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Soon to head off to my pre-op appointment with my...

Soon to head off to my pre-op appointment with my surgeon this afternoon. I'm sure he'll have more input about expectations of the surgery than I got from his assistant on my last visit. My best understanding so far is that most of his clients go back to work in 2-5 days as long as it's not heavily physical. I'm hoping to go back on day 3 - we'll see how that goes!

Some questions I'm going to ask:
Can I pick up my dog as long as it doesn't hurt? (he weighs 15 pounds)
Can I take my One-A-Day Womens vitamin around the surgery, or does that need to go with my other supplements?
How long will the procedure take?
Low sodium diet was recommended to ease swelling - how many mgs per day should I aim for?
Which of the medications hinder driving in the days following the procedure?
How long before/after should I stop taking Advil?
Can I take allergy mediction if needed / what is the timeline on that (specifically Zyrtec or Benadryl)?

A little nervous about pain level. Been reading other blogs - that's helping me understand what to expect.

About me: I'm 28, 5'5, and weigh 140. The arms have been my main concern for years. About 6 months ago I decided I had the money and was going to use it to up my self esteem regarding this area of my body. After researching, I learned that the proceedure is much less expensive than I originally thought, and decided to go for the mid section as well. The total for all areas was only about $1000 more than what I had originally believed I would need to pay for arms only. I'm definitely pleased with that part.

So far the office I am working with has been very helpful. I wasn't able to find a place I was comfortable with locally, so the office I chose is a couple hours away. The day of the procedure I'll plan to stay in a hotel with room service and a husband to care for me :)

I will be posting before pictures soon!

My surgeon was so helpful and very nice at the...

My surgeon was so helpful and very nice at the pre-op appointment. First of all, let me say this -- it is every woman's nightmare to have a man poke all your ugly parts and tell you what needs fixing. That said - he had me tell him what was ugly and what I thought should be fixed. He did poke the ugly parts... but actually suggested we skip the waist-line, or if we did anything there at all just do the lower part where it blends into the hip - told me there wasn't really much to take and he would only do enough to ensure I keep my hourglass shape. Whoa! I actually left that conversation feeling good (dispite the horribly large mirror and unflattering paper panties).

I didn't get copies of their before pictures, so I'll take some of my own this weekend.

As far as the questions I was intending to ask:
Q: Can I pick up my dog as long as it doesn't hurt? (he weighs 15 pounds)
A: Not for a couple weeks - if he (or my larger dogs) get in my lap that's okay, as long as it doens't hurt. Actually, he mostly said don't bench press him, but if I needed to scootch him or something like that it was fine as long as no pain.
Q: Can I take my One-A-Day Womens vitamin around the surgery, or does that need to go with my other supplements?
A: Nope. Discontinue 5 days before. I forgot to ask how long after!
Q: How long will the procedure take?
A: He's estimating 2-2.5 hours. Said I was easy.
Q: Low sodium diet was recommended to ease swelling - how many mgs per day should I aim for?
A: He told me he had no idea! Just said keep with unprocessed foods and I shouldn't need to worry. Don't add salt when I cook, avoid eating out, and Ramen Noodles is the world's biggest no-no. Gave me a firm impression that I don't need to focus too much on this since I generally follow those rules anyway.
Q: Which of the medications hinder driving in the days following the procedure?
A: Pain meds = no driving. He said he doubts I'll even take them past day 2. However, I'm glad the prescrip is for enough to get me through a few extra days if needed.
Q: How long before/after should I stop taking Advil?
A: Nothing for 5 days before or 2 weeks after. This will be hard for me, since I get pretty bad headaches about twice a week from being on the computer so much at work. Buying a bottle of Tylonol asap.
Q: Can I take allergy mediction if needed / what is the timeline on that (specifically Zyrtec or Benadryl)?
A: As needed, not an issue.

That pretty much sums up how it went. The doc was very nice, friendly, poked some jokes at me for scheduling it two days post-Thanksgiving (so I can load up on crap and then get it sucked out). I told him (and I'll tell you) that I'm the kill-joy who brings salad to Thanksgiving because I can't stand a meal without something green. But - it's still Thanksgiving, and there is no way to avoid the yummy foods. I won't be bringin home leftovers this year, though.

