Neck and "Gobbler" Under Chin Showing Signs of Aging, Also Upper Eyelids. Scheduled 11/19/2015 - Scottsdale, AZ

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I am fairly happy and lucky I have aged fairly...

I am fairly happy and lucky I have aged fairly well so far.......with the help of botox and fillers along the way. However my neck is "crepey", starting to jowl and "gobbler" show's my age of 57. I tried e-matrix a couple years ago (similiar to ultherapy). It was painful, expensive and no visible results. Also, my upper eyelids have dropped and I would like to look more awake (also the right eyelid drops more than the left). I want something more permanent and decided with my sons wedding next June, I would like to look my best and NOW would be a good time to do it! My husband supports me, however, like most husbands does not think I need it and would prefer I didn't do it. I interviewed about 6 top plastic surgeons in Scottsdale and decided to go with Dr. Robert Spies. I felt he was the only one that really spent time with me, listening to my concerns as well as not trying to talk me in to other procedures, such as C02 lasering. I just competed the obagi blue peel which was a lot less expensive with good results for my sun damage and fine lines. I have posted that review as well.


3 weeks away!

3 days to go...!

Had my pre op and was given all my instructions last week. Told me to start taking the bromelain 3 days prior and start arnica day of. Also, told me to wear compression knee socks to hospital and for several days after. I ordered a wedge pillow, took all my prescriptions in and the only thing I still need is a good scar cream. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one? I am posting a few more "pre" pictures. Thanks to all of those that have given me suggestions (especially "makeitup":) and have wished me good luck!

Today was the day. 1st day pics to post

Went in at 6 15 am home by 2 pm. Slept most of day. Still very groggy. Not in much pain. More just uncomfortable. Eating soft foods taking arnica,bromelien, percocet ,antibiotic and diazapam as needed. More to post tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have more energy:)

Day 2

Had a very rough night sleep due to being uncomfortable and hard for me to sleep on my back even with the wedge pillow. Went to Dr. today and removed drains. Said I looked good for 24 hrs later, not too swollen, he seemed pleased. He showed my husband and I how to clean the incisions with hydrogyn peroxide and water and q-tip the incisions with polysporin. I am continuing the arnica and bromelain also . Taking my meds as needed, which is almost 24/7 so far However, this afternoon, I had taken 1 percocet (oxy) and 1 diazapam and dozed off to sleep and had 2 episodes of real scary dreams that seemed like I was awake, almost like hallucinations, very scary. Therefore, I am going to pull back and try to take them only as I REALLY need them. Curious if anyone else has had that sort of thing happen to them while on meds??

Day 3

Another uncomfortable night, I kept waking up every 2 hours or so and took a percocet when it was time, but just uncomfortable and throbbing pain all day,evening and into the night. I have been up now since 4 a.m. I was afraid to take a sleeping pill in combination with the other meds. I really think I do have a high tolerence for pain. But do not remember this much discomfort with any of my 3 c sections, breast lift, hysterectomy and tummy tuck. I will try to just take a sleeping pill this evening without any other pain meds and see if I can at least get a decent nights sleep. I've been reading many others reviews and seems like most have had very little pain. I am not sure if maybe because I also had a suturing of my platysmaplasty with my necklift there is more discomfort. I had very little pain the first evening and guess it was because I still had a lot of the general anesthesis still in me and kept me comfortable. I guess I am surprised that the pain seems to be getting worse instead of better.

Day 3-Part 2. It is actually 48 hours after surgery, so actually 2 days post!

I ended up taking a sonesta (short term sleeping pill) and fell asleep for about 3 more hours and I feel much better now. Here are some pics with my chin strap off after my husband cleaned my incisions. I have my jawline back! Face and eyes pretty swollen, but thrilled with the side view.

front picture day 3 after cleansing incisions

I just awoke from my nap and do not have as intense throbbing as before, actually wanted to straighten a little bit in my house. Know I shouldn't so did very little while my husband ran out:) Hoping I'm going towards the up side of healing!

Day 4-3 days Post

What a difference a day makes! Finally had a decent night sleep. Even though I'm more black and blue and somewhat swollen, I feel so much better today! Just a bit tight and twinges of pain every now and then by the incisions, No pain pills today and got to take my first shower and shampoo since surgery. Feel like a new person! I would say 36 to 48 hours were pretty rough after anesthesia wore off....but definitely feel worth it so far!

Day 5-4days post op

I typically walk every morning about 4 miles and felt good enough to try to walk just one mile. I had a black hoody on to cover my chin strap and big dark glasses to cover my black and blue swollen eyes. I was kinda ominous looking! This was my 1st time out in 4 days. I came back home and felt very tired. Think my body is still telling me to take it easy. I am anxious to go to the grocery store or any other little outing! I can drive since off my pain meds. The itching has begun around my stitches (especially my eyes) and I took 2 benedryl to help last night and also put me to sleep. It did seem to help. Here is a picture with no makeup, other than under eye cover to see if I could hide the bruising. Not too bad, hoping it will be much improved by Thanksgiving. My stitches come out the day prior.

Day 6-5 day post op

Still struggling with sleeping on my back. I woke up in the middle of the night and my husband wasn't in our bed and was sleeping on the couch. I asked him this morning, why? He said I was snoring! I have never ever snored before that we both know of ( married 34 years) so probably has something to do with sleeping on my back!!! I get my sutures out tomorrow, I am anxious to hear what the Dr. thinks so far. Today was the 1st day I put my contacts in so I thought the bruising/swelling in my eyes looked worse, but my husband said it was actually better. I probably just didn't see very well without my contacts! Here are pics today of the actual bruising this a.m. Yesterdays pic I used coverup to see if I could camoflouge it in time for Thanksgiving, thats why I looked better than the pics from today. My neck has been great, no bruising at all. just tight and numb!


I had my eye stitches taken out (took a pain pill prior-just in case and wasn't too bad). Dr. was very pleased so far. He was suprised there was so much bruising under the eye, since I only did upper. He will take out the others on the chin and in front and behind ears on Monday. Dr. said I could keep my chin strap off also, YAY! So much more comfortable. Actually going out for dinner. I am still bruised on and under eyes, but my Laura Mercier cover up hides it well. I didn't put cover up near upper eye incisions until it is healed more. Here are some pics, ready for my date with hubby tonight! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Day 9-closeups of my face/neck/eyes without makeup

Feeling pretty good, somewhat back to normal, get tired if I do too much. I did NOT shop black Friday for first time ever! Neck is still tight, hard to move back and forth, but not too uncomfortable. Haven't taken any pain medication (even over the counter) in several days. Getting used to sleeping on my back, too. Two of my friends have seen me so far. They said they thought I looked great and very natural and was suprised I healed so quickly. I get my ear sutures out Monday, I will post again after....


Wondered what everyone thought as far as when your total results are seen. I have heard up to 6 months, but wondered after the first few weeks what else can change that much? After 11 days, most of my bruising and swelling is gone, so just curious what others have thought happens after that point and why it can take up to 6 months?? Thanks in advance for your responses!

red bump on upper eyelid by incision

Everythings been going smoothly. However, as of this morning, I noticed a red annoying swollen bump above my right eyelid incision...anybody else have this problem? I will call my Dr in the a.m. tomorrow ..but meanwhile wondered if anyone has any ideas I tried taking a picture but my whole eyelid looks red and youcan't really see the actual bump.
Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

I feel very comfortable with Dr Spies and will review in more detail after the procedure. He has many years of experience, great reviews and was named one of the top Plastic surgeons in AZ.

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