18 Year Old with a Huge Nose!!! Scottsdale, AZ

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I have always been self conscious about my nose....

I have always been self conscious about my nose. It has a big hump and a bulbous tip. I knew people talked about it but no one said anything out loud to me until freshman year of high school. I got in a fight with a group of friends and they immediately started making fun of me for the size and shape of my nose. It made me sad, because there was nothing i could do. But I did not like the idea of a nose job, I didn't think my parents would let me, and i had no idea how I could ever afford it. Nevertheless, I was always still very self conscious about it. I felt like i was "that girl" who looks way prettier in photos than in person, because of my nose from a profile view. In August, senior year came around and drama occurred. Another group of friends went straight for my nose (honestly, because to them, it is probably my only flaw. My body is in great shape and i don't have to work for it, and i am naturally a pretty girl. My nose is the only feature that i don't like about myself.) On twitter they would say things like, "your nose is huge!!" "do you give guys back eyes when you kiss them?" "your nose is like a beak." "you need a nose job." "#nosejob" and they would use the bird emoji to refer to me. It made me very sad, but i knew these people were putting me down because of their own insecurities. I told my parents about what they said on Twitter to me and they were shocked their daughter was getting bullied for something she couldn't control. They proposed the idea of me getting rhinoplasty as their graduation present for me in May. They explained they would pay for half of the cost, and with my job i could pay for half as well. I decided to take on two jobs to make sure i had $3,000 by May. I worked at KidZone, an after school program at an elementary school for the kids who can't get picked up by their parents yet. Those kids had no filter at all and they said a lot of mean things to me. None of it affected me until a 5th grade boy came up to me, studied my face, and yelled "you have a really big nose!!". I was shocked he said that because i didn't realize kids even noticed things like that on adults. I was super self conscious and realized my nose job could not come fast enough. Needless to say, I quit that job 3 months in. I worked crazy hours at my other job and made a decent amount of money. I was really proud of myself and I have to admit i liked getting to brag to my friends about how i was about to have $3K in my savings that I earned all myself. So my mom and i found 3 doctors and i finally chose Dr. Meger in Scottsdale, AZ. He was nice and personable and seemed to know what i wanted! Soo... my surgery was this morning and now i am writing this review. When I first got home, i was really out of it from the anesthesia. I had some pain in my nose and eyes, but I decided just to take 2 tylenol instead of Percocet. Now i am in zero pain and i am just icing my eyes with frozen peas. I hope i am happy with the results. I am very hopeful as well as realistic. To me, any change will be good change. My only wish is that i do not have to get a revision later on in my life. I get the packing out of my nose on Friday and the splint off next Tuesday, so i will post pictures then. please comment anything you want to!!

some pics from the front before the surgery...

Worse than yesterday

Today is worse than yesterday. Well, this morning i got in a big fight with my mom and ending up crying and yelling, so that added to the swelling of my eyes and the bleeding of my nose. My eyes hurt pretty bad today and i cannot stop icing them. I have just been taking tylenol this entire time for pain but about an hour ago i finally took a tylenol as well as quarter of the pain medication. When I eat i can really feel my nose moving around and something that is annoying is the tip of my tongue is still numb and i still cannot taste anything. Tomorrow i get the packing out so hopefully i will be able to smell and taste more!!! I have attached two photos of what it looks like today.

Hoorah! The packing is out!

The packing is out!! It hurt pretty bad at first when the doctor took it out, it felt like it got punched in the face. It was just a lot happening at one time. But now i can breathe through my nose and i can taste foods!! I do not have to wear the drip pad anymore which is nice and takes away a hassle. I am still pretty bruised up, esspecially my right eye. But i am continuing to ice them. Something that is bothering me is my nose is always itchy!! Either inside or around my nose and sadly i just have to live with it. Also, the tip of my tongue is still numb! :( Today and tomorrow i am just going to rest and take it easy. Also, I get my cast off on Tuesday! If anything exciting happens between now and then i'll be sure to update.

Bruising is going down fast!

Sooo....I am getting worried

I cannot help but notice that my nose's alignment is off. The picture explains it all. My nose was not like that before. What happens if once I get the cast off its very obvious is is crooked or off center? That would be my worst nightmare. I guess all I can do is be patient and hope that only from the point of view can you tell it is crooked...


Holy crap.

So, I got my cast off today. Hoorah. I love my new nose. It is swollen but lovely.

BUT, holy hell did it hurt getting my cast off! The freaking thing would not come off! It was like glued to my nose! It was like ripping off a really big bandaid, it would have hurt even if I didn't just get surgery! I started to cry because it was so painful. Once the cast was off, my nose started bleeding from the trauma and probably because my heart was racing like crazy from the pain. Next, the nurse came in to take out 2 stitches. This is where everything went really hazy. I said out loud, "I think I am going to pass out". I was getting extremely sweaty, and I couldn't really see anything anymore. I felt like no matter how much I breathed I wasn't getting any oxygen. My ears were ringing, my heart was racing, and my body felt like it was saying "YOURE BEING ATTACKED!!!!!!!!" Then, everything went total black.

It was only a few seconds that I was out. My chair was leaned back now and the lights were more in my eyes. I felt hungry and like I needed to throw up at the same time. The nurse was rubbing my nose really hard trying to get the goo off and it hurt terribly. She said I was all done and that I could lay there for a few minutes. My entire body was drenched in sweat. I had never sweat this much in my life, especially just sitting in one place....

I couldn't even really be happy about my nose because all i could think about was the pain. I heard from other patients on here that the cast doesn't hurt being taken off so needless to say... I was not prepared. I wish someone had prepared me for the pain I was about to endure. If you are nervous to get your cast off, my advice would be: before you go, take the prescription pain pill that the doctor gave you. And take a Xanax...seriously.

Worst experience ever. Worth it, I guess.

I will post a picture of my nose as the swelling goes down a little more and I know it's completely done bleeding.

Before and After

Of course there is swelling and it might change shape throughout the next few months, but this is the before and after. The after picture is immediately after I got the cast off so it is not extremely swollen yet.

the second picture is about 6 hours later and how much it has swelled since the cast was off.

the third picture is it looks like a big sausage from the front. this is all swelling obviously, but this is the annoying part when I know I just have to be patient.

the fourth picture attached is what I hope it will look like 3 months post op considering the before and after pictures look similar to mine.

swollen or not, it still looks different in a good way. I love my new nose!!!! please share your thoughts and feedback it would be greatly appreciated! :)


Here are some updated pictures! It is still very swollen but I am being patient. it hurts when I touch it, and accidentally hitting it sucks. The skin is also peeling, I think from having the cast on because the skin didn't have like air flow & sunlight or something probably. I am happy the bump is gone, but the tip is still very big and doesn't look any different which makes me upset. it's still very bulbous especially around the columella. Hopefully that goes down with swelling. Please leave feedback!

Slowly But Surely

I haven't posted because there has been no real big change. today I finally realized it is beginning to get into the first stages of healing. I took a picture of what it looks like as a profile view.

seeing changes from the front finally!

I was waiting for the bulbous part to come down and it is finally starting to! this is a before and after :)


looks great I think! I got it pierced :))


It has now been 9 months since my surgery. I am much more confident. Although, the same bullies found out I got a nose job and bullied me even more. They told me it was still huge and rhinoplasty didn't work. Whatever, I am confident and happy with the way it is. I took these pictures today
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

All i can say so far is that he was professional and very friendly. I have no doubt that i will receive the results i want. i'll update more later as i go to my post op appointment.

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