35YO 1 C-sect, MMO BA, TT W/ MR, Lipo to Flanks, Inner/outer Thighs, and Chin - Scottsdale, AZ

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Less than one month til surgery, and it is all...

Less than one month til surgery, and it is all paid for. That means this is happening and I can write about it! I'm 5'4" 145lbs and 35YO. I had about 5 consultations and four years of planning before I chose and committed to my surgeon. I have one child born via c-section and about 3" diastasis....


My initial post was limited in length, so I will continue here. I made a mistake also -- my diastasis is 3 fingers wide (not inches) right at belly button level. I had one child by emergency c-section 7 years ago. She was 8-1/2 lbs at 36 weeks!! I was huge! At 30 weeks, my fundal measurement was 40 weeks due to excess amniotic fluid and I only got bigger from there.

We had fertility issues and I have PCOS so weight loss has always been a struggle. I am very good at maintaining, although if you have PCOS, you will know that takes iron will!!! I started out at 130 lbs and was skinny before we had fertility treatments to conceive. I believe I was around 138 with all the hormone treatments when we did finally get pregnant, and then I was 186 lbs when I was released from the hospital after giving birth. Where was my 48 lb baby?!?!?? Strangely enough, it didn't all just drop off. 20 lbs did, and then getting down to about 145 lbs and maintaining it for 2 years so far has been a lot of hard work!!! Ideally, I would be around 130-135, but honestly I get so discouraged with how my middle doesn't improve that I just lose my motivation. I'm satisfied with maintaining where I'm at weight-wise and improving the midsection, which does not budge with the PCOS and muscle separation!!

I've been stalking RS for months and looking at photos of ladies who started out looking like me and it gives me great hope! I figure the worst that can happen is minimal improvement, but it can't get worse. Thanks for sharing your stories!!! My surgery is May 1st and I'm getting super excited. :)

Two Weeks Out

Just a little over two weeks til my surgery date. My pre-op is Thursday, and my list of questions is getting longer the closer I get to that appointment! :) Here is what I've come up with so far... (Although I've researched so much there aren't many. Feel free to suggest some for me!!)

How is the mons area addressed, if at all?
I also have a few questions about pickup/drop off/timing etc.

Okay that list wasn't long after all! Lol!!

Today I went and had my legs waxed and my usual Brazilian done so I don't have to worry about any of that stuff. I bought a few sundresses and maxi dresses to wear post op and I don't want to worry about shaving after. I bought my spanx CG suggested by my PS and also a backup one from Target that isn't Spanx but is by their daughter company. I had another one by them I tried before and it was crazy supportive. Like a sausage casing. Ha!

My worries are generally just about things like whether or not my 7YO can come to pickup with my husband and that kind of stuff. I'm planning on cleaning like crazy before hand so my husband doesn't feel the need to be scurrying around when I'm recovering because that drives me nuts!! I'll update again after my pre-op. Please suggest questions for the preOp visit if you think of appropriate ones. :)

The Price I listed

I should probably mention that the price I listed is all inclusive. That's surgeon fees, hospital, and an overnight stay.

The doctor will be doing lipo under the TT from my understanding, as well as lipo yo neck/chin area, hips/outer thoughts and inner thighs, and also flanks. I'm going to ask him tomorrow about the mons area. Seems like different PSs have different approaches to that area, and I'd like to avoid the "man package" I see people complaining about. :)

Pre Op complete!!

I really do love the staff at my PS office. The pre Op was great. I have no idea why I was nervous going in. I didn't have that many questions because their pre-op book they gave me several weeks ago was extremely thorough.

The nurse showed me all how to do the tubes and then we went over my questions. One of my biggest worries was about the mons area and just little technical questions about lipo and draining and compression. I will be in a binder for 6 weeks. The first few weeks will be 24/7 then slowly going longer and longer without it.

I have my scripts for antibiotics, antinausea, and all pain management. I'm feeling really good about this. It's going to be done, and I'm confident with my PS and his knowledge and record. I did a lot of research before choosing, but the consultation was so comfortable and he is so upbeat and thorough and knowledgeable, that sealed the deal. :)

Officially a MMO now!

After my preOp, my hubby and I discussed just going for the gold and getting breast augmentation too. It wasn't a priority since I'm happy with the shape my breasts are in. I just want them fuller. I'm currently a full B, small C, and I want to take them to a full D. So I called back my PS office and they got me in to consult and preOp'd me too. Got the approval for financing them through my bank this afternoon, so it is a go! I chose the silicone memory gel and 350 cc but I trust my PS to eyeball it and go with what is aesthetically pleasing once he's up in there. :) Did I mention I love my PS and his staff? So super nice and positive.

6 Days to Go

I'm getting nervous now!! Adding in the BA will limit my upper body movement for 6 weeks. They said no sweeping, vacuuming, etc. But I am a total freak about clean floors, so now I'm planning out how I'm gonna deep clean everything between now and then...and then my hubby only needs to keep it status quo. Eek.

Also, came down with a crazy bloody bladder infection Thursday, which is now under control thanks to some Bactrim. No surgery delay, thank goodness!!

Tomorrow's the day!

Gotta be up at 4 a.m. to get ready and head to the surgery center. Hubby took some before pictures, but I'll have to post them later. I'm going to measure real quick before bed and then try to catch 6 hours of sleep. See you on the flat side! :)

Made it to the Flat Side

Super groggy from the meds and recovering, but made it to the flat side. Doctor said I had a pretty wide muscle separation right around my belly button, which is no surprise. When I checked myself for diastasis, that is where I felt the separation too.

My chin already looks a lot better. And doc ended up going with 400 cc implants to get the look I wanted, since the 350 cc seemed way too small when he got them in. I'm cool with that.

Not feeling particular pain in breasts or lipo area, just in the tummy tuck area / muscles. I also started my period while in the recovery center last night, so that has been a bit of a crime scene hot mess.

Home now, set up on the couch with my daughter playing happily nearby. Time to doze.

My chin

Here is a quick update for the chin. The one on the right is the lipo'd chin. :) No pain at all!

I'm really glad I read to get styrofoam cups

Because this slit in my compression garment that is supposed to allow for bathroom ease...well, mine is kind of sitting diagonally. The only thing keeping me from wetting myself is using a foam cup I ripped out the bottom of so I can use it as a funnel.

Urinating after Foley catheter removal has been tricky in general. I feel my bladder is totally full, then I have to stand and sit several times, and run the tap water to get things flowing. It gets easier each time, but that was q surprise (in addition to my period starting yesterday at some point...heavy).

As far as pain goes...I'm just now starting to feel a bit sore from where the lipo is, but nothing unbearable. I'm sticking to just the percocets during the day, and using the Valium at night just to ease with sleep. I do have pain, but it is tolerable. I tried to take the Percocet down to a half dose today but that turned out not to be the best idea. I think it'll be a couple more days before I can do that again.

As far as mobility goes... I'm mostly just staying propped up on the couch (we have a big sectional with tons of pillows for support), but I have been getting up and walking around with a walker every hour or so, and I've been wiggling my legs like crazy because I'm not good at sitting still.

My appetite has been minimal. I'm
Snacking a few bites every couple of hours, but the most I've been able to consume is about half a slice of toast at once. Not worried about that. I'm drinking plenty of fluids and peeing a lot.

