Rhinoplasty: What I Wish I Had Done Before my First Surgery - Scottsdale, AZ

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I will keep it simple and straight foreword... pay...

I will keep it simple and straight foreword... pay attention, do not use a plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon for Rhinoplasty unless he or she is a specialist in Rhinoplasty/Facial surgery.

Take it from someone who's had two and now has a worse nose than what God and Genetics were so kind to bless me with. Leave the boobs and lipo to your local talented Plastics...I've had two breast Augs. no big deal...not rocket science. The nose is not to be trusted with any other surgeon that is not a rhinoplasty specialist. Please do not repeat my experience.

Dr. Sam Rizk is one of these Surgeons (all though I've never met or had surgery by so I don't have a personal endorsement) but I am beyond impressed with his photo gallery and experience. Hopefully there is someone that is a gifted facial surgeon in your home state, my countless hours researching online I've only found them in Los Angeles, New York City, & and maybe one in Texas... Houston or Dallas, not sure.

I hope that maybe I've helped someone with my hard earned information... and saved you thousands.

Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation after two years post op.

Recently I had consultation with a Revision Rhinoplasty Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a SPECIALIST!! in revision rhino....which was like finding a unicorn, didn't know they truly existed. Impressed completely and wanted to share my amazing find, will include his contact information at the ending of my update. First things first, almost three years later my nose continues to look and function worse. My natural nose was by far more attractive then present. Aesthetically, it's bulbous, blunt, bumpy from bone spurs, has become a dorsal tip deformity due to cartilage removed that supported my profile, and completely unrefined in general. Those are the just the the sad surface, the primal function of my nose to take in oxygen has been diminished due to collapsed nasal passages that are evident when i take take in a full breath, internal nasal bone polyps which decrease the amount of intake oxygen my right nostril caused by chronic inflammation post opp., INFLAMMATION!!!!!!!! that has never subsided going on 2 1/2 years later, INFLAMMATION that daily reminds me of by epic fail rhinoplasty with its ever present redness over the entire tip of my nose especially when i work out, never ending sinus infections, and the recent discovery nasal burning when I run thus causing me to pack my right nostril with cotton before running so it won't hurt for hours after I'm finished. I ran track in high school and went to state, I love to run...refuse to give it up any longer. My quality of life is directly affected due to the incompetence of my plastic surgeon who I've not shared due to not wanting to seem malicious, still torn on the mortality of my right to publicly accost. Although if you live in Scottsdale and are thinking of rhinoplasty please email me and I will share his name with you privately. Don't want anyone to repeat my experience.

Consolation with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami was transforming, restoring my lost confidence in plastic surgeon's. He knows the know on the Nose! The consult was $500 and entirely worth every penny. Dr. G educated me and identified what had happened and how he'd correct it. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami is truly gifted, concise and consistent in his rhino technique and skills. Must see his online photo gallery to understand my enthusiasm. Haven't scheduled my surgery due to finances but when I do there is no question who will be operating. Below is his contact info. Please excuse any typos...up-dating in a hurry @ the airport.
All my best,

Ashkan Ghavami, MD 433 N Camden Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 275-1959
Executive board member in the very exclusive Rhinoplasty Society.
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