Looking to Get a Mommy Makeover - Phoenix, AZ (Surgery done on 11/25/13)

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I am a 30 year old mother of two children under...

I am a 30 year old mother of two children under the age of 3. We had back to back kids and both were delivered via c-section. We discovered I carry monster sized kids (9.5 lbs) in my 5'4" body, and after trying for over two days of labor I had to do a c-section. So when kid #2 came around the c-section fears were gone and it was planned. Well back to back kids this way has really affected my skins ability to bounce back. I was a former college athlete and workout often even now. I have lost around 50lbs after my being pregnant w/ my big babies & my biggest issues are that no matter what I do my skin won't seem to tighten any more than where I am currently at. I was able to build up my abs after the c-sections & have actual ab mucles again, but no one would know because they can't be seen under this loose skin that covers them! I also have lost size & fullness to my breasts. I was a small D cup prior to kids, got up to a DD during pregnancy and now after am down to a C cup. I would like to have my full, perky, boobs back. I am looking to go for my final consultation this Sat and to book my surgeries around Thanksgiving. Now that I have done my research & decided I have gotten as far as I could with diet & exercise, it is time to kick start the final things needed. I would like to keep my nutrition & exercise, and possibly move into fitness modeling in the future.

Chose my doctor!

I am very excited, I have chosen my Dr. to go with and I am very excited since I feel like everything is falling in to place now. I had a consultation Sat and this doctor was able to answer all of my questions and priced everything so it is reasonable. I am the type of person who likes to have everything explained to them in full detail before I agree to do something and Dr. Robles went above and beyond in explaining his entire procedure and what I am to expect.

Here are some more before pictures to show what I would like to have fixed. Since have worked out so hard and can't get the skin to bounce back, I am ready to just have the excess skin removed so I can move forward and can wear what I want with out all the insecurities. Looking to get it done around Thanksgiving.

So Helpful...very anxious

I continue to search daily on real self for other mommy makeovers. I think it continues to give me an idea of what to expect, both the good and the bad. I don't expect the bad to occur, but it is good to be aware of what can happen. I am still so optimistic and excited for the change. I fought for so long to just get my body to bounce back on it's own & once I realized that there are some things that no amount of exercise can fix, I made up my mind that surgery would be the best route. I am just so very ready to get back to the old me. I have at times felt guilty about getting this done and the many things this $ could be spent on instead, but decided that I tried long enough to avoid the surgery route. I worked my butt off to drop 50lbs from being preggo & I am ready to do something for me to get back to a place I was before. I am so anxious and excited & feel like this month until surgery is going to go slowly.

Waiting for confirmation of my actual surgery date...

Well since I am getting my surgery close to Thanksgiving, I am waiting to hear back if the doctor can get the surgery center on the day I am requesting. It is like waiting to hear back after a job interview, for a job you really want (best comparison I could come up with). I am so anxious to know what I need to do or when exactly my surgery date will be, ugh!

But in the meantime, for those ladies who have already had a mommy makeover, what are some of the best thing to have/get to heal quickly and safely? I was looking into some possible scar creams and supplements, but don't even know where to start, or what is a waste of money. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Surgery date is confirmed! 11/25, the Countdown begins!!!

I am so excited to have a set surgery date now. I will be going in on Monday 11/25! I can't wait to get this all done and over with. The anxiety of waiting for it to get done is crazy. I am nervous and anxious all at the same time. I have planned to take a week off from work, so this should be pretty interesting. I know that each surgery is different and you never heal exactly the same, but I figure with dealing with two c-sections and not needing much for pain meds during recovery, that I should be ok. I just hope I can stand up as close to straight as possible so that I don't look like a crazy person at work lmao.

I think it is a weird journey to go on leading up to the surgery. The mix of emotions when debating on getting this done or not: questioning if it's a waste of a lot of $, feeling guilt that you are doing something that is for you (especially if you have kids & could use the $ for them), realizing that you are getting it done for you and no one else, that excitement when you make up your mind that you do want to do it, magnitude of questions and concerns that arise as you try to choose a doctor, happiness when you find the doctor that's the best fit for you & you know all the details of your procedure, and now... the waiting game of being anxious for the surgery date to come. It is a very interesting journey and I am looking forward to the outcome.