I'm attaching one picture of my current view. I'm just not strong enough to stay upright for one right now. Maybe my hubby can take one later for me. :)

The girls

Here is a couple of pictures to update. Sorry they aren't better shots yet!

A couple more pictures

I'm totally sporting those awesome mesh hospital panties because they are keeping my drains right where I want them. My CG is still kind of messy because they had a hard time getting it on me (since it is firm like it is supposed to be) and some fluids got onto it and stained it. No biggie. Those mesh grandma panties cover that mess right up!! (And never mind the staining from my period starting too!)

Hubby took these ones. Our house is dark like the bat cave, so they aren't awesome, but I can tell I'm flatter in bottom and NOT flat up top. Whoa boobs!


And I wasn't bad at all!! I had my hubby stand there with the shower door open just in case I needed him for anything, which I did. He washed my hair for me, and even combed and dried it too.

Got my fresh CG on and fresh sports/CG bra on, and stripped the lines on my drains and got those all measured. Only thing left on the books for tonight is my meds. :)

Hubby took some pictures for me and I stepped on the scale. Up about 7 lbs with all the swelling, but that's about what I was expecting.

Poop happens

Quite literally. I am just not one of those people who needs laxatives or stool softener. My normal issue is IBS-D, so it would take a lot to plug me up. The stoop softeners made me feel so nauseated. I only took two -- 1 day prior to surgery and it gave explosive diarrhea. I took one yesterday morning too, and I had to rush to bathroom with diarrhea while hubby was
Taking our girl to school. I have no idea how I managed my cG on my own.

Sucked the life out of me. Time for another med-induced nap.

Relinquishing Control

I have to be honest...relinquishing control over my household daily activities has been the hardest part for me. I mean, mostly I'm so far gone from the Percocet and Valium to keep my eyes open at all, but I did wheel my walker over to the broom and sweep up a couple of stray pieces of cat litter sand...and threw some Clorox wipes on the floor and scrubbed with my feet while sitting on the toilet. I knew the floor cleaning thing was gonna be an issue for me. But I definitely feel like I shouldn't have done those things today and I'm more sore. But at least I'm not grossed out walking in the bathroom now....

What's been the most challenging thing for you to be "hands off" on during your recovery?? That, and letting my hubby and 7YO daughter work out their issues ok their own are my biggies!!

Putting up some more pics

I know I'm really swollen right now, but I played around with picstitch a little to make some comparisons. I think I can visualize how things will look eventually.

Today will be my Postop Visit

Hubby will be taking me for my post op today (PS saw me day after and his super sweet nurse called me a couple times to check on me too). I think hubs has more questions than me.

Overall, I think I'm doing really well. I am just soooo med wasted!! I definitely need them, but I literally have to rewrite things about 20 times on these Percocet pills. lol!! Anyway, I do great if I keep on a regular schedule -- the 2 pills at the max interval of 6 hours, and throw a Valium in there a couple of times a day as needed. It's been working great (if extremely drowsy) for me.

Yesterday, I drove along with my hubby for an errand (I just hung out in the car) and then we stopped for BBQ on the way home. It was delicious but j definitely can only eat about 1/2 to 1/3 what I used to be able to. That's a good thing!!

My lipo spots are super tender now, as expected, so getting my binder up and down for BMs has been a workout. I've not taken any stoop softeners. I'm naturally one who deals with frequent diarrhea, and that has not changed with the meds. Good? Bad? I haven't decided. Lol

One thing that's happened the last two nights is I am sleeping in longer stretches. I feel more rested as a result, but I've slept through my normal med dosage time twice. Both times, I woke up bawling from some silly dream. This time I dreamed I was at church summer camp, went to take a shower, then couldn't find my way back to my dorm and was wandering all over the place in just my towel. Don't know why that made me cry!!! Lol!!!

Feeling Good!

I had my hubby take me to my little favorite breakfast cafe and it was so deliciously chilly for May in Phoenix! I was actually cold in a hoodie and Capri workout pants. It was AWESOME! Still continuing with some ridiculous diarrhea...and still glad my PS nurse said to play those laxatives by ear. I soooo did not need them!!

Hubby washed my hair for me again today...can I just state for the record that I think this needs to happen all the time now?? Lol

I'm attaching a couple of pictures because I feel good. Totally swollen but my skin isn't flappy. It's not flappy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Drains Are Out

Woot woot!!! Drains are out and I feel fabulous about that. Also removed the stitches from my belly button and the little one under my chin. I loooove the drains being gone. I felt pretty embarrassed walking around with what I called Messticles. ;) Next follow up is in 3 months. My PS was amazed at my complete lack of breast pain. I'm cool with that!! Makes up for the crazy lipo pain. :-P

The Girls, As Requested

Mind you they are still sitting super high, and my abdomen under them is still swollen from my TT -- they will end up looking larger comparatively once my TT swelling goes down. This is the 400cc moderate profile silicone mentor implants. Originally measured a 36b/34c. And, yep, still absolutely no pain in my breasts. I'm waiting for it to hit!

Thoughts so Far

1. I am still super thankful I did NOT take stool softeners. Knowing how antibiotics = instapoops for me has saved me from uncontrollable diarrhea. I still have it, but it is controlled.

2. Percocet makes for some hilariously bizarre dreams. Last night's drama involved me playing Princess Aurora in a Broadway version of Disney's classic.

3. I really overdid it yesterday. I felt pretty good, so I visited with my bestie here for about 4 hours. The combination of being more upright than usual stole the life out of me. I ended up pretty crabby and super sore.

4. At this point, the lipo areas hurt more than anything. I don't have incision pain or boob pain. I took off the bandages where they removed the drain tubes because they were itchy. I replaced those with gauze padding just resting under my CG and that's working fine for me.

5. Today I actually feel a little smaller. I noticed my hips don't spread as much when I'm sitting on the toilet. Woohoo!!

6. Cats have an affinity for stepping directly on the most sore lipo spots. :-P

7. I stepped on the scale again and I'm only 2 lbs away from pre-op weight, so that was exciting to me. Even though I said I was gonna step away from the scale. Lol

So what are some things that have been better than you expected? And what has been worse?? :)

Happy Mother's Day!

My gift was my Mommy Makeover. Can't complain about that!! :-D

I feel like I'm doing really well weaning myself off the Percocet and Valium. Down to about 2 of each per day now. Since I didn't have any since last night around 10pm, I decided I wanted to go grocery shopping by myself for a few things this morning. I love my hubby, but his grocery shopping skills leave something to be desired -- he just buys a hodge podge of junk and snacks without planning any meals. So the trip took the life out of me, but I better now knowing that I'll have some good meals that are easy for me to cook/prep and will make delicious leftovers. No more deli meat sandwiches and turkey dogs. 0_0

Stocked back up on fresh fruit, chicken breast, and veggies. Woo!!

