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I am a 28 year old mother of three children a 1...

I am a 28 year old mother of three children a 1 year old, 6 year old and an 8 year old. Since my first born son I have been wanting to get plastic surgery to fix my saggy skin and breasts. I was going for the mommy make over tummy tuck, BA and lip on outside thigh back of thighs and knees. I have always gone up and down with my weight but for the most part I never gained more that 10lbs before noticing I needed to get my big ass up and start moving again. I am currently 5'3 and weigh 123lbs however no matter how much I exercise I have all my weight in my butt hips and thighs. I had gone on a few consults and meet with my doctor and from the moment I talked to him I felt very comfortable. I paid 5k of my procedure up front and I am scheduled for December 3rd. I am scared that the lipo is gonna hurt the most and also be the hardest to recover from.

Almost ready to go

i have been through my preop and my surgery is scheduled in 2 days. the one thing i was worried about was the size i chose which was 500 or should i do 550's??? I am also worried cause i am hoping my lipo on my knees and thighs comes out the way i imagine in my head. I am not looking for super model legs or butt, nor am i looking for perfect, but i hate hate hate the way my legs are shaped and i am most worried about looking amazing up top and not so hot below. I hope its just cold feet worries anyone out there have the same concerns???? ugh so ill be back soon. xoxox

sweet baby jesus

So surger y went well no issues, but I got a little irritated when I was getting ready to leave and was stuck in a wheel chair wanting to puke. The boobs where not oaunfull

body is done

I cannot go to the Bathroom at all I tried MOM, LAXATIVE SUPPOSITORIES, AND ENIMA, NOTHING. .... I so Bloated weighed 122 day of now I am 129 ugh I wanna cry

day of surgery

Lipoed legs

lipoed legs

After surgery

swelling :'(

I would really like to know when it gets better, I know I just had surgery but the swelling sucks and I just wish it would go down, and does anyone have tips to get rid of it?????

overly swollen

It is day 8 post op and my swelling is more and more severe everyday I measured before and after from surgery and its about 3 inches or more in swelling and its painful and now I'm scared about what to expect. I am by nature a worrier andmy husband tells me to not worry have faith in my doctor cause he knows what he is doing but I'm scared. .

hit submit too soon

Hit submit too soon... anyway I'm worried I just may have had bad skin and too big of and butt and thighs and too much lipoed... I am looking at others and I havnt seen anyone like me that has the same issues thus far to give me a better idea. Just needed to vent.

Dr Parson is amaZzzzzzing!!!!

I had my post op de 9 visit with dr parson and it went so well he made me feel so much better.... I feel like an idiot for being so doubtful about everything because my breasts and TT are amazing how would it be possible for the rest to suck. I told him I was worried and the bruising and swelling was scaring me and he assured me I would be just fine, and that I'm "ridiculously bruised" it will get better over time. I got one of 2 drains out today and its so much nicer cannot wait for mondays appt the 2nd one comes out. I got all of my sutures and tape off so I will shower and update pics later.

come on recovery

Last night I did a weeks worth of laundry for the kids to have clean clothes and I was tired but needed to finish and at 12am I was done and went to pee and started to bleed bright red blood from my tube that was left in scared me so much. I went and took 2 muscle relaxers and went to bed. When I woke up I measured my fluid it was only 20 cc's I called the doctor to tell him what happened he said it was probably old blood that had pooled because it was so dark but too keep an eye on the amt. I have been resting. Swelling and weight still the same ugh so annoying anywho here's some updated pics.


I need to get a slap in the forehead ffrom my doctor when I see him for my follow up, it will be 1 week and 6 days since sx. I was sent home with steri strips on Thursday that I had put on after I had showered, and since friday I have been having some serious night sweats so on saturday I changed them out again and showered and felt great. Then last night I same thing woke up completely gross and sweaty and so I removed them again showered and put them bck onbut now they are irritated and I feel like I may have messed something up around my areola... I feel liks an idiot and I hope I didn't ruin anything. Ahhhh if only I could wake up not gross lol!!! I'm guessing its my body losing the fluid ans swelling cause its cold in my room.... fingers and toes crossed I'm still ok and didn't cause issuesi.

post op 1 week 6 days

Went to see Dr Parson today said my nippled were fine and irritation happens. My stomach is super flat and breasts are perfect. Legs are still very swollen and bruised but are getting back to preop size minus the ugly banana roll ;-) can't wait till they become slimmer and he said they will once swelling goes away. I cannot wait till I can work out but I got my final drain out which feels awesome and I'm allowed to wear spanx now for compression and I sports bra. It felt like feeling normal was so far away but I'm about there thanks for so much love guys ill update pics.

post op 1 week 6 days morning

These are since this morning, got drain out this afternoon

such a slacker

It has been 3 weeks and the swelling and bruising is almost gone.. i think lol! They say it can take 6 months for final results but I already see a huge difference. I am a size 8 and I have never been an 8 due to the inner thigh and banana roll issues, but since dr parson liposuction them out I can now fit into clothes more comfortably than before.

