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So I have been following a lot of peoples updates...

So I have been following a lot of peoples updates on here and it has all been very helpful and informative, so I have decided to start posting my experiences to hopefully help someone as well in the future.

I have always had a problem with my nose. Although I am really happy with the front view of my face I have always hated my profile. No one has ever made fun of me or anything, it's just something that I am very critical about for myself. So my husband and I decided that it's time for me to finally get a nose job! He has never seem an issue with it but he knows how much it bothers me so he is very supportive, all my family is actually very supportive. I have already had my pre op and only have one more week before the big day! I have 100% trust in my surgeon, he specializes in facial plastic surgery and I feel he understands everything I want, which is overall my dorsal hump being filed down and tip taken in a bit. It's not as easy as that, all the steps he has to do to get my end result but that's the jist of it.

My MIL will be watching my two children for the first couple of days while my husband will take care of me. Has anyone found it hard to take care of two toddlers days after surgery difficult? Can't wait to show everyone the end results :)

Before photo

One more week to go!

I officially only have one more week until the big day! I know it is going to go by so fast too. I feel I have mentally prepared myself as good as I can, alot has to do with reading others past experiences as well. For one, I expect to not like my nose when my cast first comes off, and to not see any "good" results until about 3 weeks either. If i set myself up that way, I may be pleasantly surprised. I actually have a breast augmentation consult scheduled tomorrow, my nose doc said I have no restrictions on when I can get that done and he will leave the time frame up to the other surgeon. He just said for me to remind them about being careful about putting anything over my face. So I am hoping I can get that done 3 to 4 weeks after my rhino. We will see

Tomorrow is the big day!

Well it is finally here, tomorrow is my surgery! I am starting to get a little nervous but im super excited at the same time. I think I am underestimating the recovery from this. I try and always be "super woman" when it comes to taking care of my kids and husband etc. but im trying to remember that its going to take more than a couple of days before I start to feel pretty good. That is probably going to be the hardest part for me. Still pretty nervous about the anesthesia but from what I hear I will go to sleep and wake up like no time has passed at all, so that's a little reassuring as well. Anyway cant wait to post some "after" pictures for you guys :)

one more before photo

It's done!

I will write more later when I'm not on my phone, but so far so good. Everything is done and I feel fine so far. I can even breath out of my nose!


So far it not too bad, I think I have been talking to people to much because it's starting to bleed a lot. I have thrown up 4 times so far, it's bit too horrible. My throat ha a little tickle but I'm trying not to cough because it makes my nose hurt.

Sorry for auto correct on my phone

It's not too horrible*

Day two

Slept pretty good last night actually, I have not been able to keep anything down though, I think it has to do with the blood draining in my stomach. My actual nose doesn't hurt, it's more like a dull achy pain. I have been keeping up on my pain meds so I'm sure that's helping. I'm having a hard time cleaning it though, I don't want to be too aggressive, I have just been doing a little bit of the ocean nasal spray then q-tips with hydrogen peroxide around the nostrils followed by the antibiotic ointment around the nostrils. After doing that I still feel like there is so much leftover blood, so not sure if I'm cleaning it right or not

Just cleaned

3 day post

Its day 3 and I feel pretty good. I am more swollen today, but i think thats just because i have been a lot more active (like making breakfast taking care of dog and kids). My husband went and got my kids from my MIL this morning i havent seen my son yet (4) he went straight to preschool, but my daughter (2) wouldn't even let me hold her at first :( shes warming up to me now, I do look a little scary lol. I am no longer bleeding alot and took my drip pad off, and I did have my doc call in an anti nausea medication which has been wonderful, I can finally keep food down :) I am also going to try and just manage pain with Tylenol today as well so we will see how that goes

3rd day

Day 4 post

Pain wise today it has not been too bad, yesterday was the worst for pain but I slept the best last night. I think im having a hard time with the pain because I am doing so much too early. My kids are home and although I have help from my husband its still hard not being in "mom mode" and just getting things done especially hard with my daughter having special needs . I have only been taking half a pain med because they make me feel weird and I don't like that but it doesn't really help mask the pain. Anyhoo, its no biggie I can deal with it, I just feel like im kind of going backwards, more bruising and swelling today and started bleeding again. I will post a picture soon.

Day 4

Don't mind my hair in these pictures, it's really the last thing I'm worried about right now ;)

Day 5

Today has been the best so far. Pain is minimal, swelling has moved down to my cheeks. I was able to clean and cook today with no problem so that was nice. I noticed that my nostrils are a little crooked but that could just be from the pressure from the cast and the swelling, we will see, its starting to burn and itch a little bit under the cast as well, I can breath a little bit better today and smell a little bit too

Day 5 photos

I haven't washed my face yet because I don't want the tape to come off, when do most people feel comfortable doing that?

Day 6

So far today has been great! Very minimal pain, I have only taken Tylenol today to manage any discomfort. I took a shower it was a lot easier avoiding my nose than I imagined it would be, I have returned to all my regular activities like cooking cleaning etc. even cut my husband hair. Will defiantly hold off on working out until the 6 week mark is up. I can already tell the skin under my nose is super oily, I hope I dont break out, I usually have clear skin that tends to run on the dry side, o well if I do.

Day 6

Ready for my chipmunk cheeks to disappear

Day 6 side

Tomorrow will be one week!

So tomorrow will mark one week since my surgery, so far it hasn't been as bad as I expected. Nothing too new today, the swelling in my jaw has almost disappeared. Everything has been great today then I wasn't paying attention to my daughter sitting next to me on the couch and she flinged her arm right in my face and hit me right on my nose, although she is only 16lbs it still hurt soooo bad. My husband assures me it probably didn't screw up my nose, but now my pain has gotten really bad again. Oh well I need to pay closer attention when sitting next to my little ones :) I have been having little panic attacks before I go to bed because it still freaks me out only being able to breath through my mouth and I don't really think about that until I'm laying in bed, during the day I an breath a little through my nostrils but I seem to clog up before bed too. Chewing still hurts and yawning especially. Well that's all I can think of right now

Cast off!!!