What kinds of foods have you been existing on so far? I've been living off like jello, the aforementioned turkey sandwiches, eggs and toast, and pineapple. I'm just ready for some food that actually has some spice and flavor! :)

Bruising and all that fun stuff

At this point, I'm taking about 1/3 of the pain meds (a dose a bedtime, midday, and morning), so I feel a lot more clear headed. My goal is to be Tylenol only by the end of the week since my hubby just informed me he has to be back at work on Friday. :-( Still taking my arnica Montana sublingually. Also using the Arnicare gel sometimes but not as much as I should because I like to leave my CG up and on as much as possible.

The good: I'm feeling pretty good. Good enough to keep accidentally overdoing it. Lol. Seriously today I am forcing myself to recline and put my legs up more. I really want to vacuum my floors but my PS gave me explicit instructions to not do that for at least another three weeks. :-0 Also, stepped on the scale and I'm just about a lb away from pre-surgery weight, so YAY!

The bad: I'm still jonesing for some Mexican food in a bad way. Haha! There's a little cafe around here that makes some amazing "Sonoran enchiladas" with chicken and an amazing tomatillo sauce instead of the standard red enchilada sauce. Omg I'm drooling thinking about it.

The UGLY -- holy bruising, batman!! The lipo bruising is no joke, and it makes sense why it has been hurting like hell. My inner/upper left thigh is the worst swollen, with a pretty hard lump under that feels like a baseball. I'm not that concerned about it. I adjust my CG so it isn't putting so much pressure in that spot, and I'll call my PS if it doesn't improve in a few days.

Attaching photos. I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far. So so happy not to have my kangaroo pouch. Pleased to tears!! :)

A couple more

Just a couple more before / current pics

Lumps and the Runs

So I know lipo can give lumps, but I have a significantly large hard one up on my uppermost inner thigh that was lipo'd. I put a call into my PS office after all and hubby is gonna drive me over there to get it checked out. Could be something totally normal.

On the subject of BM's...I'm getting ready to put myself on a starch-only diet. These crotchless CGs are not good for #2, and I've been having diarrhea several times a day. And I still haven't taken laxatives or anything like that. Still grateful for Gatorade!

I attempted to shave my legs in the shower today. Well, first I showered without help from my hubby since I need to get used to it. I just sat on the floor with the extendable shower hose dangling freely. I thought I did a semi decent job with the legs -- only attempted the lower half -- but now I sit here in a beam of sun and it looks like I missed most of it. Lol!!!!

How about you guys? Any successful shaving? Any other surprising challenges? And how are your belly buttons doing? :)

Of Sausages and Comedies

Getting on these Spanx garments is seriously a full body workout. Especially when you have a big booty like me. I took a shower and tried to put on a clean one...I thought I was dry but not dry enough. I got stuck right at booth level and where the tension hurt the lipo bruising the most. So frustrating. Hubby walked in on me stuck and crying. It was funny. And yet not. I would've laughed if i had seen it on TV. ;) My booty is like a large speed bump. I wouldn't change that but holy cow it turns CG pull-ups and pull downs into something exhausting.

It's all good

Went to the PS this morning to check that lump. It's just an irritated bit of tissue from the lipo but nothing to be concerned about. He said I can massage it gently several times a day to help the lymphatic.

I also had him take a peek at my belly button to make sure it looks right. All good there too! I've never been through this before so I'm glad my PS is such a sweet, kind fellow who doesn't make me feel like an idiot.

Whew! One less thing to worry about now. :)

How are all my fellow TT'ers doing today?

standing pretty well

I think I'm managing to stand pretty upright. Yay! And my diarrhea-cha-cha-cha from yesterday seems to have resolved itself. *crossing fingers*

Grumpy McGrumperpants

That's me! In the morning, I feel great. Get up with the hubby and take my daughter to school. Yesterday we ran to my PS to check out that lump and my belly button, then we grabbed lunch, I took a small nap, and we went out shopping. We were probably out and about a good 5 hours of the day. Let me tell you, by the time we picked up my daughter, I passed out for two hours and wanted to throat punch anyone who even talked near me, let alone to me.

This morning, same...drop off daughter at school, rush off to hubby's annual doctor checkup, go eat food...and then we decided it would be our last opportunity to see Avengers Age of Ultron. We got home from that and I told hubby there was no way in hell I was going with him to pick up my girl. I feel like such a jerk! I passed out on my couch (aka my bed for the last 11 days) and I haven't let it yet.

My pain is minimal, honestly, I just feel worn out. I'm sad hubby goes back to his 80-hour workweeks starting Friday. Sad because I'll miss him and sad because I will no longer have any help/support.

Oh, I finally am having some breast tenderness, which I am considering a good thing. Yay for feeling in the boobs! My lipo'd areas are still crazy bruised, in various shades of healing. That parts all good. I think I'm just having a tough time with my lack of WonderWomandom and hubby's impending disappearance. I literally cannot even do laundry at all because I'm so short I almost go feet up to get the stuff out of the bottom of the barrel on a normal day. Lol!!! That's not gonna happen. So do I impose on friends for assistance, or do I impose on my overworked husband? Either way, I feel like a jerk. :(

P.S. can't wait for these boobs to drop. How long did it take yours to start traveling? I don't have square boob, but they are so high! I feel like a teen again. Lol

In Other News

My dog looked so cold curled up on his bed, I covered him up with his blanket. He's such a spoiled old guy and so sweet. Pit mix going on 12 years old and we are just trying to make his last years/days comfy. Little lovey boy.

I have a bit of a fur baby collection problem. We have six cats (ranging in age from 13 to 4 years old, tabbies, a Russian blue, and two half-Bengal litter brothers). Also have the old boy shown here and a mutt with a face only a mommy could love.

Do you have fur babies? How have they reacted to your post-surgery rest period? :)

Some Updated Pictures

Took some updated pictures this morning. My boobs are definitely still usable as a chin rest. Haha!

I decided I'm never ever ever taking my tape off. Seriously though -- when I had my c-section, I didn't remove it. I let it alone and it eventually came off on its own, and my scar from my c-section was so invisible that even my PS could barely find it!! (gotta give kudos to my OB for that one next time I get my annual poke and run).

I find myself being more of a morning person for the first time in my life...I'm sure that'll revert back to normal as soon as I'm mended fully. Pain management is good -- I'm managing with just Tylenol, unless I totally overdo it, and then I throw in a Valium in the evening to loosen things up so I can sleep comfortably. :)

How are you ladies doing?

Anyone Else Stir Crazy?

I never realized how much I do on a daily basis until I stopped doing it. Hubby realizes now -- he's upstairs taking a nap to recoup. Lol!!

I just really, really, really want to vaccuum my own floors, but there is no way I am jeopardizing my investment here.

What are you doing to keep occupied but not physical?

I'm researching some ideas for my next tattoo (#2). I'm feeling the Phoenix is particularly meaningful for me.

My Help is Gone

So the hubby is back at work as of this morning, so it's just me and my 7YO daughter now and our weekend is pretty booked up. Kids birthday party tomorrow (where I will plant my butt on the sofa and let my daughter be worn out playing with other kids) and then invited a friend over Sunday for the same child-exhausting reason. Haha! I think I'll be okay.

Just gotta run out this morning to find a birthday gift and I told my girl I would take her anywhere for breakfast where yoga pants are appropriate. Bahahahaha! Narrows down my options to what - chick fil a??

