. I am hoping he will try to aspirate it to see if that is the problem or if it's just fat! It feels waterbed ish to me me. And my mons area kind of feels a little swollen again all the time. So I think a little draining can help. But besides all of that, I have been doing the just dance on the wii with my family and we have a great time. I walk more, I feel less fragile! I still do not feel 100% but about 80% back to normal. Tons of crazy itching at the scar so I try to keep it covered with paper tape. Chin lipo- not really happy with it. I don't see a huge difference. I definitely would do it again but nobody really can tell the difference, besides my husband. But I expected it to be gone and it's def not. So I'll see what options I have... Ok so I thought I would post pix of me in the morning before swelling and me after being on my feet most of the day... So here u go. For some reason I feel much more bloated than I look... But it's there. Oh still pretty much numb on my tummy and I mostly only wear a waist cincher or corset or compression tank in the evening and until late morning. ; )
Also it's my time of the month so I'm a little bloated from that anyway. BUT I STILL THINK IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! Even with the swelling I'm super happy with it ! I'm happy to say that now because I was unhappy with the swelling and still having a little bit of roll ish stuff going on but I think I look proportionate. ; )

Swelling comparison side by side

New chin pix!

I actually took these last week and thought I had posted them!! Oops!

Quick update

Showing pic of my swelling! And honestly it gets worse... I'll try to remember to take a pic tonight or Tomo! Lol but I am not wearing my binder anymore, in fact it is in the landfill by now!! I do still wear corsets sometimes. I should wear them more but oh well!
So I still get swollen and very tender and still having incision irritation to sutures. I am now seeing my dr at 4weeks. We still plan to do more lipo on my lower abdomen at 6 mo and honestly really think my chin needs more as well.
I am stiff and swollen and tender at the end of the day and after working out. But I love doing standing crunches as it doesn't strain as much. Absolutely love my tummy and bb hate my scar but am hoping for the best in the future!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

A pic for luv2bmommy

Here is a pic. From last night. Spent all day walking around the renaissance festival had a few beers and then to a b day party ... Long day in the sun with drinks, not enough water!

Wow it's been 14 weeks!

Hi!!! Well I have gone through a lot of ups and downs. I rarely wear any compression. If I do it's at night and I don't see much difference. Or I wear it when working out or after a bigger meal. It helps me feel less like exploding!
I have noticed a lot of feeling coming into my incision area. It's still ugly and leaks from a couple tiny places but all in all I think it's ok? I really need to get back into working out! I want to see what my new abs can do!
I don't have any numbness in my chin anymore. I still have a little tightness there and discomfort at times but my chin is all good. However, it is not as good as I was hoping it would be.
I am setting a new goal for myself to lose 20-30 pounds so that should clear up the double chin issues! I hope!
It's really late so I'm going to cut this short, if you have any questions please ask!!!
Oh I finally am back to using Bio Oil and I see tiny results! Better than the silicone strips. Although I think my scar is thickening so I still will use silicone.
Talk to you lata !

Saw my PS today!

Dr Weiner was so sweet today he made my daughter a glove balloon name Spike. He also put some injection in my bellybutton scar because it was looking too thick and told me to massage it he will do that again in four weeks. I asked if there was any way my scar could go lower in the center. The infection caused havoc and it looks terrible he said that would be absolutely no problem we could move it lower probably after summer! He will also be doing more Lipo on my left side as well so we will probably do it altogether after summer ! This is all at no cost to me I'm so happy with my surgery couldn't be happier with my surgeon and the office staff is fantastic!!! hope you all are doing great as well!!

Thank you Pels!

I recieved a package of scar/hole therapy a few days ago! Thank you so much Pels! I'll update later!

Approaching 7 mo Post op!

Wow does time fly! I'm feeling great. I have been doing my workouts full force again and I absolutely still feel fragile when doing an workouts but at the same time I feel the potential, and strength! I am going through the ups n downs of weight loss and gain. I still feel extremely swollen at times and tight/sore. My dr told me to put a marble in my belly button so I tried and it got STUCK! I was freaking out,". Took forever to get out but I did and now my Bb looks weird and ripped : ( looking forward to my revision at the end of summer. My scar is a little too jagged and high on my left side and there is more fat on the left side left so it looks a little weird to me. Also my VaJJ mons is really bumpy due to the infection so I hope this gets addressed as well. Anyway here is pix from today.


7 mo pix

Just checking in!

Doing great! Full ab routines inconsistently : ( but none the less I still cannot do crunches/sit-ups very well because it scares me and feels weird.
I still am pretty numb. I get a really numb electric feel when I run or workout intensely.
Still get very swollen and very tight.
Talked to my fav dr today about my revision and possibly adding fat to my lips by doing fat harvesting (from my revision) it sounds great. He stores my fat so that I can come back every so often for retouch because of course a little or lot will re absorb . Anyway, love u all!!!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I used Dr Wiener for my breast reduction and lift in 2011 and he did an amazing job. He is very personable and not hoity toity (sp? Lol) Sometimes I feel like it takes some probing to get my questions answered (in major detail) because he has been doing this for so long he almost seems to be on Autopilot (or dr talk) but makes up for that by his desire to make me beautiful and happy! And he has great bedside manner! Cannot wait to begin this journey with him soon!

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