32 Yo One Child Large Breast That Have Sagged and Deflated with my Love of Exercise - Scottsdale, AZ

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I've been researching getting a possible lift and...

I've been researching getting a possible lift and augmentation for over a year. I'm a 32dd but with a very padded super uplifting bra. I've always had size D breasts and always had comments on how lucky I was. What people don't understand is that most naturally large breasts are not the full round breasts people think of. Two years ago I began to exercise alot, and I love it. The problem is as my body has tightened up my breasts have done the opposite. So after a year researching brands and procedures, then two months reviewing doctors and two consults I have chosen Dr. Spies in Scottsdale. I have my pre op in three weeks surgery in five. I've decided on sientra round base textured. Size wise I want them as big as he can safely go after doing the lift. I'm really excited!


I've taken some pictures, I'm heavily tattooed so ignore the shirt /color blocking on my skin. One week to my pre op! So excited!

What do you tell your kids?

So I'm not sure what I should tell my son. He's 6 and very smart. My ex-husband says I shouldn't tell him anything because it's a private area and he's too young. But there's no way he won't notice and he likes to lay with me at bed time and give me hugs. Anyone have any advice?


Monday was my pre-op! Dr.Spies and his staff were great, they went over everything they were very thorough. I felt like he understood exactly what I wanted and is going to make them as big as I asked him to. About two more weeks! So much to do prescriptions to fill, wound care items, button up shirts pillows! I can't wait!

First day post op

Okay I thought this was going to hurt a lot less. Frankly I'd rather give birth at least you get an epidermal and don't feel shit. I agree with the other women it's the pressure like an elephant is sitting on your chest that hurts the most. I'm getting ready to meet my doctor for my follow up. I'll get so see them for the first time. I'm really excited. I'll post more pictures when my mind is clear.

Two days post op

I'm going home today, can't wait to see my son. I had my post op appointment with Dr. Spies yesterday it was great. I really can't say enough great things about him and his staff. My boobs look great! I'm in the post op bra now which helps a lot with the pressure, no more elephant on my chest. The pain is definitely manageable as long as I stay on schedule. It sucks waking up to take the medicine but staying ahead of the pain is better than playing catch up. I'll post some pics soon.

5 days going strong!

So I went back to work yesterday and I'm definitely feeling it. I'm the only employee of a small company so I didn't have a choice. I have been freaking out because post op I had a flat stomach you could see my abs, but the last few days I've been looking like I'm at the start of my second trimester! Omg! I work out a lot and have been on a strict diet since the surgery. Thank God for this website. Apparently the bloating is very common especially with the augmentation but apparently will go back to normal in time. I feel much better about it now. My one week follow up is Friday I'm looking forward to it.

Pictures 3 days out

Slight set back

So after my one week follow up the tape and some stitches were removed and I began cleaning the incisions with hydrogen peroxide and bacitracin, after three days I developed a oozing itching rash. I sent pictures to my surgeons office (I live an hour and a half away) and two minutes later I got a call back turns out I'm allergic to bacitracin. Not a good way to find out! But I was very happy with the quick response from Ali at Dr. Spies office. I'm about to the three week point and the rash is gone I've begun scar message with vitamin E oil. I absolutely hate sleeping on my back I haven't had a good night's rest since the surgery. Morning boob sucks! I'm swollen stiff and uncomfortable. But man it's worth it! They look awesome! I have the sientra round base high profile textured. My left breast is a 415 my right is 440. For a girl who has been teased about her nipple size I'm so happy with their size now! My right breast is healing faster than my left and has settled into place more than my left. I've read that it's common to have one side heal faster. I can switch bras tomorrow which I'm very happy about. I'll see my surgeon again in a few weeks for a 6 week check up.

Lefty is a slow healer!

So I'm a full month post op now which feels like it took forever! My left breast is definitely healing slower than my right. It fell into place about two weeks after my right one. I had some more leakage on my left at the 't' point of my incion it has stopped now and healed over. I'm still sleeping on my back which sucks! I'm paranoid because I know a girl that didn't wear her bra all the time and slept on her side two weeks post op and her boobs have a separation. I switched to the hanes comfy bras which are awesome! Very comfortable around the incisions and not totally hideous. This is the first time in my life that I don't need to wear a super padded extreme push up bra, it's such a great feeling I can't describe how much it has effected my self-esteem. This was a very expensive operation for me and I wasn't sure that I was OK with spending so much money on myself but it is so worth it! I'm still only doing cardio and lower body at the gym hopefully at 6 weeks I can get back to the weights again for my upper body.
Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

Love love love Dr Spies and his staff. He answered questions before I could even ask them! He listened to what I asked for made sure I knew exactly what was happening and what to expect. Each visit his staff was welcoming and made me feel like family. My results are exactly what I was looking for I would recommend him a million times over!

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