Anyway, slept in my own bed last night so I'd be close by when the child woke up. She is currently in my bathroom taking longer than a a teenager to get ready. I'm thinking removing mirrors would solve so many time problems here. :-P

As for me, I'm still dealing with the diarrhea which is a pain. I cannot wait to be done with these antibiotics. I believe I have three more doses.

Question for you ladies that also got breast aug -- have you found a zip/hook front bra that doesn't show in every thing you wear? It's Phoenix in May and I have to wear a shrug with everything because my bra straps are ridiculous. Any suggestions for supportive, front closing, but non-racer back bras??

Attached a couple of pics. I'm feeling little this morning after my #2/3. Haha. Also noticed my boobs look not so there unless I pull my shirt in around them, so I guess I'll have to shop for some more fitted shirts. As for now, I'm just gonna relive my childhood in graphic tees. ;)

Too Funny Not to Share

My kiddo is a clown. I was searching Walmart for some more cheapt front-closure bras that would at least be more camouflaged with the colors I normally wear (since they seem to peek out at my shoulder line on every thing I own). Anyway, my 7YO took it upon herself to help mommy find front closures...and test them for me. Hahaha! At least 3-4 elderly ladies walked by cracking up. :)

So I'm Curious

How many people know about your procedures you had done? Everyone? A select few?

I have a few of my closest friends that know (4), my hubby obviously, and my little sister. My mom knows about the TT for the MR but she's so anti-cosmetic surgery that I don't plan on mentioning the rest of it.

I'm really happy with having done it, but my world is full of super judgy people. I have PCOS and have worked my ass off in the gym and with home videos and I always see change...in every area but my stomach. My abdominal area would always look WORSE. It would feel floppier. No more! Anyway, I'm excited about getting back to weights -- at least squats and arms/shoulders. Feeling a little squishy there already.

15 Days Past Surgery, the Rundown

Now that I'm off basically all meds, except the occasional Tylenol, I feel more able to write it all out from start to finish (current anyway).

1. The Consultations -- I actually started consultations four years prior!! I was nowhere near financially ready for anything, so I re-consulted with a few of the doctors in January/February, and somehow also discovered my PS. I can't even recall if it was RS or FB where I discovered him, but I did a ton of research and made a consult. It wasn't a free consult. The fee was $50 and would be applied to my surgery if I went with them. I was slightly annoyed, but also thought, well, maybe that's actually a good sign. It was. I feel like the initial consult with Dr Brown was the most thorough and straight-talk, non-rushed consult out of anything. He didn't try to suggest anything I wasn't interested in. I told him what I wanted, and he let me know what to expect. His whole office staff was great. After I met with him, I sat down with his surgery coordinator and we talked facts and figures and did some maneuvering to cut some costs here and there and I actually thought I wouldn't be able to come up with the funds until at least August. I plunked down my deposit to hold my spot and then tentatively planned May, with no set date just in case we couldn't make it to August. We managed to come up with the rest of the funds earlier than expected, so Voila - May 1 surgery date set.

2. Pre Operative stuff -- a book, and i mean a BOOK was prepared specifically for me witb everything I could ever need to know about my procedures -- from what to wear, what to avoid, garments to buy that would be more cost effective than the ones they could order for me, all the info on the drains. I felt like a pro with all the info even before my preOp appointment. My only questions I had during preOp were about what was going to be done with my moms area.

3. The addition of Breast Aug. So a couple of days after my preOp, the hubby and I were talking. I mentioned maybe going back and doing breast aug in a year or so because I'd seen Dr Brown's work and he is such an artist. Hubby said do it now and he would figure out some way to beg, borrow, sell something or whatever to get the extra funds. So I called back my PS office and they got me back in for a breast aug consult one week prior to my surgery. I chose my 350cc silicone gels, and Dr Brown let me know he'd order several sizes to make sure I got the look I was asking for (basically, my shape I already had, but fuller up top because some of that tissue had disappeared. So me, just larger). I figured he knew what he was doing!! Talked again with the surgery/finance coordinator and told her my hubby thought he could come up with the funds and how soon/close to surgery did we need it for my date not to change? She basically gave me my quote and told me not to worry about anything. My date was safe no matter what. Hubs sold a vehicle, and we were set.

Things I was worried about pre-Op:
*Will my hubby and daughter get along fine without me?
*Will my daughter be eating a diet of chips and soda?
*will this be more or less pain than c-section?
*where the hell do I find a comfy button up shirt?

Things I had all set:
*Prescriptions -- percocet, Valium, omnicef (antibiotic), and Zofran (antinausea)
*non-salty saltines
*arnica for like a year. Lol
*memory foam neck pillow -- this has been invaluable, especially now that I'm adjusting to my own bed again
*house thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
*my "nest" set up on one end of our sectional sofa for post surgery living
*laxatives/stool softeners -- these I did NOT need because I ended up on two rounds of antibiotics -- one for the UTI I developed one week prior to surgery, and then the omnicef for the post surgery drain protection. Anyway, the combo of the two rounds has been diarrhea city. SorryC, but true
*Compression garments. I bought two. One Spanx garment that was around $80 - thigh to shoulder with open breast. I then found basically the same thing by Assests (a Spanx company) at Target for $40 and got one in black and one in nude.
*Breast compression. My PS office recommend the Fruit of the Look front clasping sports bra ones from Walmart. Super effective and basically $10 each. I think I may have actually gotten 2 for $10. I also bought another brand with a zip front but it was an M, and I apparently cannot fit in an M now. Haha! I'd need three extra sets of hands to get that sucker closed.

Day of Surgery -- My surgery was set for 7:30a, and the surgery center instructed us to be there at 5:30. We needed to leave my house at 4:45. That didn't matter too much to me because I fell asleep at about 11p, woke up at 1:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I figured I would be sleeping all day anyway.

Got to the center and got checked in. They did the blood pressure thing and ran a heart monitor to get a baseline strip. That was pretty cool. I got into some strange thick paper gown with vaccuum-bag looking holes in it, got my nonslip sock on, and headed to the preOp bed waiting area. So those vacuum-bag holes were actually an opening for cool/warm air hoses to flow in. That was the coolest thing. I distracted myself with the controls on that for a while after the nurse got my IV in and we chatted about whatever presurgery stuff it was (basic medical history - how the heck I ever got latent TB, etc etc).

I didn't have to wait long til the anesthesiologist came in and did his consent forms and basically went quickly over what I'd be doped out on.

My surgeon came in, cheerful and calming as ever, and did his markings. Fast and easy. Anesthesiologist came back and told me he was going to put something in my IV to relax me (although I'm about the mellowest person ever...relax more??) before we headed to the OR. Okay, yeah, I was pretty much gone for the count before I even saw the lights of the OR. I noticed all the lights, saw a table, and the next thing I knew, I was already up in my overnight recovery room.

*I did not feel an elephant on my chest. In fact, no breast pain at all.
*Minimal pain if any.
*I did feel extremely nauseated and had to get two doses of IV antinausea meds.

And then I slept and slept. They brought me some broth and jello around 5pm (I got out of surgery around 1:45 they said), but even just two bites had me feeling like vomiting, so more antinausea meds for me, and then just ice chips. And then I slept more.