Sooo the cast came off today..and overall I am very happy!
They first pulled out he stitches which was not as bad as I anticipated, the worst was the cast coming off, not horrible but I didn't like the pressure feeling of it came off very uncomfortable. So then it came time for me to look in the mirror, honestly I was shocked at first by how swollen the tip looked, but because of this website I knew to expect that, so I wasn't too freaked out. It was so weird seeing me with a straight nose too, I couldn't belive it! Anyways my surgeon said it's exactly where he wants it to be swelling and all and knows that it will turn out to be great. He said it's the nose that was meant for my face and I couldn't agree more. I am going to continue to tape the bridge not only to help with swelling but to not feel so exposed as well. I have two small children and and 11month old 90lb rhodesian ridgeback so I am still very protective of my new nose lol. Anyways I'm looking forward to see how much it improves in the next coming weeks

Forgot to mention

I also over empathized with my surgeon that I rather look under done than over done. I would even be ok with a little hump more so than and overly scooped nose. I think he did exactly what I wanted

One more thing

I was actually really nervous to show my parents, but they were both very happy. My mom said it reminds her of the nose I had before I broke it (softball to the face) and that makes her so happy. She was afraid that I wouldn't look like "me"

Cast removal

Just washed my new nose do the first time, and it sure felt weird! Where my hump used to be there is a sharp tingling pain when I put pressure on it. I have it taped up now for bed time and if I'm not going anywhere I will probably just keep it taped to help with settling and swelling. My husband is still in shock (a good shock) that I don't have a bump anymore

Cast off day 5

So far it has been great, everyone loves my new nose and I do too. I have only been out in public a couple of times, but I feel like my scar isn't super noticeable, bruises are completely gone and that's the only thing that I feel makes it look like I had a nose job. There is still some swelling, I do tape it every night (and day If I don't go anywhere) to help with it. I can't believe how fast my recovery has been though, I feel like I am back to my 100% self with daily activities (except working out). I don't really have any pain at this point either just a slight achy feeling at times.

Out and about

So today I went grocery shopping and picked my son up from preschool. I was defiantly trying to avoid talking to people because you can still see my scar, but I still had some new found confidence as well. I'm still taping during the day if I don't have to go anywhere and at night to help with swelling.

It was bound to happen..

Well thankfully for this site and others reviews I feel somewhat prepared for the "the tip of my nose looks huge" phase. Today has been that day. I think it has to do with a couple of different factors, one being im now getting used to my new nose so instead of it being so new and different I am critiquing it a little more, also since its starting to drop a little bit and a little more swollen (hopefully) the tip looks huge and long to me. It has only been three weeks and I know there is still going to be a lot of changing so I am not going to obsess over it just yet. Will post some pictures in a bit

Week 2 cast off

Before after reminder

I find it extremely helpful to put my before and after pictures right against each other so I can see the huge improvement. I'm still loving my new nose and got a really nice compliment from another plastic surgeon (for my boob job) this last week

1 month post

So I'm just a couple of days shy of it being my one month post op. I can't believe how fast it has gone by especially the healing part. So what's new latly, nothing too much still happy with my nose, I officially have my smile back which is so nice, I still feel a bit tugging between my lip and nose but nothing too uncomfortable. I have been noticing my "dissolvable" stitches are starting to undo themselves and come out too which I'm pretty sure is normal from other stuff I have been reading. Well that is it for now I will update again when I have my one month post op with my doctor.

Before and after profile


Had my one month post op with my surgeon, everything went good, he recommended that I start massaging my incision spot with some scar cream ( its a little red and bumpy) so I went ahead and ordered Mederma and will start using that. Im still super happy with my nose, love it more some days than others, but still overall best decision ever!

Updated pictures

2 months post

sorry I havent posted sooner, but I recently had a boob job so that kind of took attention over my nose for the last couple weeks, fyi the pain from my boob job was WAY worse than the pain or discomfort I had from my rhinoplasty. Anyways still loving my nose, no regrets! I have a slight bump on my bridge but its not too bad, some days its more noticeable and somedays I cant hardly see it. I have two hard bumps on the inside of my nose where my incision is. I think it may be scar tissue, I have been massaging it with mederma per my surgeons recommendations. I did not scar well with my c sections so im a little worried that my scar will be a little noticeable. I think that is about it with the new updates :) will post some pics soon

2 month pic

More close up pics

5 month post

Just had my 5 month post op with my doctor, nothing too new to update on, being only 5 months post is still early in rhino healing terms, my scar looks so much better, it's still noticeable to me but he said it will fade even more with time. I was feeling like the tip of my nose was still kinda long but after watching that new show botched I have learned that I much rather have projection in my nose than none at all since based on that show it seems like that where a lot of rhinos go bad. My doctor said there will still be some gradual changes in the next few months like more definition in the tip and less bumpy feeling on ridge. One thing that I have really been trying to remind myself throughout this whole process is not to be overly critical of my new nose, which is hard for us people that have spent so much time being critical and over analyzing our old noses, I'm trying not to fall back into that strictly out of habit. I have to remember to look at my face as a whole and not just zero in on my nose. Overall I still love my new nose! I went through some old pictures and some news ones and tried to get some before and after comparisons that I will post
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

I only had one consultation and that was all I needed. My PS preforms a lot of rhinoplasties and I have 100% trust that he will do a great job. Its been one month since my rhinoplasty and I am so happy I went through with it. Dr. Hobgood did an amazing job.

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