Have a very blessed day all!

PreOp Appointment done!

So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went well. I have still been so anxious about getting all of this done finally. I asked about needing any sort of CG or fajas and they provide all that I need. I asked about breast massaging after the BA and that will be discussed after operation but he confirmed it is essential. Dr. Robles let me know that I should not have the drain in for more than a week since I am already lean and am not getting lipo. I cannot tell you what a relief that is because I have to go back to work after a week and don't want that drain in for more than a day or two after returning if I absolutely have to. I have a vet short torso, so I have asked to have my incision as low as possible but that may not be possible because I have like no hips. Lol I have always had more of a body of a boy in the hip area, no child bearing hips over here, so that lack width in that area makes it so that my incision may have to angle differently I am being told. Ima little sad because if I get into fitness modeling I do not want the lines to show that high.

I also had my breasts re-measured an the previously suggested 485cc may be too small to achieve the fullness I want so he decided on 505cc of silicon round gummy bear implants. That part made me happy, I don't want to get all this done an feel like I should have gone bigger. I just want my perky full D breasts that I had before kids. I go in on 11/25 @ 7:30am for surgery...Are You As Excited As I Am? :)

Well here are some updated pics from a couple day ago. I figure I will do some before and after comparisons once I get it done. I will pick a swimsuit as well at some point.

Less than a week away!!!

OMG are you as excited, nervous, and anxious as I am? I can't wait for the day to get here so I can get it over with and begin healing, but there is a small part of me that is nervous because this is still surgery. Have a smallconfession to make, my nutrition has been lacking this last week, lol I have been eating what I want if it looks good. I don't go over the top with eating bad, but less self control. I think I have been realizing that I won't be very mobile right after the surgery so I might as well get those little treats I want from places. I will have to get back on point with my nutrition & eventually with exercise again as soon as I get cleared by my PS. But I can't complain my cheat week is pretty delicious lol :)

So last week I went and had my blood drawn per the PS request, to be sure my body is functioning correctly and all my readings come back normal. As much as I hate having blood drawn, I am glad it was done to be sure I am healthy and don't need any meds to get me in a better condition prior to surgery. I also like that my PS and his staff went over all the antibiotics and meds I would be given and when totaled the leading up to my big day.

It is very odd to think this time next week I will be 2 days into my newly fixed body. I am so excited to have this loose skin removed and my chest back to being full and perky again. I don't know if everyone feels as grateful as I do at this point, but I was spending time with my kids yesterday & wouldn't trade them for anything, no regrets & just feel so blessed to be able to get this all done. I can't wait to see the healed end results & also to be able to play fully with my kids. I feel like I'm getting another c-section & will be limited on my interactions w/ my kids, and that is going to suck. Overall I am praying for a safe, healthy, and speedy recovery.

Less than 4 days until surgery dsy!

I'm so excited all! I re-read all of my pre-op instructions to be sure I was prepared and not missing anything. Tomorrow I will start taking my antibiotics, and getting the room in order for me to be comfortable and propped up when I sleep after surgery.

I think this weekend is going to be focused on me getting a workout in, eating some sort of unhealthy treat, and picking up & playing with my kids like crazy. That way after surgery I won't get all sad about not being able to do some of my normal activities. I think the biggest issue I will have is not being able to goof around with the kids, but I am praying for a safe, swift/speedy recovery. Thanks everyone who posts on realself and have been so supportive, I think it really helps with those butterflies, glitters, & concerns along this journey. Have a blessed day all!

About 12 hours away!

I am spending time playing with my kids & enjoying every min since I know I will be somewhat limited soon. I am excited even more about the surgery, but not so excited about having to get up around 5am tomorrow. I am sure tomorrow will be a very busy day full of excitement, being sore, and being out of it. I am sure once the surgery is done I will have a whole new collection of questions for everyone on here. I will keep you all up to date on my progress.

On my way!

On my way to my surgery right now. I must admit I snuggled w/ my kiddos while getting them ready to go to their sitter. My husband scrambled around getting the car ready & making sure we had anything needed, while I put the kids shoes on & hugged the & picked them up. Now we are on our drive in & I can tell my husband is nervous (same as he got when I got my c-sections), so I am staying cool as a cucumber. My kids are just riding along like any normal Monday when we usually have work. I am very excited & slight butterflies like when I used to play sports & about to get ready for a big game. Well all I am gonna update again when I come out & am up for it. Be blessed!