Around 2 a.m. I was finally aware enough to get up and do the required walking around. Me holding my IV rack, and the aide holding my foley bag (lucky him). I think I made it pretty far walking, but holy hell getting in and out of the bed was sheer torture. I'm not the type to complain or show pain, but at that point I finally did ask for some pain medicine.

I was like a newborn with my days/nights all turned around. I did sleep some more during the night, and then in the morning the foley was removed. Oh yeah, and sometime that prior day I managed to start my period, which is always like a crime scene. Hooray. Anyway, peeing after getting the foley out was super challenging for me!!! I'd go to pee and nothing would come out. I knew my bladder was full but nothing. I'd get up, I'd sit back down...the only thing that helped was running the sink water. Lol!!!

I think I was released around 10:30a, after my awesome PS came to see me (on a Saturday). He said I did "AWESOME" but I'm willing to bet he's just the kind of guy who says things like that to build people up. Seriously great guy. I'm kind of afraid of whatever may or may not have come out of my mouth as I came out of anesthesia. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

At this point, and pretty much for the next three or four days, my only significant (and it was significant) source of pain was the abdominal muscles. I never did get any breast pain at all. I think that is because I get such ridiculous painful hormonal breast pain that I just wouldn't notice the difference.

All the pain was well controlled with the meds. I did 2 Percocet every 6 hours or a little longer. Used my arnica. Used the Valium at night. That's basically it. The lipo pain/bruising hit a bit later and had lingered the longest.

The worst part was dealing with the drains, which I got out at 6DPO. Also, because I can't poop in my CG (peeing is no big deal - I use a bottomless foam cup as a funnel to prevent splashing), pulling up the CG up and down has been quite the pain, while dealing with the diarrhea from my antibiotics. C'est la vie, right?

Now at 15 DPO, I feel mostly stir crazy. I'm getting up and about, but I get work out pretty fast. Two hours of errands or whatever and I'm SPENT. My patience with my 7YO isn't awesome, but she's actually been super helpful.

Hubby went back to work yesterday and he works 80 hrs a week (yes, literally two full time job and zero days off unless there's a paid holiday or he uses vacation time), so I'm kinda sad missing him. Feeling like I need to do so much more than I'm able to right now because I want him to be able to come home and relax, not take care of anything.

That's it. Aside from then diarrhea and the lipo bruising and tenderness, and the fatigue, I feel good. I can't wait to see what th results will be in 6 months when the swelling subsides and boobs drop some. I will try to post some more pics later. You all are troopers if you read this far. Xoxo!

Mornings picks

Updated belly/lipo pics from this morning. Not taking them swollen! Got my BM outta the way even. Lol!! Also weighed in at 142 this morning, so down 3 lbs from date of surgery. Not really trying. I had a bagel and a burger and fries yesterday and then made homemade chicken tacos and Mexican rice. Bad girl! Sorry, my bathroom isn't the cleanest with the shampoo bottles next to the tub.

Things of note -- I wear a gauze pad under my bra because the band just kinda irritates me. Not sure if it is too loose and moving, or what. Anyway, that's why the gauze is there tucked under my bra.

I'm still in cimpression 24/7 unless showering or pooping. :-0

Some of my little lipo incision scabs are working their way off now. Yippee!

I do NOT have a tiny waist, and I never will. I am curvy, but I won't have that tiny pinched-in look because my waist is short and my legs are long. I have to buy a "long" in most pants when I'm at my correct weight. There is literally about 1 inch between where my hip bones end and my ribs start. That's just how it's gotta be...unless I get some ribs removed. KIDDING. (although I swear my daughter tried removing some when she was in utero.)

Updated TaTas

Sorry I'm worn out from 6 hours at a kid's birthday party, so I'm not cropping or anything, but here are today's 15 DPO boob update pics. :)

Sleeping in My Own Bed

So last night was night 3 of sleeping in my own bed. (No judgment - my daughter still cosleeps with us - in her own bed though in our room. We are all happy with the arrangement). anyway, the idea was since my hubby went back to work Friday morning, I would be close for when my girl wakes up and we could semi-snuggle or just chill in bed for a while. I had been sleeping on one end of our sectional downstairs with about 4 giant pillows behind me, a neck pillow, and a giant pillow under my knees.

Night 1 in my own bed was miserable. I took two of the giant pillows from the couch downstairs - one for my knees and one for my back. Put two more regular pillows up, and attempted sleep. I felt propped up more than enough but totally constricted by the bed clothes! I had to pee about 4 times in the night...which hadn't bothered me at all when I wasn't worried about waking two other sleeping people. Hubby, in his sweet craziness, also had to "check on me" to make sure I was still breathing several times. I did not sleep through that. Lol. I'm married to the male version of Beverly Goldberg.

Night 2 - I ditched one of the back pillows, grabbed a throw blanket from my couch, and used my memory foam neck pillow instead. Slept MUCH better. Also dreamed about just hanging out with the Avengers. Woke up to the sound of pouring rain, which always soothes my soul. All in all, decent night. :

Night 3 (last night) -- WINNER! I was so exhausted after yesterday that I probably could've slept standing up on a bus. Forgot the neck pillow but used one of my daughter's baby blankets and that worked for me just fine. Slept like a log and literally woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in. I do foresee a couch nap in my near future though. :)

How are you ladies sleeping these days?

I May Have Hit That Phase

You know...the emotional wreck phase. Feeling like I'm not doing enough to keep my household in order but also feeling like I'm doing TOO much for my point in the healing process. I slept great last night, but once I got out of bed, I've been hurting majorly. Lipo soreness in a big way. My daughter has been sassy, I went midevil on her (not literally), feeling like a heel, we're both bawling because mommy is losing it. Hubby calls and we talk about how I left dishes in the sink yesterday and he'd been keeping things so spotless. Today I just want to crawl into a hole with some Tylenol and arnica and disappear. Even my dog was yelling at me for not letting him in the house early enough this morning. (Have you ever seen videos of pits or huskies talking to their owners? Comical)

Oh, to add to it, I got a call back from the urgent care I visited a couple weeks before my surgery (was running 104.6 fever and having a hard time breathing and literally felt like I was dying). They had said it was viral and no big deal. They did take chest X-rays and said they were clear. Now I get a call from them last night telling me they sent them off to a specialist who said I need to see my primary ASAP because there is a right perihilar lung module that needs to be addressed right away. Wth?! Thanks for waiting almost 4 weeks to let me know. Good luck getting good scans now with silicone implants in the way.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post. I figure the emotions are part of the ride (at least that's what my PS office info said), so there you have it. Vent over. I'm gonna sit here and get some love from my fur babies.

Living in workout pants

This morning I went to the grocery store in pink Capri sweat pants. Ummmm yeah. I felt like I was walking around in my pajamas. But then I ran across several folks who actually were in pajamas so I felt better. Lol!!! It wasn't even Walmart.

My hubby says he can't wait until I feel comfortable enough to buy new clothes and even age inappropriate ones. So I got a captain America tee and a Little Mermaid tee. Think that's what he meant???? Bahahahaha

Chin Lipo Update 18 DPO

Just a small update on the chin lipo. This one has caused zero pain, but I do have a hard spot that almost feels like the tension of plantar fasciitis (without the pain!) when I life my chin. I'm massaging it here and there, figuring it's just the same as the rest of the lipo swelling, draining, healing. But I can definitely tell the difference. Picture here isn't the best, but I can still tell! Especially when I look down and there's no double chin. :)

Extra! Extra!!

