Nose Job Recovery - Not a single pain pill - Scottsdale, AZ

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For as nervous as I was to go through with this.....

For as nervous as I was to go through with this...I can't even believe the recovery is going so smooth!

I haven't taken a single pain pill yet!!!

I will say that I have more swelling today and may be slightly bruising, but, NOTHING compared to what I thought I would be experiencing!

I'm getting a little ancy and have my mom helping out with the mess of laundry I've left in my bedroom. Both my mom and husband have been my "post procedure helpers"...I am getting bored not doing much...

I will post some pics soon from right after surgery to today and then again WED after I get home from getting my split changed out.

Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can help you out with in "calming" your nerves!!! My experience has been incredible!

Day 5 - Post Surgery - Stitches Out Can you say...

Day 5 - Post Surgery - Stitches Out
Can you say OUCH? Getting my stitches out and my nostrils cleaned out has been the most painful part of this whole process so far...I am just excited I was cleared for a glass of wine on Thanksgiving!

I get my cast off next WEDNESDAY!!! Let the countdown begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Still feeling stronger...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Still feeling stronger every day...a little dizzy from the cast still on my nose...I think it must be throwing off my line of vision!

Had to run to the store for my family who is cooking this was good to go "solo" on an errand!! I did it!

The check out guy couldn't believe how "good" I looked! He was shocked I didn't have any bruising...just still a little swelling!

Hope you are all doing well!

Washing your hair after surgery - Best way is to...

Washing your hair after surgery - Best way is to set on a step stool with a couple pillows underneath you in front of your kitchen sink...make sure you have some "press n seal" wrap on your nose and covering your forehead...a couple layers. I like to tape mine down to my forehead to!

Make sure the person washing your hair is very careful not to hit your nose...I have a super aware husband and he even accidentally "grazed" my nose a couple times.

I like washing it in the kitchen sink a lot better than trying some unique ways to get it done in the shower...much easier!!!

Changing my Status to "Unsure" I feel as if my...

Changing my Status to "Unsure"

I feel as if my nose is bigger now than before and definitely wider on the bridge...I feel like an Avatar!!!

I hope the swelling goes down and down and down and down.

Posting a pic from day of Cast Removal and then Day 13 Post Surgery and Day 15 Post Surgery.

Wish me luck because I can barely stomach the fact I spent over 8k on something I can't stomach looking at!!!
And also...I went back to work on Day 13 and was SO TIRED the next day...I stayed home again.


ONE MONTH POST SURGERY! WOW...what a difference...


WOW...what a difference a month makes! I am exercising again and feeling SO much happier and better about myself. My swelling goes down more and more every day! I'm starting to appreciate my new nose! Everyone at work is also commenting how much better it is looking...FINALLY! I guess the key would be not "revealing" your new self until you are ready. IF ONLY I COULD'VE TAKEN A WHOLE MONTH OFF WORK!!! HA!! It would've saved me some grief. I will wait again another month to post pics, but, I guess I wanted to apologize for being so nervous and negative at first...It's going to take time and will only get better and better!! Good luck to everyone!!! xoxo Happy Holidays!!! Heidi :-)

Over 2 years later... think I need revision surgery to correct the open roof it looks like I have!!!

Over 2 years after my nose job and it seems like the bridge keeps spreading... I am not happy and am sick over how much I paid only to have to have it redone.
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