I'm out & up for posting

I got home around 1:30pm, apparently my lazy butt kept falling back to sleep after being wheeled into recovery lol. I came home bd slept for 2.5 hrs, and the drank an Ensure (chocolate is the best), and went back to sleep for another hour. I am now up and walking around the house & pretty upright. I have a high pain tolerance but still trying to take things slow. My boobs are the most sore/uncomfortable to me because it is a new pain. If you have had a c-section you can do this but you should take your pain meds. Don't be a tough woman this early on. Make yourself comfortable and able to relax. I am happy so far & will post pics when I can. Thanks everyone for the support, I will keep y'all updated.

Feeling exhausted but still ok

Hey all! I'm pretty exhausted today but still feeling pretty good. I am gonna post a pic taken when I first got home of my breasts, I blurred out my nipples somewhat. My incisions are under the breast, so once I am able to I will take more pics. My stomach is totally covered, so that can't be seen yet. I haven't been able to even see it myself yet, so it I'm anxious to see how this all looks under the bandages.

New Pics! (w/ my nipple blurred out)

Hey all I was able to snap some pics today. I blurred out my nipples so the pics may be a little odd w/ the nipples hidden, but it does help with seeing the actual shape of the breast & how high they are sitting w/ just getting them done. Also you can see my full body wrap for my stomach & the notorious drain. I also took some of the breast incision since I can't see under there either without snapping a pic.

Post op appointment today

Hello all! Well I had my post op appointment today and it went WONDERFUL! I am healing great already & none of my scars are showing any signs of concern or issues. So my bandages were able to be taken off & I have been given the thumbs up to shower as long as I protect the tube & drains. I got to look at my odd new belly button. It looks so weird but is healing really well so that made me smile! My body is not as curvy (no hips), so that made it hard for my incision to be placed, it is long to insure that I don't get any "dog ears" with my odd sides. I was not the most excited about the length of the incisions going back further, but to avoid my skin bunching up...I'll take it. I am posting so pics of the PS unwrapping my stomach for the first time, I am so pleased because it is as flat as it should have been w/ that loose skin gone. I have not started swelling in my stomach yet, but I have had swelling in my back which sucks/hurts. I feel a lot of pressure on my chest too, but overall all of my pain is manageable. The PS & nurses were all really pleased w/ the results & how flat everything is today & they were shocked that I am able to stand perfectly upright. But as I said, I do take my pain meds if I feel too much pain. I am not trying to be super woman, but am making sure on Monday when I have to go back to work already, then I am ready.

New pics, a bit more swollen

Hey all,

So my body still aches and the ibuprofen has assisted in managing my pain so I don't have to take the stronger pain meds as often. I am swollen more today than I was in the past few days. My breasts are still swollen, tender, and need to drop. I am excited about eventually seeing the end results.

Shower Wonderful Shower!

Omg I got a shower today & I cannot begin to tell you the joy I feel! My poor husband had to help w/ it so I'm sure it was a tease to him, but I showered & actually got to shave! I do not feel like a nasty bride of Frankenstein anymore! I am currently relaxing without my wrap on & my belly button exposed, just letting my entire body relax & dry. I am still sore but it is like a shower opened a new door of hope & happiness in this recovery process.

New pics!

I figured I would put up some more pics in the bra I previously took pics in. This definitely shows you difference of before breasts and after. And yes I am in a pair of my husbands underwear in the pics, that should have been listed as a must have item for recovery! The band of the boxer-briefs sit low & are so comfortable, lol he may not get them back!

One more pic in the before & after bra

Another one I forgot to load that shows the great projection of my breasts.

Back to work :(

Omg yesterday sucked! I went back to work again yesterday & I dont have a job with any heavy lifting or crazy requirements, literally a cube job & it kicked my butt because I was sitting so uncomfortable for 8 hours! My drain has been annoying leading up to now, but yesterday was the first day it gave me any pain. It was was so irritated from sitting upright for that long. I didn't think about it but with being at home to heal I was able to sit and lay in any way that was comfortable, not the same at work obviously lol.