My daughter has taken it upon herself to announce the locations of my incisions to several people the last couple of days. :-/

1. Whoever was around at her friend's birthday party. (No biggie - we were early)
2. The cashier at the supermarket, who got very excited and asked me all about it and also made sure to pack the bags lightly. Lol! She's known my kid since babyhood and realizes there is NO filter at the check stand.
3. A guy friend of my husband, who brought his daughter over for a play date yesterday. I had told him I had surgery to do muscle repair and was still recovering. My girl made it a point to announce at the dinner table: "Mommy got cut all the way from one side to the other across her tummy, all around her belly button, and under each boobie!" Omg. I said, "Well then, there you have it," and proceeded to focus on my food and not make eye contact.

So we've had a little talk about what is other people's business and what isn't. She didn't seem to understand until I mentioned it would be the same as me announcing she just peed her pants. And I don't do that -- she does, it happens to all kids, but I help her hide it and cover for her if we are out. THEN she got it. However, today will be the first day I pick her up from school since the surgery and I'm sure she has told all my biz to her teacher. Lol!!! Oh kids.

Forgot the Bromelain.

I forgot to update that my Bromelain came in yesterday (thanks Amazon prime!) and I took it with each meal since I got it. This morning was the first night since sleeping in my bed again that I haven't woken up in total pain and feeling achy. I'm normally a stomach sleeper so the back sleeping has been causing major issues both sleeping and waking up aching. But I think the Bromelain is magical. Yay!

Trying on The Olde Swim Suit

Well, I took out the swimsuit I haven't been able to wear since my daughter was born. I actually like the way it fits. Definitely more filled out up top now. I'm still gonna be sticking to tankini's for a while though!!! Even when I was super thin as a teen, I was never into wearing bikinis...mostly because they always seemed to come off in the waves or diving into the pool. Lmao!!

Also took a few more pictures - these at the full height of the evening swell. So there definitely is a difference throughout the day.

One more thing -- I've been feeling a bit chaffed from the bottom band of my Fruit of the Loom front hook support/sports bras and it started irritating my incisions. I just swapped out for a Danskin front zip bra. Omg it feels wonnnnderful. I had to have my daughter help me zip it up (which made her laugh), but once it was zipped...heaven. :) I think it was maybe $12 at walmullet.

18 Days Post Surgery

Things are definitely getting easier, such as:
*Getting in and out of the car without looking like an old lady
*Walking not hunched over (except if I've been sitting a long time or I'm worn out at the end of the day)
*Pooping -- finally my crazy diarrhea has died down from my antibiotics. Not sure if that is the starchy carbs I've been eating or the Bromelain
*Sleeping in my own bed. I do well with a regular pillow under my knees, two pillows under my head, and a baby blankets for my neck. I also use a plush throw blanket because I tend to get hot and cold at night, and this lets me keep regulated without feeling weighed down by my comforter and sheets.
*Doing laundry. I'm using a long wooden stick to get the stuff off the bottom of the wash bin. Our wash tub is super deep.
*The only pain management I'm using at this point is arnica and Bromelain. I do Tylenol and Valium at night to help me sleep better, and I've been waking up with no pain.
*Morning stretches -- yes, they happen!!! I flex and point my legs and suck in my abs at the same time. It's fabulous.

Things that are still rough:
*I get worn out pretty easy. Cook dinner and I'm spent.
*I'm still kinda grumpy and emotional at times...oh wait, that's just how I am. Lol!!!
*I still want to mop and vacuum but I'm not allowed to still for another 1-3 weeks. I have 8 fur babies. My carpet makes me want to cry right now.
*Back hurts if I sit forward to eat. So I can deal with the pain, or sit back and spill on myself, the quintessential klutz. Haha. Win-win? :-/

Last night I passed out on the couch for an hour after school and then STILL had a hard time getting up this morning. I guess I'm back to not being a morning person. Lol!!

How are you ladies? :)

They fit! They fit! THEY FIT!!

Omg I pulled out a pair of black pants i had (they were a very tight size 10 that I could barely zip pre-surgery) and they fit!!!! Next step, jeans!!

Also, anyone have hands peeling from any of their meds???

Along Came a Spider

I got in my car today and a spider dropped down and landed right on my boobs. I swear I just about flattened my breasts trying to smooth that thing!! Eek!!! Now I'm just hoping it wasn't one of those momma spiders carrying the babies that release. Lol

Went in for my chest X-rays and literally 4 different people at my primary care and the radiologists asked for my PS information because, a) they said I looked fantastic and b) they were amazed at how recovered I am and it has been less than 3 weeks since surgery. Even my primary doc!! :-D That was definitely one of those "this is SO WORTH IT" moments. This would be an UP day on that emotional roller coaster! :)

Actual radiologists are so much more thorough with their chest X-rays than the urgent care place way!! They even had me put some little stickers with little metal balls on my nips. Ummmm...not thinking, I just ripped the first one off when it was all over. Yeouch!!! I very gingerly took the second one off. Happy to report I have not lost nipple sensitivity with this breast augmentation!!

Also, milestone, wearing my "fat jeans" but this time able to get my belt on -- and buckle it, AND it is buckled tighter than pre-surgery. Woot!!!

Also had the discussion with hubby last night. He's so happy because he can see how much better I feel about my body already -- even the boobs, which I was just ambivalent about having done in the first place. It's been rough since he's been back at work, but apparently my attitude is awesome and it keeps him going. That's some good spousal feedback. :-}

Nip Stickers

Warning -- do not rip them off fast. Lol!! Yes, I took a pic. Because they were ridiculous and where else can I share this anonymously? :-P

Chin Update

Before, day 5 PO, and today. :)

20 Days Post Updates

Okay wore myself out to pieces yesterday running around basically all day from 7a til 4:30p then making dinner. I was HURTING. So, yeah, not super woman. Today is a much slower day. I even treated myself to a pedicure. Omg - the massage chair was amazing. I'm posting some updates and comparisons. :)

Officially Spent

So if by some reason a trip to the hilly zoo seems like a good idea at 3 weeks post op, just say no. It was all good until the outsides of my abs started aching. Tomorrow's agenda -- REST. And poop. That diarrhea issue resolved with the absence of Omnicef. Time to up the fiber and water like crazy!!

Anyone have big Memorial Day Weekend plans?

The Price of Overdoing It

Hurting in the abdomen pretty good this morning. I *definitely* overdid it yesterday. I know the scale is not my friend, but the scale told me I'm four pounds more swollen than yesterday morning...and I concur.

Also hit the nip sensitivity phase. Ouch. I'm also ovulatory (which doesn't matter since my tubes are tied) and I usually start having swollen, tender boobs for the last two weeks of my menstrual cycle anyway, so this should be interesting to see how this goes. Currently my right boob is having some little painful twinges. I figure that's just the nerves reconnecting. Go healing, go!!

I am so resting today and drinking lots of water and loading up on my Bromelain and arnica. I actually did have to take Tylenol this morning, which is the first I've taken anything except right before bed for over a week or so. Live and learn.

