Leg Transformation - SonoBello in Scottsdale, AZ (Month 5 Post Op)

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To give you a little background about myself I am...

To give you a little background about myself I am a 25 year old active individual, who has lost about 80 pounds over the past two years. I lost all the weight naturally with lots of exercise and a clean diet. I have no kids nor have had ANY form of surgery before. I have been seeing a personal trainer at La Fitness once a week for about two months and have lost some inches but still have those problem areas where my genetics are working against me.

I went to Sono Bello of Scottsdale, AZ this morning for my first consultation. I have been pondering this procedure for months. I was definitely curious as I had never done something like this before. My appointment consultant April, was a great help in educating me on everything they had to offer and how the procedure would go. Although she was a little strong in her sales approach, a motivating factor for me was when she lifted up her skirt and showed me her progress from her surgery a week prior to that day. Her openness and great results promoted me to make this big decision. They happened to have a surgery cancellation for the next day so I scheduled my appointment for that next morning. I am so nervous but very excited as I type this 5 hours before I will begin my procedure.

I am getting three areas treated: banana roll (under the butt), outer thighs, and lower back.

My starting measurements are:
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Body Fat Percentage: 18.3%
BMI: 24
Smallest Part of Waist: 28"
Below Belly Button: 33"
Hips Across Butt: 40"
Thighs right under Butt: 25" (Right) 24 1/2" (Left)

The morning of my surgey I came in...

The morning of my surgey I came in and filled out a little bit more paperwork. I had to provide a urine sample and take my first dose of meds before the operation. The Doctor came in a drew markings all over my body to let me know what areas he would be treating and had me look in a mirror to see how much more I wanted to do. I received a one shot in the arm to somewhat sedate me and waited a while for all the meds to kick in.

I was then escorted into the surgical room. I was injected twice with a numbing agent in each of the areas with a total of six shots. These shots were a little painful and burned somewhat. He then injected the liquid into each of the areas. It felt like he was poking different areas of the skin and the slightly shaking the fat to disperse the liquid. He spent about 15 minutes on each area. This part was a little painful as well but not as bad as the first shots. He then went back into the areas and removed the fat with the laser. This also felt like tiny pinches and very mild stinging sensation every once in a while.

The nurses and doctor were consistently checking on me to make sure if I was okay or needed anything. After the procedure was over the nurses dressed me in my garments and wheeled me into a room to wait for my fiancé. I survived it! Happy to go home and rest I'm not in much pain at all, just fairly sleepy.

12 Hours Post Op

Still feeling a little drowsy from the meds, but I'm feeling back to my normal self. I have been changing my incision pads about every three hours. There is a lot of leakage especially when sitting down to use the restroom. I haven't taken any additional pain meds since the initial ones before surgery. I have been trying to walk around my apartment every 30 minutes. Its a little difficult to move with the tight garment on but I'm moving. My outer thighs are pretty sensitive and carrying most of the pain. My lower back isn't hurting at all and not leaking as mush as my legs as well. I have been lying on my belly most of the time and tried lying on my back for a little but noticed a lot more leakage when I was on my back. When removing the compression garment I am not noticing too much swelling which is exciting. About to get some much needed sleep and be rested for Day 2.

Day 1 Post Op

Just received a phone call from both the doctor and the nurse at SonoBello checking in on me and reminding me of post-op instructions. I also scheduled my one week follow up appointment. My legs are feeling a little sore but I am able to walk and move around more. I have barely any leakage coming from the incisions and am trying to keep them dray as much as possible. The compression garment is a little uncomfortable but still bearable. When changing the pads I can see a difference in the areas already. Looking forward to a continued smooth recovery.

Day 2 Post Op - Let the bruising begin!