Some of you who post talk about this aspect and some of you don't - privacy. I am not telling very many people about this surgery, for a few reasons. First, I don't want people thinking I have tons of money, when I don’t (especially when it comes to co-workers). Secondly, I’m doing this for myself not for those around me, and don’t want to deal with what their feelings are or are not on the subject. Thirdly, I have some friends who are quite substantially overweight (at least a hundred pounds overweight), and I would never want something positive in my life to hurt their feelings. That being said, I’ve chosen to tell only a handful of people my plans at this point: My parents, my brother (we’re very close), one close friend who lives near the clinic I’m using, and my husband. I am sure over time a few more people will be brought into the loop, but we’ll play that one by ear.

More from me after I have before pictures!

3 days to go! Getting excited. Tomorrow is...

3 days to go! Getting excited. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - going to try not to "earn" my surgery. I've been extra strict on my diet the last week to hopefully offset what will be a meal that isn't within my control (I'm only in charge of the sweet potatoes). But - at the very least, I can control portions.

My mom is going to take my before pics tomorrow before we eat and my before measurements. I'll get those up before the end of the day tomorrow!

Yesterday was the procedure. This may be a...

Yesterday was the procedure. This may be a partial update bc I am updating from my mobile. To start with, I was very nervous and worried that te anxiety meds they gave would never kick in. They did my pregnancy test, I changed into the paper underpants an got the "just in case" iv put in. Then the doctor came in and drew on me. Everything he marked looked good to me so we headed to the next room to get started. They asked if I wanted to pick the music but I was too nervous to think. The doc put on pandora maroon 5 channel so I was happy with that. The numbing shots were definitely uncomfortable - the one to the belly button was the worst. From there mostly easy, a little interesting, and I dozed off a few times. Exceptions: I felt it when he made the incision to my belly button... He told me I'd feel everything more around there, and I did. The belly button is also the area with the most swelling. One other area hurt pretty bad when he did it - he said there was a pocket of difficult fat there (he described it as white fat, that men usually get, as opposed to the rest which was yellow fat like what women generally have).

Numbers. I think I remember all of this right (it was on a white board on the wall ad he and the nurse talked about it ongoingly). Full abs: 1000 solution in, 1300 out. Flanks: 250 in each side, 300 out each side. Arms; 100 in each side,125 out each side.

No real pain immediately following. The cg not awesome but not as bad as I had feared. Mostly tired. I stayed in a hotel (with Thebes draped in puppy pee pads), so I would sleep a couple hours then walk the hall a couple times and repeat.

That was yesterday. Today I have nausea. Ill go into this more later - I need to take a break due to, unfortunately, the nausea. More soon.

I just remembered I haven't posted before photos...

I just remembered I haven't posted before photos yet. Here they are... I won't post any afters until I stop oozing.

Back to the nausea. I had a lot of nausea and some dizziness this morning and through the afternoon. In sure this was due in part to just doing more. I went to breakfast (where I couldn't eat more than half an English muffin and ice water) - while there I got feverish and nuseated. Napped until checkout time then had to ride 2 hours in a car to get home. Had to stop for pepto after I almost puked. The whole trip was unpleasant. Napped a couple hours when I got home. Showered and applied new bandages. Light headed from taking off the garment.

Laid down some more but not really sleepy yet. Watched a show and called my mom. Got up and made my own dinner - some veggies and pasta. Ate less than half what I normally would. No nausea from that.

I was washing my garment and now it's dry. Time to go squeeze back in. I did put it through the drier on the coolest setting for 20 minutes; hopefully it didn't shrink much!

Not going to work tomorrow, hoping to go on Tuesday.

Day 2 post op. Woke up with a good amount of...

Day 2 post op.

Woke up with a good amount of abdominal pain. I hadn't taken prescr pain meds since yesterday around noon, so I am sure that's part of it. Took 1 pill and laid back down. My husband left for work around 6 am so I am on my own today with our 3 dogs - who are pretty mad that I've locked them out of the bedroom.... The last thing I need is 50 pounds of cuteness stepping on my bruised areas. I did get up to let them out and give them a treat a little bit ago, which has calmed them.

A couple incisions still oozing but much less. Hoping to be rid of maxi pads soon even if I still need gauze.