In other news....even at my most formerly double-chinny position, no double chin. Yippee!!!


For the boobies that is. I just noticed/remembered I could go bra less at night starting at two weeks after surgery. So I've been smothering myself a week longer than necessary. So last night I let them free, and let me just tell you freedom is a beautiful thing. I put some auqaphor on them before bed too because they've been lightly peeling and my poor nips have been hurting like a baby was chewing on them. But I digress. The freedom was great. :-D

I didn't end up resting as much as I meant to yesterday -- I forgot I had already rsvp'd to an afternoon barbecue, but I did stay on top of my arnica and Bromelain. I was pretty swollen and hurting yesterday between the abs and some crazy right boob pain. I ended up needing Tylenol every 6 hours. Oh well. This morning is better, and my hard swelling in both the upper abs and mons area has chilled the heck out. Woohoo!! :-D

How're my RS buds feeling today?

The Facts and Figures

At three weeks exactly, here are the numbers. These excite me because I know they are only going to go down! :)

Data pre-surgery v current:
146lbs v 142lbs
32.25" v 30" - natural waist (smallest point)
37" v 32.5" - at belly button - what?!?! Woot!
41" v 39" - at widest part of hips (basically mons level for me)
31" v 31" bust under (ribcage)
36" v 35.5" bust over
38" v 39" nip level
22" v 21" uppermost inner thighs -- and I'm still suuuuuper swollen in this region

So my bra measurement has gone from 36B to 36D standard and 34C to 34DD Victoria's Secret measurements at the current time. I'm allowed to go get a non-wired bra now but I don't want to spend a bunch of money since those numbers will change, so I'll probably see if target has something wirefree. :)

Also wore two pairs of pre-surgery jeans two days in a row. Woot!! Now to get me out of the constant sports bras so I can feel normal. :)

I meant to add this yesterday

It's nice to have a side by side for comparison. When I look at this one I can really see how much great lipo my PS did on my hips. Holy cow - he rocks!!!!

Tried unsuccessfully to find a wireless non sports bra yesterday that I can transition in. I'm tired of not being able to wear most of my clothes because these sports bras show in everything. Either at the chest or at the neck/shoulder line. I did order a cheap $20 Bali one from Amazon but that won't be here til Thursday so I'm gonna go hunting today at Target and hope for the best! Even though I haven't gotten a total Drop and Fluff, I'm still dropped enough for something! :)

Bra Shopping ...and Spouses

Bra shopping was kind of ridiculous. I struck out at Target, Walmart, Marshalls, and Ross....all the places I was looking to go and just spend a tiny bit until my boobs are officially "dropped and fluffed" in a few months. I do think they've dropped quite a bit, appropriately, as my nips are back to pointing outwards instead of downwards like they all do post op. Lol!

Anyway, none of those stores carried anything in my size that was wireless, so I went to Victoria's Secret, which I didn't want to do since I don't want to blow money now and then have my bra size change or something. They confirmed that I measure 34DD now with them and they had ONE wireless bra in my size in the entire store. It fit and was comfortable so I took it. Along with 7 panties for $27. Score! Anyway, the bra is totally not cute (do they even make cute wireless bras??) and omg it looks HUGE to me after my 34C bras. But at least now I know my size for really reals and can go onto VS online and pick out cute stuff once I'm cleared for wires. Yay.

As for spouses...if your spouse/partner is still having a good attitude at this point with your limitations, give him/her a gold star. If your partner/spouse works two jobs and has lost the patience....well... Let's just say at this point I'm wishing i had put aside money for some help cleaning. I can keep things mostly nice, but no one vacuumed my house for almost 4 weeks, and that is my biggest pet peeve. I finally broke down and did it (although I'm technically not cleared to for 2 more weeks), and exhausted myself. It had to be done though because we have carpet cleansers coming today. So yeah, don't help me vacuum 6 animals and 4 people's worth of filth off the carpet, but by all means complain that I didn't empty the dishwasher. (lifting is still a no-no). I'm so done with that part of this recovery. Yes, I know some people do it from the beginning, but my PS said no and I'm not jeopardizing the $16,700 investment I just made into my body. :-O

How are you ladies doing today? :)

So much better!

It's been super busy with the last week of school for my daughter (last day is today), but recovery-wise not too much going on. I am definitely sleeping better now and last night I didn't take anything at all for pain before bed. I also made sure to rest still. I really do feel super tight and hunched and worn down if I overdo it during the day. And then I can't sleep so it's like a ripple effect. Not worth it

My skin stopped peeling too, now that all the antibiotics that I was reacting to are out of my system. Woot!!

Also, my boobs like my VS bra soooooo much better than my sports bras. Still no better feeling at the end of the day though than freeing the boobies. :)

How are you ladies today?

I Wasn't Going To

I wasn't going to, but I started chipping away at the tape covering my glue. My breast incision glue came off when I took my bra off on Saturday. Oh, I think the AZ heat finally worked its magic (108 degrees yesterday) and my TT incision started feeling tight, like it was ready to go too. However, the tape was still firmly attached, so I put some aquaphor right on the tape to break down some of the adhesive. Now it is coming up bit by bit and I'm trimming it away. I will take updated photos when it is all off. :)

Made bad food choices this weekend -- aka waaaay too many potato chips, which I don't usually even eat, while I was at another birthday party for a friend of my daughter. The mom and I prepped all the food and did all the baking, so between being on my feet for about 8 hours Friday, and overdoing the salt on Saturday, I've definitely re-invited swell hell into my life. Boooooo!!!

How're you ladies doing? All glue/tape/stitches off your incisions yet?

P.S. CG in 108-degree weather sucks sweaty balls. If I had to change anything, I'd do the surgery in January. ;)

We Have Lift Off!!

Took my girl to her swim lessons this morning and the hot AZ weather melted the tape onto my CG. I went to take it off to shower and ripped the remaining tape right off. It didn't hurt but it did freak me out!! There is still some glue on my skin, and I'll just let that come off on its own (or adhere to my Spanx....whatever).

I updated my pics. I think the boobs are dropping nicely. The nips seem to be pointing the correct direction now. Lol!!!

My incision looks good, I think!!! My under boob incisions look angrier because they are constantly being touched by bra band but no biggie.

Oh and while I'm at it -- I attached pictures of the two different CGs I use. One is Spanx and one is Assests by Spanx (bought at Target). The Spanx are waaaay more comfortable but definitely give less compression. They also seem ideal for long torsos. The Assets give fantastic compression, with extra support in the upper thighs and belly. The one thing I hate about them is they dig into my shoulders like crazy!!! These would not be ideal for someone with a long torso. I am so short-waisted and this is nuts!!! Also, with the firmer compression, getting them pulled on during the first couple of weeks post op was like competing in some Olympic strength event. It usually took both me and the hubster to get it done!!! Also--think about pulling on/off a wet swim suit or trying to escape an extremely sweaty sports bra after doing a heavy duty arm workout. It's that kind of effort.

The News Is...

Well, there is no news. I'm in recovery limbo!! I did see my PS yesterday to check out a part of my underboob incision that was irritated. Maybe an internal suture irritation. Anyway, nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on it. I can do that...with a hand mirror. Lol!