I got home after work and wanted to pass out but it was my daughter's 3rd birthday so I put on my party face. But once my kids were asleep, I passed out at like 9:30 last night. I get my drain removed tomorrow and CAN'T WAIT! The drain and my incision under my left breast are probably my most irritating and sometimes painful areas. I am hoping that my body will adjust quickly to being back to work, especially once the drain is out.

Maternity Pants!

I forgot to share, but I am totally wearing my maternity pants this week that I came back to work. No no because they are super comfortable (but they totally are), and no not because they are super attractive (because they are hideous lol), but because they are loose enough to hide my drain & the tube. Also with the elastic band those not pull the drain from staying clipped on my wrap, nor does it irritate my incision in any way. There is no waist line pressure at all because it's an elastic band. So that at least keeps me super comfy at work. I am sure ppl are wondering why I have frumpy pants on...but who the hell cares lol!

OMG I want this drain out!

I go in an hour & get my drain out & I can't wait. As of the last two days it has really started hurting me & the part that is under my skin I can feel scrapping along in there. It's not super painful but it is super annoying! Plus I'm not really having much liquid draining out of it anymore so it's just been any unfashionable accessory that I am more than ready to get rid of!

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Can't wait for it to be Friday though :)

Ding Dong the Drain is Dead!

The drain is out!!! Omg I could have done a cartwheel when that thing came out. I also got the stitches out of my belly button as well, that was a crazy task for my PS, apparently my body is healing really quickly, he had to yank & tug & cut to get the sutures out. But thank God I'm numb and couldn't feel it. My poor PS kept apologizing & I couldn't feel a thing lol. I got the ok to cut back or even wear a more comfortable binder for my stomach. I also got the tape off my breast incisions as well. My boobs hurt to get the tape & sutures out a little, but not bad. Getting the drain out did not hurt AT ALL, so don't fear ladies! I'm super beyond happy with being more free now!

More pics after my doc visit

Here are some more update pics after my doctor visit.

Off the big pain meds

So I just wanted to give a quick update, I have not needed pain meds any higher and Ibuprofen for the past couple days. I still have some pain and aching, but not too bad and not enough to need strong pain meds anymore. There is a light at the end of the tunnel ladies :) I think the first 5 days are the hardest days to get past but once they are done each day continues to get better and better. Also I did not buy nor need a walker, toilet cushion, or any other hospital equipment to assist with recovery. I really only had a tough 5 days and if you can make it past those first 5 days and have someone to help you mainly with getting in and out of chairs or bed, you can do it without having to buy those items. I was able to stand upright the day after surgery, but I think that depends on the amount of work you get done, so you may be hunched over for longer than I experienced. Each person heals at their own rate and experience pain differently. I have a very high pain tolerance, but I still took the pain meds, so don't be Wonder Woman! If you need them use them. But keep in mind that those heavier pain meds can constipate you...and that may hurt to try to push with all the work done. So I would suggest the combination of a stool softener during the time that you take those meds. Alright all, just wanted to share some of that info with you and hope that all of you who are getting your surgeries soon are able to benefit from my experiences. Be Blessed!

CG & Bio Oil

Hey All!

So I have a CG that I purchased, can you say adult sized onesie (snaps closed in the crotch lol). But it is super comfy & I think works well enough. The binder I had after surgery I still wear to sleep in, but it is so thick that it does not work under most of my clothes. I also have started using Bio Oil for under my breast scars. I think I am healing pretty well. I still have a week until the abdominal tape comes off, have yet to see that incision. I really hope it looks well!


Here is a pic from last night at the end of my day, without the CG on. I am swollen here, but if I don't wear the CG at all it can be more swollen. You can also see how high my incision is in comparison to where my underwear normally sits. Oh well, no loose skin, so I'm gonna work on scar therapy when I can.

Trying on Bras for fun

So we were in the mall & I decided to just go try on some bras at VS, just for fun. I loved some of them! I am measuring at a 32/DDD (yes triple D) in bras with no underwire or padding and 34 DDD in bras with underwire & no padding. I used to hate all lace bras w/ no padding. But out of all the bras I tried on, it was my favorite because the only thing filling out the lace was my breasts, AWESOME! So Happy! I pulled my pants up pretty high to try to show it without the incision showing too much on my tummy.