My plan for the day is to rest, eat healthy, and take a few short walks maybe 10-15 minutes each. I will probably try to hang some laundry and make my lunch for tomorrow at work. I may run to the grocery store once the prescr pain meds wear off. That part is still in question.

Day 2 post op continued. Evening. I felt bad for...

Day 2 post op continued. Evening. I felt bad for a bit in the afternoon with a terrible migraine. I am not sure what brought it on. I couldn't take any meds because in had already taken my pain killers. I drank two glasses if caffeinated tea, took an allergy pill, ate lunch, and laid down for a nap. A little bit later I felt better. Made myself several small healthy meals, ran two loads of dishes, and folded some laundry (not much). I shaved my legs sitting on the side of the tub, and changed out my bandages. Still have 4 of the 10 incisions covered in maxi pads for the overnight (just in case), and gauze over 2 incisions. So, that part is improving a lot.

Tomorrow I'm back at work for at least 6-7 hours but I'm hoping for a full day. I guess we'll see how it goes. The swelling seems to be getting better, or maybe my garment is stretching out. Tough to say. Swelling is definitely uneven on belly. Even with the swelling, all areas definitely smaller. Can't tell yet what end results will be. Hoping to get pictures soon - waiting for the oozing to stop.

Pain - arms. Almost no pain. It's like having a bad bruise, it only hurts if I bump it in the right spot. Abs and waste - soreness in varying parts of this area, depending on the part of day. This morning it hurt to bend but that has improved. Moderate aches consistently in flanks. It's been more than 8 hours since past pain meds. Will take some before bed just to help keep swelling down and help me sleep.

62 hours post op I returned to work (8 am this...

62 hours post op I returned to work (8 am this morning). The morning went pretty well Getting ready at home - walked the block, changed bandages, ate breakfast and got dressed. Frustration with bandages - the tape is starting to cause skin irritation on the areas I am still bandaging. Off to work feeling okay. Within about an hour of arriving at work I knew I wouldn't make it a full day. You forget how much effort it takes to deal with time pressures and just - thinking - after a surgery. Mostly I felt just exhausted, not sick. I ate my healthy lunch (we had a meeting today so I got to watch others eat pizza and doughnuts and drink soda - looked yummy but knew it wouldn't be a good choice... Yowza sodium!)

I made it a full 6.5 hours before I gave in and headed home. I might have been able to muscle through if not for the pain that has developed from the former discomfort of the bandage tape. The tape crosses the panty line of my garment, so to add insult to injury it gets rubbed when I walk.

Since today is officially day 3 I am allowed to have a few hours garment free. I have Also determined to be bandage free for a time To give my skin a break and hopefully prevent insanity :). For the moment I'm wearing cruddy clothes and laying on a puppy pad. Although - only one area is leaking at the moment and its very mild. Thank God!

I measured hips and waist right after I got the garment off. Same measurements and pre surgery, so some obvious swelling. I couldn't get arm measurements without a buddy but will try to get some of those later today.

Pain - I bumped my arms a few times driving to work. That was no good. I have tingly cold and stinging type feelings that come and go in the belly, but they don't hurt just are funny.

After I lay awhile ill bop around the house and get used to no garment. May or may not try to walk the block without it since i get nauseated when I'm not wearing it.

I tried to update my post yesterday but was having...

I tried to update my post yesterday but was having some major difficulties with my internet. So yesterday would have been day 4 post op, and it was by far the worste I've had to date. TMI warning - but I think people reading this blog want to know all the ugly truths. Ultimately, it seems like the biggest issue came down to a major poop cloggage I was having. I woke up around 5am feeling very feverish, and with major abdominal pain. I took the last dose of my presciption pain meds and moved to the bathroom to lay on the cold floor. The pressure was so bad on my stomach, that I removed my garment for awhile, which made me nauseated to boot. My temperature finally cooled, and I moved back to the bed and slept another hour or two, at which time I called in to work to let them know I wouldn't be making it. Shortly after I had a difficult, dark, and hard bowel movement the size of Texas. I felt better immediately. I still took the remainder of the day to rest up. I slept several more hours, and aside from taking a few short 5 minute walks to get blood flowing, just relaxed and ate healthy.