I went ahead and ordered some silicone tape off amazon too, since my PS gave me the thumbs up to go ahead with that. It came in today, so I'll be trying that shtuff out tomorrow. :) it's the Mepitac 1.6" x 1.6yard tape. Two rolls cost me around $36 with tax and my free prime shipping. My incision looks pretty good, just a little more raised towards the flanks.

Lipo'd areas are still sore like crazy. It's that deep deep kind of sore, and I feel it more in my flank lipo now than I did at first. Not sure why that is -- different body parts heal at different rates??? Or maybe the nerves are waking back up and reconnecting?

I have still had no boob pain at all other than the sensitive nipples. I'm not even getting my normal premenstrual soreness. I could live with this forever!! Not digging the premenstrual bloat though.

I Took Pictures

I took pictures this morning, but I did it using my front facing camera and it made my incisions looks blood red, which they are not!!! So I'll take new pics again tomorrow morning.

My period arrived yesterday, so I'm feeling bloated and retaining a couple of extra pounds of water weight, as usual. I didn't notice my usual pre-period breast pain at all. Yes, some nip tenderness, but otherwise nothing to speak of. Periods + Spanx/ compression garments = the suck.

This week I seem to have turned a corner with sleeping much better. You don't realize how badly you've been sleeping until you get a good night's sleep and feel totally amped up. Oy!!

Since one of my internal sutures on my breast was popping out and oozing a bit, I've been trying to limit my activity more until it closes back up. Seems to be working. Looks like it's closed back up and dry.

I'm supposed to be able to quit the CG this weekend...but will I?? It feels like a security blanket at this point. Maybe I'll try to go without it during the day and then wear it at night to help push away the swell. I definitely have not been enjoying hot AZ weather with the extra layers...but I'm still torn.

For those of you post op, when did you quit your CG? When did you go swimming (well, by swimming I mean get in a pool...not necessarily swim/exercise)??

6 week pics

I'm not sure why my incisions look so red in the pictures when they don't look that way in real life! Anyway...here they are. Took this morning. :)

With clothes

With clothes -- you can see the difference when compared to the first pics I posted. :-D

Also...finally got around to putting on my scar tape. Did the full TT incision and also put a patch over my belly button. I think it'll help me feel more secure without my CG. :)

Well that lasted a whole day.

I put on the silicone tape and lasted about a day before I started itching like crazy!!! Adhesive anything and I do not get along. :( I do better with glue and horrible with sticky bandages...so looks like I'm going to be looking into something that I can just rub/brush on. I'm glad I didn't pay much thanks to Amazon anyway.

7 weeks post op

I still haven't stopped wearing my CG. I decided I'm going to hold out as long as possible. I feel like my inner thighs need as much compression as possible since they are the most swollen. I'm still babying my incisions, and I will for a while. My bestie finally saw my incisions and she couldn't believe how good they look for being not very far into the healing process.

Activity wise -- I still haven't worked out. Not planning on doing it until all my little incisions spots are totally awesome.

There's really not much to update. The sensation on my abdomen is coming back bit by bit. Still no feeling in the center all the way from my boobs basically to my pubic area. Top of the mons is numb still, but the bits that count have feeling!!!

RS signed me out a few days ago and I was too lazy to sign back in. Time to get caught up on all the progress you ladies are making. :)

Going CG free

Decided to ditch the CG for at least part of the day now. I'm sitting outside during my kiddo's swim lessons and it is too dang hot! Supposed to be around 113 degrees this week and I can't handle the layers...and the sweat. So I've decided to keep the CG sweat free and I'll just put it on when I get home and shower off the hot mess. Ick!!!

I'm finally dropping some real weight -- so maybe that means the swelling is really leaving OR watching my diet is paying off? With PCOS I have a very hard time losing any actual weight. But my tummy is flat and it makes a big difference. I actually saw myself in a full length mirror and asked my hubby if it was one of those "skinny" mirrors. He said no. He looked the same in the mirror. I just still don't see myself as being little but the mirror says I am! So I guess that is a good thing!!! Also, another weird mental moment -- hubby reached out to touch my flat tummy and I shied away out of habit not wanting him to rub the Buddha belly. Oops!! I had to explain that really fast so I didn't hurt his feelings.

How many of you gals have been in the sun since surgery? I'm planning to head to the beach in a few weeks. Not gonna expose my scars to the sun, but I read someone else said their PS said all their skin could get mottled and stay that way??

Updated pics

I've got some more sutures traveling their way out, but other than that, nothing is exciting in recovery land. I feel pretty much back to normal, with the exception of still babying my incisions. I'm still taking my bromelaine to help with the swelling, and my thigh lump is still big but not as big. Hooray!

2.5 months post op!

and feeling good!! I'm still using my CG at night just because, but this week I am definitely noticing my mons area is finally started to de-swell, and even though AF is here again, I feel great!! I feel like my sleep is awesome again and my energy is back to normal. I'm ready to start back to exercising I think -- just gotta double check on the strength training part.

As far as things to note -- I am still sore in my love handles area and that area is also still swollen more than anything else. So I look kinda strange there with no clothes. I'm not sure if it is dog ears or just swelling longer than everything else.

On the other hand, my lumpy inner thighs are finally evening out. Woot!!

I do have random ab twinges and before AF started I had boob pain -- nothing like before augmentation though, but the pain was more shooting and less general soreness.

That's about it. I will post some updated clothing-free pictures in a week or so. I was on vacation past week and on AF now so feeling bloated, although still so much better than pre-surgery even on my worst day!!! I do not have a moment of regret. :)

For comparison.

This picture was about a year ago, before I lost about 15 lbs pre-surgery, and now. :)

More updated pics

Just a couple progress pics at 2-1/2 months PO

4 Months Post Op

I had a follow up with my PS last week and he gave me the thumbs up for all exercise now. He did say my abdomen was still a bit swollen front and center where the muscle repair was the most intensive. That's fine.

I'd say about two to three weeks ago, I turned a huge corner in terms of feeling completely normal again and actually ready to do training again once I got the official okay.

So I started really working out again this week -- doing a dance program and weights. Oh. My. God. I am soooo swollen abdominally now and I had to break my CG back out today for support as my abs feel so uncomfortable at night. Yikes!! My lack of swell hell is now being visited upon me.

I haven't had much of anything else going on. I am super happy with my boobs and tummy tuck, and the lipo area under my chin is starting to loosen up (in a good way -- it was feeling tight like stretched tendons or plantar fasciitis type feeling from where the cannula went I suppose).

I haven't taken any new photos but I will get around to it after this swell hell goes away!
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful, upbeat doctor, extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. I honestly cannot say enough good things about both him and his staff. From my initial consultation, I was made to feel comfortable and special. Even discussing the work to be done, Dr Brown never made me feel flawed, like I got from a lot of the other consults I had. He took his time listening to my goals and how they fit into my lifestyle. His office staff - from nurses to surgical coordinator are fantastically sweet and knowledgable as well. Follow up care has been great -- I haven't required much because Dr Brown is an artist and healing has been amazing. The few concerns I have had have been answered with gentle, confident knowledge and reassurance. I would recommend every single person I care about to see him. There is no one else in the country I would go see, and that's no exaggeration. :)

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