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So ill start with an intro. im a 28 year old,...

So ill start with an intro. im a 28 year old, married, full time working mom of 2 girls. Ive had weight issues all my life. i finally got dedicated and lost all my weight through diet and exercise then got preggo. I did the process all over again through diet and exercise got preggo again. this time around the struggle is REAL and i really need a jump start. Now even when i lost weight with diet and exercise i could never lose weight in my arms. they are HUGE. i know its genetics, all the women in my family have huge arms. I literally wear long sleeves every day, and i have done so since my senior year in high school. (10 years ago) did i mention i live in Phoenix where its 1 million degrees in the summer? Anyway... i went to my consultation at Infini Cosmetics in Scottsdale Az around 10/15/16. ( i dont remember the exact date). Its a very nice office. I filled out paperwork and was immediately called back to the doctor's office. I waited for only about 2 minutes and then met Dr Hall. He was very nice and made me feel comfortable. He showed me pictures of the instruments he uses for the procedure, and explained that he was the only lipo specialist in the state of Arizona. I was happy i got to meet with the doctor in person. he asked a few questions about which areas i wanted to get done. I was initially interested in my arms and upper/lower abs. The doctor took me to another room where i took off my sweater and showed him the areas i was concerned with. He was very honest regarding what he could do. i have stretch marks on my stomach and a bit of loose skin. (mommy tummy). he advised that those issues could not be fixed with the procedure but that i would look better in my clothes. (which is okay with me) when examining my stomach he also suggested getting my love handles done or else they would stand out. I agreed. He was quite surprised when i showed him my arms. he agreed that they did not fit my body and they gave me a totally different shape. So after the meeting with the doctor, I met with Shannon who had the procedure done as well. she answered all if my questions. Said the worst part would be getting the local anesthesia which she compared to the pain of getting a tattoo. (not looking foward to that). So after talking with my husband i scheduled my surgery for 11/20/15. Super excited and anxious. I'll be keeping you all updated.

Im So Excited!!!! 1 1/2 days til surgery!

my procedure is 2 days away. I can't stop stalking this website! But im a little nervous now, not about the procedure, but about post op. From what i read im probably going to be recovering for longer than i anticipated. I have a job where i sit all day so im not too worried about work, but im scheduled to work 48 hours after my surgery so im praying to God im not suffering the whole day. im also worried because my kids are super attached to their mommy. im holding one of them at all times, im having my arms done so i dont know how thats going to work.

Im also considering adding my bra rolls. I think the flat stomach im hoping for, with remaining back fat would not be cute and i rather get everything done at once. Im going to call the office to see how much it would cost to add another area. Fingers crossed its under $1500 if so, im sold.

I have so many emotions but mainly just excitement! Ill try to post again day of. if im out of it, ill post on saurday.

Wish me luck!!!

one day post op

So i had my procedure done yesterday. I arrived at 8am, filled out paperwork, and was escorted to the room. i met the RN and was given xanax and vicodin. Then i took some before pictures. I laid down and the happy pills kicked in. i felt really loopy. the doctor came in and marked me up, then came the pain. OMG i wasnt ready. the lidocane was very painful. my tolerance for pain isnt that great anyway but this pain was more than expected. i began to feel pressure. and the doc started sucking out the fat. The nurse put on a movie. i was loopy the whole time and was sleeping during half of the procedure. i got home and was really out of it. i only had to use the restroom once and i had a mini panic attack. i just got super hot and nauseous. my husband gave me some sprite and some medicine and i went back to sleep. this morning i showered and got a glimpse of my belly and arms. my stomach looks a hot mess. its lumpy all over and very wrinkled. my waist feels smaller but im very swollen. my arms feel a little smaller. My only concern is my compression garment. its not tight at all. it feels like its just holding my pads on. I've read that people cant breath because their garments are so tight or they need help putting their garment on. mine just slides on. im worried its too big and not holding things in. i can easily put it on myself. and it bunches up a little. i have a waist trainer so ill probably switch after my 1 week post op appt. im sure i missed some stuff so let me know if you guys have any questions!

will post some pics today

some day of before and 1 day post op after

The Itching!!!

omg im itching soo bad. its horrible. worst than pain. its coming from each incision. any suggestions?

Nutty Professor Hands.

Okay im starting to worry my hands and lower arms are soo swollen. They feel extremely tight. Im drinking plenty of water so i dont think thats the problem. i think my cg is cutting off my circulation. or maybe everything from my upper arm is just draining downward. Its painful to the touch because my skin is so tight. i posted some pics of my hands. does this look normal?

9 days post op

So i wanted to give you all an update on how ive been. To sum it all up ive been very sore. i can move around without pain but going from the sitting to standing postion is horrible. Also, laying down is painful so i havent been getting good sleep. im also very tender. The slightest touch on my arm, love handles or mid section hurts like hell. i was extremely swollen for the past week. i have not been able to put on a pair of pants since the surgery. my love handles are swollen and sore so putting on jeans is out of the question. I think i was holding on to water. I was drinking a gallon a day and barely using the bathroom, until yesterday. I was running to pee every 5 minutes. I am concerned becuase i have actually gained weight since the surgery. But hopefully its just because of the swelling. I am still concerned that my compression garment is too big. it has never fit snug, not even the day of surgery. I got some great advice from "readyforsummer" one of the blog users here. She recommended getting an ab board, topi foam and using an ace bandage because my gut was bulging. I felt like it wasnt compressing enough. so i started to use all three tools and the difference is mind blowing. I also ordered a smaller garment because as she put it, "i paid too much money not to get the results i want over something minor like a cg" Woke up this more and took some pics. I am very happy with my results so far! excited to see myself 6 weeks post op.

arms 2 weeks post op. post op doc appt update

so i went to see the doc thursday for my post op check up he says im healing well. im a bit discouraged because i feel big. my jeans are fitting again but im just not where i want to be. the doc said thats normal. he took a liter of fat out of each arm and 1.6 liters from my stomach. he says my fat was tough to get out which is why im so sore. he said 1/20 patients he works on has this kind of tough visceral fat. he said i should expect to actually get bigger and look worst these next two weeks and then my results should start showing. blah... im not that patient. my stomach looks a hot mess and lumpy right now. i got out of the shower today and my 3 year old felt the need to say, "mommy your tummy looks disgusting." lol gotta love the kids and their honesty. heres some pics of my arms as of today. not posting any pics of this hot meas of a stomach right now
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