I purchased stool softener in preparation for this, but I failed to take it the night before. At least now I know how important it is. I took more shortly after this issue happened, so I had another painful, dark, and hard bowel movement later in the day yesterday. Continueing to take the softeners, and having better luck today.

With the pain and the feverish feeling, and the stool issue - plus the continued oozing and bruising - yesterday was a downer day for me mentally. Someone asked me if it was worth it to have the surgery. Well, I have no question the arms were worth it. Definitely bruised and still oozing. But they look much better already, and very little pain issues with that unless I directly bump a bruise. The mid-section is definitely undecided as far as being worth it. The surgery itself was more painful, and the recovery is definitely more uncomfortable by a major jump.

Today - Day 5 post op - Feeling much better as far as this goes. Still ozzing from 2 ab incisions and from the elbow incisions. My garment is still driving my crazy - it's a little short, to be honest, so it rides up the crotch and butt more than I care for. Aparently I have a very long torso (the doc even commented on it during surgery and asked if I have trouble buyring clothes). Since it has a bra style clasp at the crotch, I am going to buy a bra extender to make the whole thing an inch or two longer. I am hoping this will be a dramatic improvement.

Back at work. Feeling a little nauseated, but altogether okay. Keeping up with Tylonol doses every 4 hours. The doctor used the phrase "don't be a hero" when he was instructing me to take pain meds consistantly. After the last couple days (when I was trying to be a hero), I won't do that again for awhile.

I noted that the bruises are getting a lot better. Many of them are yellowy in color.

I have my 1 week followup tomorrow afternoon (technically a 6 day followup), so I'll see what they have to think about the whole thing then. I'm hoping to get some 1 week photos tomorrow as well. The oozing is down to very minimal, so should be easy enough to do that and get those posted. I'll also get some updated measurements for all areas, and I'll weigh myself in the morning (I haven't weighed myself since before the surgery). I'm not expecting to see things be too much better than before the surgery. Even though I can see an improvement in shape - I know there is swelling. So, I'll let the numbers speak, but also not get too ahead of myself. I'm discovering recovery is going to be just a little harder/longer than I had originally hoped, so I'm limiting my expectations for tomorrow.

I finished an 8 hour work day today. I was pretty...

I finished an 8 hour work day today. I was pretty tired by the end but still managed to go to the store for some veggies and a bra extender to fix my long torso issue - it's a miracle! It was a good idea.

My husband is out of town the next two days or work. Dealing with my crazy 3 dogs by myself - they keep trying to crawl on me, which is no fun at all. I need to wash my hair and I'm still scared to shower. Since husband can't wash my hair for me, I'm going to go by the beauty shop for a wash and style. Ill keep up with the sponge bath method for the rest of me. Gross - I know. But the last shower attempt was painful on my wounds. Using bandaid antibiotic wash that doesn't have to be rinsed for my sponge baths. It's been affective so far.

Oops. Updating from my cell it looks like...

Oops. Updating from my cell it looks like sometimes I put my update under comments! I won't post today, except that I am going in for post op in a few hours -- will update that later one. Here is yesterday's post:

Getting ready for bed. Washed garment and made some quite necessary adjustments to keep me sane. First, I added two bra extenders to the crotch area, giving me 3-4 inches in length for the torso. No more wedgies from hell for this girl! Yes- my torso is really that long. Second, I made a small slit in th 'cuff' part of the sleeves. The upper arm (where surgery was done) is snug but not unbearable. However, my hands have been falling asleep and in pretty sure it is because the last I inch bites into my forearm. Hopefully this will help me feel better about the whole garment thing. Also hoping to see more reduction in swelling soon - that will also help with the garment. Off to bed.

One week post op done today (its really day 6): ...

One week post op done today (its really day 6): less informative than I'd hoped. I met with a nurse I'd never met, and she sort of looked me over, took photos, and asked if I had questions. Not sure why I expected, but it was a week of build up to something small. Basically, I'm doing fine. I should increase walking and keep resting as I feel it's needed. At 2 weeks I can increase to what would actually qualify as cardio - that's when I'll probably actually go back to the gym rather than just walking the block.