3 week photos

Bruising is almost gone woop woot

3 week 1 day

Just wanted to upload pics of progress

3week 3 day

I wanted to post my garments I wear under clothes to get some feed back if its the right spanx... I wear another garment at night when I'm home it's thicker and more firm its also a body shaper

4 weeks days

It's hard to believe its only been a month it feels like forever ago I had the surgery but it hasn't been. I saw Dr Parson today for a follow up appt. I'm doing great swelling and bruising is gone down a ton. I went from a size 10/11 to now a size 8 he estimates I will be around a size six once the swelling is alleviated. I get to take a my compression garments off at 6 weeks which is exciting but I will most likely sleep in them still or at least work out wearing them so things stay snug but 2 weeks is far off enough that I may just stop wearing them all together. I got the go ahead to start working out again which is soooooo awesome. I missed working out and the kids missed the gym too it gives us all a much needed break. Ill post pics later today!

4 weeks 2 days picture update

Almost bruise free!!!!

4 weeks 2 days butt and legs

Missed this photo

update on the back burner

sorry I have not updated in awhile my father passed away I will try to update as soon as I can.

6 week update


update for week six

it has been 6 weeks and 1 day and I am no longer wearing my compression garment. I do wear tight fitting workout pants when I exercise which I have officially started doing. I am still seeing results especially since my breasts have started to drop and swelling has decreased and my tummy tuck incision is healing and swelling has gone down there as well. My legsare thinning out but I need to tighten up the muscle and there are parts that are still swollen especially around my knees they are still very tender plus my inner thighs are very tender as well. I need to start dieting I am working out for an hour and 30 minutes almost everyday and would like to see results but I am having a hard time getting my eating under control. I am not gaining any weight and I weigh 120 pounds which is not an issue but I would like to see some muscle and I think my eating is not allowing that to happen. Since the holidays and the death of my father have cause to my eating to be unhealthy I am hoping that now being back at the gym full time I can overcome that. I am still healing and need to remind myself of that because there are spots that drive me crazy but its really insignificant compare to where I started.

could working out be ruining my results?

I am back to the gym full time and loving it! I am worried I am ruining my results on the lipoed areas on my legs. I usually do 2 nights of spin class which is 55min long and 30 min of treadmill then on the alternate days I do a boot camp which is 55min and finish with about 45 min on the treadmill and Fridays I do an hour of treadmill and 20 min of weights Saturday I don't work out and sunday I do light weights and an hour of yoga. I posted pics where i was at 5 weeks 5 days now I'm at 6 weeks and 4 days and I am worried about the right side of my butt it dips in more than the left. I had my mom and husband look and they said that its my muscles on the left are bigger than the right. I go see the doctor on the 23rd and I am wondering if he would recommend Venus freeze cause I want to tighten and firm up the bumpy areas.. any thoughts???? Anyway boobs are settling down and swelling is minor. Legs where he lipoed are still sensitive and swell but otherwise that's it for now.

7 weeks

I went to my appt on Thursday for my 7 week follow up and told him I was worried about the indentation on the right side of myleg and the back of my thighs needs to have more sucked out he said he would do a revision on those spots, but we are gonna wait a few more weeks just to be sure it's not swelling left over, cause some doctor's on here said 6 months to a year for final liposuction results. My breasts and stomach are awesome and I just bought my first bra 36D which is fun.

10 weeks tomorrow wow time flies by

so it has been 10 weeks tomorrow and it is crazy that it has already been that long. I am doing the Venus freeze I was given 3 Session for the back of mylegs. And I will most likely get more sessions to help tighten the skin. I was thinking about getting a spray tan to help even my skintone and see if it helps hide some of the cellulite. I will be going to the doctor to see if I can get a revision done for the back of my thigh and for a small portion above my knees. Otherwise not much has changed there are some hard spots on my inner thighs still that I am trying to work out and hopefully it will soften.

pictures from yesterday

pics that didn't load

lipo revision scheduled for May for

I am having a small revision in may for lipo in my knees. We are waiting to fix anything else until Oct just to give things more time.... I'm still exercising but not as often or as long as before... nothing has really changed much but i have new photos.

did lipo revision on monday

I went in to see Dr Parson on monday to revise my lipo. I am sooooo bruised and swollen again! I am so annoyed and uncomfortable, but I know it will go away in a week.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I had done a few consults but once I met Dr Parson I knew I could trust him and that I would be in good hands, I have my mom now going him for her tummy tuck in February. I'm still no where out of the woods but even when I was scared of how I would heal he was there to reassure me I'd be ok, he has also been there to return calls 2x post op late at night when I fell and another time. Feels like family. ♡

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