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I am 32 years old and just had tumescent...

i am 32 years old and just had tumescent liposuction on my back flanks and lower abdomen on August 31, 2012. I had a tummy tuck done in 2007 and the doctor told me having lipo with my tummy tuck wasnt necessary at that time because i had a thin waistline. Well immediately after my TT "disharmonious" fat started accumulating at my waist and lower back.

I decided to schedule lipo as a birthday present to myself. I consulted several PS and scheduled with the doctor who I felt most comfortable with. While prepping me for surgery my doctor recommended that we also lipo my lower abs around my tummy tuck scar to make it look better. ((he did not charge me for adding ab area)) I had general anesthesia. I did not have any pain when I woke from surgery. I rested in bed and took pain meds as directed. I felt great the first day but i did have alot of drainage, the absorbant pads were completely soaked and my compression garment was wet from the waist down by 9pm. I woke up Saturday morning in excruciating pain but the Percocet worked immediately. The pain is tolerable, like sore muscles from working out. I got to remove my compression garment and shower on Sunday. I have minimal bruising and see a noticeable difference in my waistline. I am in more pain but it is still tolerable. i woke up today (Monday) feeling good. I have my post op follow up tomorrow morning. I am excited to see what my doctor has to say. I know it will take time to see the final results from this procedure as my body recovers and the swelling subsides. But I already feel more confident about my appearance.

Had my post op follow up appointment today. I...

Had my post op follow up appointment today. I weigh 2lbs less than I did the morning of my procedure. I was given a second compression garment one size smaller than the garment I have been wearing since surgery.
Overall I felt good today, I have more pain on my left flank/hip area than anywhere else. No other concerns.

Yesterday I removed my compression Garment to...

Yesterday I removed my compression Garment to shower and as soon as I got in the water I immediately felt dizzy, got out wrapped myself in a towel and headed straight to my bed. Did not make it to my bed, I fainted. When I came to I had hit my forehead on possibly the nightstand, I have a small cut on my eyebrow. I didnt call my doctor becuase my post-op instructions specifically noted that light-headedness and fainting are a possibility when removing compression garments. I took a percocet and slept until 5 pm last night. I woke up and walked around, drank alot of water and had dinner. I ended up going back to sleep at 9pm and slept like a rock all night long.
I woke up this morning extremely drained and feeling super tight. Probably from laying in bed for so long.

Forgot to mention Doctor removed 1200cc from Back,...

Forgot to mention Doctor removed 1200cc from Back, Flanks & Lower abs.

One week Post op, my lower abdomen is super...

One week Post op, my lower abdomen is super swollen.
I look and feel great in my garment, definately look thinner and the stretchy pants I am wearing are fitting looser.
I slept for 13 hours last night and felt like I had a hangover when I finally got out of bed. My husband helped me take off my garment to shower this morning and supervised me just in case I got dizzy (I didnt-YAY!)
Still tender all around today, it feels like an itchy burning feeling.
He took pictures with my garment off and I feel very swollen compared to the past few days but look the same or less swollen in pictures (weird).
I didnt take any percocet yesterday, only tylenol. The pain is becoming moer and more tolerable.

2 weeks post op I am definately looking better...

2 weeks post op
I am definately looking better and feeling better with each passing day. The pain now just feels like itching under the skin (healing, yay!) Whenever I take my garment off I feel weird, like loose and jiggly. So I try to get back into my garment ASAP.
I am tender to the touch. My left side love handle area is still more tender than the right side ever was. I am a side sleeper and cannot get comfortable and fall asleep on my left side for very long. I have been wearing yoga pants at home and elastic waist pants to work. I wore jeans for the first time Thursday and they looked amazing and didnt irritate at all. I am still swollen and swell up more throughout the day after being at my desk all day (and drinking tons of water).
I was instructed not to wear a bra because my back bra area was lipo'd and its awkward not wearing a bra for so long (I am 36DD)
All in all I feel better about my choise as each days passes and I am seeing more and more results.

I am now 4 1/2 Weeks Post Op. My left side love...

I am now 4 1/2 Weeks Post Op. My left side love handle is still tender. My back right side seems super flat and my left side still seems swollen where its tender. Not too much else has changed in the past few weeks, its been very minimal.
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