Good news- I will have a new garment shipped to my house soon! This new one will not be quite as tight (score!) and looks like it will be more adjustable. Also, the arm garment will be a separate piece so I can have a little more freedom of choice with it. Continue wearing it a minimum of 12 hours daily for awhile. I didn't ask how long, so I'm assuming at least until my next visit.

Ill get photos posted tomorrow.

So I may have oops-ed! As I'm reading more and...

So I may have oops-ed! As I'm reading more and more of your reviews, I think I coded my procedure a little bit incorrectly. I didn't see Power Assisted Lipo in the list of choices, and went with Smart Lipo... What started me wondering was a post that my post op care instructions seemed different... Here is how the whole thing went down. If this seems different from you, let me know! I'm curious!

I was awake the whole time. I got a small and painful shot in each incision shot and then he made tiny holes - I watched the whole thing. Then he took a small long pin thingy and threaded it all around the areas - this filled me with fluid that was to numb the areas completely and help loosen the fat. This pin thingy also vibrated, which is the power assisted part. Then, he took a slightly larger tube and started sucking all the junk out; this one also vibrated, so it was also power assisted. The laser at the end was only to help stimulate collogin growth so the skin tightens up. I got no stitches or anything like that, just some gauze put over my wounds, a CG strapped on, and sent on my way with instructions.

Not a lot to report today. Feeling great compared...

Not a lot to report today. Feeling great compared to last week, approximately normal. Walked a mile on Saturday and Sunday, and going to go out again in a few minutes. Worked 9 hours today.

I am posting pictures from today (Day 9 post op), and below are updated measurements:
Hip 36.5 inches (no change)
Waist 29.5 inches (down 1 inch)
Upper left arm 12 5/8 (down 1/2 inch)
Lower left arm 11 3/8 (down 1/8 inch)
Upper right arm 12 3/8 (down almost an inch)
Lower right arm 11.25 (down 1/2 inch)
Weight 141 (up one pound)

Feeling great. About a million times better than...

Feeling great. About a million times better than a few days ago. Lots of sensations going through the treated areas. My left arm has felt very bruised the last few days (may be why it still hasn't shrunk up as much as the right), and periodically I get sharp stabbing pains in my ab/flank treated areas which feel kind of like I'm getting a shot.

Other than that -- building up the length of time walking. Planning to go to the gym for the first time since surgery tomorrow; I'll probably try to walk 30 minutes and ride the stationary bicycle for 10 (both at a slow to moderate pace of course, and taking a break if needed). Thus far the most I've done at once is 30 minutes - not because I get worn out that quickly, but more because of time restrictions.

Also my second stage garment is due to be delivered tomorrow, which I'm pumped about. Dear God, PLEASE let it be more comfortable than the first one! I'm starting to get some rub marks where this one hits the butt, so a different fit is well welcomed.

I'm a little nervous about this coming Saturday. I'm working a supervisor shift in the field with some of our technicians; I do this about once per month. The shift will involve walking for 20-45 minutes at a time at 10 locations throughout the day at a fair pace. Probably a 10 hour day with driving in between. The good thing is, there is a lower level supervisor in the same crew, so if it gets to be too much, he can probably handle the second half of the day without me. Technically that will be the first day of week 2 when I am to return to CARDIO, so I'm hoping all goes well. I also plan to let Sunday be a rest day just in case.

I feel really good about the way I look. Obviously I'm wearing the garment, so there is some compression happening; but even without it on my clothes seem to hang really well. I'm glad to be seeing the difference, since the first week I was pretty frustrated. I haven't yet tried on any shirts that had too tight arms; I want to let swelling go down a little more before I even look, just in case (why hurt my mentality by jumping the gun?).

I'm supposed to have some skni tightening treatments coming up - the clinic gave them to me for free over an inconvenience that took place the day of surgery. However, they aren't being very cooperative about scheduling them, which I find a little frustrating. It seems I need to talk to only one specific person, I haven't been able to speak with her. I have some concerns that they are going to try to renig on the free treatments. I'm still hoping she's just behind on her messages, because I don't want to have to say it didn't go well on this topic! I'll update about this more when I know.

Got my new garments. The body suit is awesome -...

