485 High Profile Saline 29 Years Old Mid B to D! - Scottsdale, AZ

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Hi Ladies! I am officially 2 weeks post BA and am...

Hi Ladies! I am officially 2 weeks post BA and am FINALLY starting to see some dropping and settling. Whew! This has been the hardest part for me, I had never had larger breasts and always rocked a push-up bra, which was part of my motivation for the surgery. Adjusting to having a size D now has been a trip, plus I do not have a lot of patience so the waiting game is not my favorite. I feel like I still have very odd shaped ladies right now and can’t wait to see them at 2 months. SO EXCITED!

I went on several consults before choosing my surgeon. I came ready with my boobie wish list pictures and we discussed what type of implant type I wanted, incision placement and helped me pick out a size and profile. I knew I wanted to be a D and wanted some fullness without dragging them down too much. He suggested we go with a high profile, saline, under the muscle. I wanted a fuller look without too much of an obvious fake look. He suggested 500 cc since I was comfortable with the 450cc sizers I had tried. He explained going under the muscle causes a 10% loss of size due to compression. 500cc was a total trip to me and at first I was really unsure if that was going to be too big or not. I was going back and forth between mod+ and HP but after reviewing what I did and didn’t like about pictures he assured me HP would get me the look I desired.

Fast forward to the day of surgery, I was SO excited. My surgeon ended up using Mentor High Profile Saline 460cc implants filled to 485L/480R. My recovery was so easy, I had surgery on a Thursday and by Saturday I felt great and even went to the movies. The hardest part so far has been waiting for them to drop and fluff. My chest muscles are still holding on pretty tight but every day the implants are getting softer and changing. I love the size but am looking forward to them taking a more normal shape and fall into their pockets . I included my 2 week pictures and will continue to update as they continue to look better and better!

I am 29, 127lbs and 5'7" tall. I will add my BWD later.

Got a wireless bra!

Finally able to start wearing a wireless bra. Picked this Hanes one up at Target. I have a lot of upper pole fullness which looks a bit awkward in tight shirts still.

I am only wearing the strap 12 hours a day instead of 24. I feel like they still need a little help and I can only sneak in a few massages at work to help them relax. It is super nice to be able to wear all my shirts again. I was running out of options to conceal the strap!

Incision healing awesome!

I took my surgical tape off on Thursday and am so surprised at how small the incision is!

Mondor's Chord

Had a follow up with my PS today to address the pulling vein from my left breast incision. He let me know it was harmless and probably wasn't helping my left side drop. . . Then he snapped it!! I was so relieved he was able to resolve it immediately versus waiting weeks for it to sort itself out. It was pretty painless at the time and I could actually hear the snap. It was sore for a few hours afterwards but that could also have been from the additional stretching he showed me to help my lower breast stretch a bit more to allow the implant to fully drop.

Word of advice - any questions you ladies have should always be taken up with your surgeon. I am so glad I scheduled a follow up once I noticed the vein instead of waiting until my 4 week!

Day 24

Healing is going great, I am still wearing my chest strap at night to help my left side drop. My surgeon showed me some stretching to do on that side to stretch my lower breast skin and help that side drop. It's definitely noticeable when naked but not as much in clothes.

My incision feels great, I have been using scar gel twice a day and palmers for stretch marks 3x a day. I did notice on my left side I have an internal stitch that is pretty close to the skin and am just keeping an eye on it. My surgeon used dissolvable stitches internally and sometimes they can make their way to the surface and our bodies "spit" them out. Weird but nothing critical- he told me just to come in if it breaks through the skin. So far it isn't causing any discomfort. I can't even see if from the pictures just when I run my finger over the scar.

My poor fiancé is probably so over hearing about my implants. I definitely have days when I struggle with my recovery. I am so impatient and am having a really hard time waiting for my left side to catch up. Spent some time on the phone with a nurse at my surgery center and she put my mind at ease by reassuring me most people have breasts drop at different rates.

Also, I am excited I get to go back to the gym next week! It's been rough not working out for a month. I am a gym addict.

Anyone else have their implants drop at different rates?

Anyone else have uneven dropping?

I am just past my 4 week mark and am having a hard time with my recovery. My right breast is beautiful and has dropped into place but my left implant is taking a while longer. I know they can drop at different rates and I can feel the tightness on that side still so I know my muscle is still relaxing. I love how soft the implants feel now but am having a hard time enjoying them because of the unevenness.

Anyone else had this happen?

6 week progress

I am loving the changes I have seen in the last 2 weeks- they are looking more and more natural by the day! The slope is exactly what I wanted and my left side is catching up with the right finally, thank goodness. I can't wait until my next appointment, I am looking forward to being able to wear a regular bra again.

I was so nervous about going with the mentor high profile (saline) but now that they are settling I absolutely love the look!

2 months

So I hit my 2 month mark this week and noticed I have a bit of a fluid feeling in my right side. I have a follow up already scheduled on Tuesday so am thankful I don't have to wait for an appointment. I am hoping it is just settling and a reaction to exercise which I have fully resumed except for any chest exercises. I also am right handed so the muscle gets a lot more use.

Anyone else experience something similar so far out from surgery?

10 week mark

I absolutely love my high profiles now! My left side has still been catching up with the right but I am so happy with the results. I am honestly surprised they look as natural as they do.

I have only found one bra I really like so far - shopping for bras with HP SALINE is a pin in the butt. Any suggestions??
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