Incision tape off today?

I have yet to see what my tummy incision looks like, but I see my PS today & can't wait! I just wanted to post real quick to share. I will take pics when I get a chance...so excited/nervous to see the scar finally!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays All!

I got so busy w/ getting ready for Christmas that I never got around to posting those pics last week of my scar without the tape finally. All of these pics are at the end of my day & from the side view you can see the swelling that happens mostly at the top of my abs. It is odd that it happens most there over the rest of the stomach, but I hope that will go down over time, it only gets that swollen at the end of the day. In the mornings I'm pretty flat all the way down. I got the ok as well to start light exercise, absolutely no CORE workout allowed & no heavy chest workout. So I can walk & squat/do legs :)

Hello All!

Sorry about disappearing! I got so very busy with the holidays. I went for another check up on Wed (2 days ago) and was informed by my PS that I am healing very well and quickly. That made me happy. The incisions under my breasts look wonderful & I am still adjusting to my stomach incision. I would like it to lighten up. My doc told me to get vitamin E for my scars!

So I am going to start using the vitamin E now & really begin working on scar therapy. I have received the thumbs up for light exercise as long as I stop if it hurts. Definitely cannot hit it hard on the core workouts yet nor can I do any chest yet. But I am going to start jogging to get my stamina back. I took a very quick pic, it's the end of my day at work so you can see the swelling at the end of the day. I will try to take more & especially a morning one to show the difference.

I hope you all had great holidays & a Happy New Year w/ your loved ones!

New Pics! Just under 2mo post op

Hey all! So last night I decided its time for me to get a legitimate workout in. Im just under 2 months post op, and it's time for me to start working out. I'm going stir crazy & eating everything that looks yummy jk (but I feel that way some days). So I also started using my compression belt that I was using during my workouts pre-op. that thing I wear all day & it makes me sweat & I have zero end of the day swelling! So here are some pics of me after work. The lines on my skin are due to the CG I had on all day. My scar is very high but I am hopeful that scar creams & vitamin E will help it to fade over time. Oh and I am in love w/ how my breasts have dropped more into place & look more natural!

Oops the rest of the pics lol

Here are the rest of the pics for today, just under 2 mo post op.

Birthday Girl!

Well yesterday was my birthday & it was great. Had a ladies dinner out w/ friends & had a blast. I was very pleased with how my body looked in a dress.

My scar on my stomach is still dark, high, noticable. My scars on my breast are fading well & healing nicely. Overall I am still very pleased. I have just been very busy lately. I bought my first bra since the surgery & it is beautiful in bright red for Valentines Day!

It's been a while

Hey all it's been a while since I have been on, sorry. All is going well. My scars under my breasts look great. My abdominal incision is still high & pretty dark but I do still love my overall results. I have been working out regularly now & am working on toning up my body. I hope all of you are doing great!!! Here are some new pictures!

Here are some other pics

Here are some other pics of me so you can see the results in clothes, after working out, and in my first VS bra I've bought since the surgery.

Getting fit!

I have been working out like crazy and really hitting the gym hard now. A lot of the remaing body fat I had is coming off without surgery. I had the excess skin removed around my abdomen, but after my kids I was definitely out of shape all the way around. It has been amazing working out, using the products I have been using & seeing my body continue to change; I feel amazing!!!

Feeling great!

Just wanted to update everyone that I am feeling & looking great!!! I will post update pictures soon :)
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

Great so far, very understanding & takes the time to explain anything you are unsure of. My consultation for pre-op is scheduled for Nov 11th. Looking forward to getting some more details on what I will need to purchase, prescriptions, fajas, etc. Very excited about Dr. Robles doing my surgery on 11/25. I had my surgery on 11/25 and it went great! I love that Dr. Robles answers any questions and concerns, and even during the Thanksgiving days off he let us know he was not going out of town, gave us his cell phone number, and told us to call if we had any concerns. From what I can see at this point of my healing process, I am very pleased with his work. I also love his staff, they are so sweet, helpful, and caring! I would recommend my surgeon to my friends and anyone who was looking for great results. I am still looking forward to see the future results. Very pleased at this stage of my process & very happy with Dr. Robles!

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