Got my new garments. The body suit is awesome - the shoulder straps are extendable, so I can make it long enough for my torso comfortably. Fanstastic! Disappointed about the arm garment. It is much tighter than the original garment, which was already uncomfortable. I'll have to return it for somethign smaller, but it will probably take 2 weeks. Ugh.

On another note, I started my period today, even thoguh I wasn't due for another 10 days. I read in some other blogs that sometimes that happens after liposuction. I guess it just freaks your body out a little. No biggie, but I was caught on surprise at work, which isn't so much fun.

The sensations in my arms are almost totally normal. I can scratch and itch or rub on lotion without weird tingles - same with the sides and flanks. The abdomin is still definitely freaking out. It is getting better - it is tingly but without pain when I touch it. This morning I used the massage shower head on the belly for 3 or 4 minutes. That helped a lot all at once, but I didn't want to do anything longer because I don't want to mush up the scabs.

Sent the following email to sono bello today: I...

Sent the following email to sono bello today: I had my lipo 6 weeks ago today at the Scottsdale location. Upon my arrival I was informed the laser was broken and given two options - reschedule, or proceed without laser and I would receive 8 Venus freeze services free. I reminded them that I'd drove in 3 hours that morning and wanted to know if the Venus was a lesser skin result. They assured me many times that it was an upgrade, and Addy, the woman who does the Venus, told me she would schedule my treatments on Saturdays (even though they normally don't) so I wouldn't have to take a half day off every week for 8 weeks.

At this point I have yet to have a single venus treatment. I started calling to schedule 5 days post op, and everyone refused to schedule me on a Saturday. I insisted I speak with Addy but never was transferred and no phone call back. I tried to schedule in person at my one week Followup - they refused to do Saturdays then as well. I called three times the next week with the same result. Finally on week three, Addy called me back and we scheduled for December 29 as the first one, and he stated she would schedule the rest when I come in. Yesterday I got a reminder call and reminder text. Today I have a call that Addy is on vacation so we need to reashedule - and I'm told they cannot reschedule me to a Saturday. This customer service is 100% unacceptable to me. I am not asking for anything except what was given me due to your company's equipment malfunction. If this was unreasonable, I should not have been given the option. This situation needs to be resolved.

I finally had my first Venus treatment last...

I finally had my first Venus treatment last Saturday -- which was exactly 6 weeks from the surgery. I'm feeling good. They told me at this point I can use my own judgement on when to wear and not wear my compression garments. I took a whole 24 hours off from the arms since that time -- I had intended to just throw them in the wash but my husband so thoughtfull started up laundry and then the garments got forgotten temporarily. That seems to be okay.

I have some soreness this week -- could be due to less compression or due to the Venus, or simply nerves waking up. Not sure.

My arms look pretty good. I'm excited to see if the Venus will help with the skin (which looks pretty good, but could be better). I can actually see my muscles... even though I havne't worked my arms in 6 weeks! Last night I tried weights - a mix of 2s and 4s depending on the exercise. I will probably up to combining 4s and 5s in a day or two just don't want to push anything since I haven't been lifting.

I think my belly is smaller still. I haven't measured or done any photos in awhile so hard to tell if anything has ACTUALLY changed. But I feel like my pre-surgery pants fit better than before the surgery (I couldn't wear them at all for the first several weeks because of swelling). I will have my husband measure me and take pictures this weekend. Excited to see what we find out!

Food? I've been doing badly with food since Christmas. We went out of town for the holidays and I was very consious of what I was putting in my mouth - but also was stuck in the whim of my mother's food, which made it more difficult to manage sodium, in particular. Since then I've had a hard time getting back into my routine - we had a chain of oddball events after Christmas. I've had days that are great for calories and sodium, etc, then others where I feel like I can't stop snacking, or (for example) one work day I was caught unable to leave the office for lunch and failed to bring anything so I had to order in. Today I've done well, yesterday I did well. I just need to keep pushing on with this part of it.

Photos to come soon. Very pleased so far.

I did a lot of online research; many providers have websites that are not informative at all, and I feel like I want to know a little before I even walk into an office (to keep from wasting my time). I also ruled out the providers who charge for consultations (I own a business and we do all consultations free... which just seems better in my mind). From there, I asked around to people I know who have had procedures of some type (none this specific type). I visited two places, and liked the feel and staff at this place.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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