I’m starting to see much more bruising than Day 1. I was able to take a shower alone this morning and decided to put Neosporin on each of the incisions. I also changed out the pads to smaller ones. There was not much leakage yesterday and I don’t anticipate much more. I am eating very clean with lots of fruits and vegetables and roasted chicken. I am trying to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I am not noticing too much swelling. I can sit down much easier and walk around as well. I have started stretching my legs as I am doing my walking. I try to get up for at least ten minutes every 30 minutes. I also went to the gym today walked about a half a mile on the treadmill and did a light upper body workout with weights. I worked a four-hour shift at my second job today and everything went well. I was standing the entire time except for a 15 minute break after two hours.

Day 4

The bruising has gotten a little worse but I'm finding it much easier to move around. I have returned to work and am able to stand for a couple hours straight but need to sit for about 10 minutes for rest. The swelling seems to have mildly increased but is not too bad. I am doing a light workout for about 50 minutes for the past couple days and that is going well. No leg workouts just some cardio and upper body strength training. I like wearing the compression garments for extra support so I'm still wearing them 24/7 but will try sleeping without it tonight.

Day 6

Things seem to be getting better everyday. My bruising is turning yellow so its going down. There is no bruising on my lower back which is nice but my outer thighs and under my butt are pretty bad. I am wearing my compression garments all day and still taking the Arnicare. Only negative so far is I am noticing small bumps all over my legs, maybe a rash from the CG, not sure tho. Hopefully they can help determine what it is at my one week follow up. I am still pretty swollen but it seems to be getting better. Staying positive :)

Week 1 Update

I had my One Week Follow-Up appointment today and everything went great. The nurse said I was still very swollen and that the incisions are healing well, plus gave me ScarGuard to start using. I must have had an allergic reaction to the medicine or compression garment. I have a skin rash (tiny red bumps) all over the treated areas. So I have to wait to order my second stage garment. I am wearing Nike compression tights in the meantime. The bruising is going down and my comfort level is increasing! I have been going to the gym for the past four days doing upper body lifting and walking on the treadmill which has been going very well. Will update weekly now!

Week 1 Incisions

Here are what the incisions look like. Sorry if there gross anyone out, but just waned to show for some knowledge or comparison purposes.

Week 2 Update

Things are going great! Bruising is almost gone and three of the five scabs have fallen off. I am still waiting for my second stage garment to arrive in the mail. The skin rash was from the medicine used during surgery and went away within a couple days. Swelling continues to go down and my legs definitely look smaller to me. I am back to my normal daily functions without much discomfort and working out at the gym five days a week. I usually just do upper body lifting and walk a mile or two on the treadmill for cardio. Can't wait to start working out my legs again.

Week 3 Update

There is barely any bruising left. All the scabs have fallen off and I apply the Scarguard every morning before work. The scars look to be healing very well. I have been at the gym every day, still no lower body lifting, but my upper body is definitely getting stronger! My second stage garment arrived and it is VERY tight. If you can go a size up, DO IT! My measurements are 28-38 (Medium) but my thighs measure 23 1/2 (Large) so my thighs are being squeezed. Compression garments are not meant for curvy women thats for sure. No pain except for when sleeping on my side or when I run into something! :) Happy so far!

Month 1 Down! :)

Everything is going great! Feeling back to normal and did my first leg workout yesterday. Legs are feeling very sore, but good to be back! Hope all the progress continues.

5 Month Update

Everything is feeling back to normal. There is the occasional tenderness when I sit indian style on the ground or bend my leg outward, but nothing major. Scars just look like tiny scratches. I've lost about 10 pounds since surgery and still go to the gym very frequently. I do not wear my compression garment anymore and stopped after about 3 months post op. All in all, I'm glad I did the surgery. I can see a major difference looking frontwards, but sideways I still see some areas where I wish more fat was removed. Still have a small but noticeable fat pocket. Just going to have to work even harder in the gym to remove that. No more surgery for me! :)

BEFORE surgery Front View LEFT/ 5 Month Front View RIGHT

BEFORE surgery Front View LEFT/ 5 Month Front View RIGHT

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